• Stronger Focus
  • Mental Acuity
  • Fat Burning
  • Appetite Suppression, Greater Endurance
  • More Energy, Enhanced Mood

There are a number of thermogenic weight loss formulas on the market today and it can become difficult to see any distinction. This is why SuppReviewers are here to check out the products for you and let you know which ones are safe to use and expected to show results.

Today we are presenting DNPX Powder, a weight loss supplement by ProSupps. The product contains 6 different matrixes with a large number of ingredients designed to give you all sorts of positive effects.

DNPX Powder Ingredients

DNPX Powder is an extremely rich formula when it comes to the number of ingredients in it. For easier labeling and better understanding of what they do, the ingredients are classified into six different matrixes. The matrixes are Caffeine Matrix, I-Matrix, T-Matrix, Carnitine Matrix, F-Matrix and D-Complex.

The compounds involved in these matrixes include everything from your classic Caffeine Anhydrous to L-Carnitine, providing a fairly complex and complete fat burning formula. The big issue with this is of course the fact that the specific dosage of compounds is not shown, but rather the dosage of matrixes, which means various compound might or might not be present in high enough dosages.

DNPX Powder Supplement Facts

DNPX Powder Benefits

Unfortunately, there is not really enough data to support the claims of Pro Supps on their DNPX Powder. For starters, the dosage of specific compounds in the product is not shown, which means some of them may be present in completely ineffective dosages. When looking at customer reviews, we could not find much to support DNPX Powder as effective either.

While many of the compounds in DNPX Powder are proven and well-known fat burners or stimulants, many of the others are fairly speculative and dubious. In all honestly the extensive label of this product seems like more of a marketing trick than an actual attempt at optimizing results, and super long labels usually mean something dodgy is going on.

Personally, we don’t think this product works very well at all and would rather suggest you opt for a product like Commander Edge by 1st Phorm instead as it is a proven fat loss formula that will surely help you shed those extra pounds.

DNPX Powder Reviews

Here are a few of the bad reviews we found out there, supporting our claim that this product simply does not pull its weight:

“I had a 30 min long hot flash, pounding head ache and was shaking.”

“After finishing the bottle (30 day supply) I felt extremely tired and fatigued. The fatigue was so bad that the only thing I can compare it to is like when you take a sleeping pill – I felt drugged.”

“200 mg of caffeine is rather light in my opinion. It’s less than a cup of Starbucks coffee.”

DNPX Powder Conclusion

As we already mentioned, we would not recommend DNPX Powder as a weight loss supplement, as there are many other better formulas out there that have been proven to work and actually have detailed labels with proven compounds inside.

DNPX Powder instead has a dubious and speculative label which looks impressive to an untrained eye but is in fact excessive and when it comes down to what it counts, it simply does not provide any of the factors we are looking for in a product, including product dosages and positive user testimonials.

Instead of this product, we propose purchasing Commander Edge by 1st Phorm for guaranteed fat burning results confirmed by hundreds of users all over the internet.

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