Did Carrot Top Use Steroids? The Shocking Truth

You probably already know who Scott ‘Carrot Top’ Thompson is by now. So did he really use steroids to sculpt the physique that he’s flaunting these days?

You probably already know who Scott ‘Carrot Top’ Thompson is by now.

Apart from rising to fame with his flamboyant prop comedy routines, AT&T advertisements and self-deprecating standup humor, he has also become quite popular with his buff body that has been the object of scrutiny among a lot of bodybuilding buffs and fitness enthusiasts for many years.

This is because Carrot Top wasn’t the strong and brawny guy he is today. Just key in “Chairman of the Board movie” in your search bar and you’ll see that the comedian was really skinny a few years back, which is a far cry from the totally shredded physique that he’s flaunting these days.

And this rather sudden physical transformation sparked the rumor that Carrot Top may have been using steroids to buff himself up. Now let’s find out if the Dennis the Menace Strikes Again and Cash Cab star really did have steroids in his bodybuilding checklist…

Compared to other celebrities who always seemed to be in the hot seat when confronted with a major issue, Carrot Top actually takes the steroid rumor in stride and brushes it off as if it were nothing whenever it comes up during an interview.

The red-haired comic points out that he managed to build his ripped body by being an enthusiastic bodybuilder for over 15 years now.

Apart from having a strict diet regimen that is packed with lots and lots of protein, Carrot Top also emphasizes that he’s very much dedicated to his workout routine. He even shares that he doesn’t miss pumping iron even when he’s on tour.

You can even check out this funny yet revealing clip where Carrot Top gives a rundown on the stuff he loads up on as well as the exercise machines that he regularly uses when he’s working out hard in his Las Vegas home:

The Aristocrats star reiterates that he worked really hard to achieve his dream body and he also finds the rumors that he used steroids to pull it off quite ridiculous. In his usual self-deprecating, Carrot Top even considers using them as material for his prop comedy routine sooner or later.

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Lol definitely juicing. This skinny fuck doesn’t have the genetics to get that physique. Plus the traps and vasqualrity gives it away

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