The 411 on Dexanhydrous Glucose in Workout Supplements

Dexanhydrous glucose literally means dehydrated glycogen. Most people have never even heard of it, and it's a relatively new form of glucose promising immediate results.

Let's discuss what exactly dexanhydrous is how it works to deliver optimal post-workout results.

What Is Glucose?

Before we proceed, it’s vital that we know the function of glucose. Glucose is the key energy source of all the living cells in your body offering around 3.75 kilocalories (16 kilojoules) of food energy per gram. Glucose actually means “sweet sugar” and is the specific source of energy your body utilizes to operate in its day-to-day functions.

There is practically no digestion that happens when you consume glucose, which means you don’t have to wait around for glucose to enter your bloodstream.

It goes into the bloodstream directly making it perfect for post-training nutrition as it produces the utmost insulin reaction of any sugar in existence.

The Role of Dexanhydrous Glucose

Dexanhydrous Glucose is also known as Dexanhydrous Glucose Crystals or Dextrose Anhydrous Glucose Crystals which is taken from dehydrated Dextrose.

How is dexanhydrous glucose made?

The plain dextrose goes through one more last extra phase of modification where all the water is pulled out, making dexanhydrous glucose the cleanest formula of dextrose existing and more concentrated by weight.

What Makes Dexanhydrous Glucose The Purest?

  • Dexanhydrous glucose is greater than 99.5% glucose by volume.
  • Dehydration (keeps supplements inside the container from turning into a solid lump due to extra moisture – no pesky chunks and clumps).

Benefits of Dexanhydrous Glucose

There is not a single form of carbs in existence that is more superior or can deliver glycogen straightly and quickly to your muscles than dexanhydrous glucose. It will help rouse muscle development and spike up your insulin levels to permit supreme protein absorption.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Instant absorption by the muscles
  • Immediately puts you in an anabolic state
  • Perfect for post workout
  • Amazing energy and levels of stamina
  • Easy to mix and drink
  • Very inexpensive

The Perfect Post Workout

After a workout, your body increases immediately both it's glycogen uptake as explained above as well as its need for protein.

To achieve a perfect post-workout, it's essential you get both dexanhydrous glucose PLUS a high-quality protein.

If you want to try this combo for yourself, go with a product like Ignition by 1st Phorm which is pure dexanhydrous glucose powder and is super easy to mix with any protein powder.

We have a special link for you if you're interested where you can get free shipping.

Dexanhydrous glucose may seem to be a complicated ingredient, but now that you know what it is, how it works and what it can do for you, there’s no denying word will spread and we'll see plenty more supplements containing a similar ingredient.

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