Some bodybuilders want huge undefined bodies that simply look intimidating and Hulk-like but most of us just really want to look good. To do this, we want not just big, but also lean and firm muscles, but the water that builds up in the muscles can often lead to muscles not looking very appealing at all.

DPX Cuts by Muscleology is a product designed to help with the issue of water retention by eliminating the water from your muscles in just a few short days, leading to a more firm and lean physique that will certainly be more appealing to the opposite sex.

DPX Cuts Ingredients

DPX Cuts contains Calcium, Magnesium, Iodine and Potassium along with the DPX Cuts Proprietary Blend. The Blend weighs 1400 mg per serving and contains a large number of completely natural ingredients such as Parsley Leaf, Celery Root and Bearberry Fruit which all have their role to play in the removal of water from your muscle tissue.

The combination of these various diuretics should in theory really end up making your body much leaner and sharper.Here is the full supplement label with all the ingredients:

DPX Cuts Supplement Facts

DPX Cuts Benefits

The promised results of DPX Cuts may seem a little dubious, but the product seems to actually work pretty well. By using various natural diuretics that cause your liver to remove the unneeded water and salt from your body, your bloated muscles will shape up and tighten causing you to look much more fit and lean. Your muscles will also harden up and your metabolic function will improve when using DPX Cuts.

DPX Cuts Dosage

Taking DPX Cuts is simple. For best results take a single capsule three times per day for several days until you are happy with the shape your muscles are in.

DPX Cuts Reviews

Here are the testimonials of several happy customers who bought and used DPX Cuts:

“This product works pretty well. I only had a sample kit but for the few days I was taking them. I felt a great and tighter. I really want to go out a buy a full bottle to see what it can really do. But a kit, this stuff was pretty good!!!”

“This stuff works pretty good, it’s about the same as any other diuretic. I did notice a decent amount of water loss, about equivalent to the water loss of a low carb diet.”

“There was a short adjustment period though at the beginning – I had to increase my water intake because my stomach was having trouble handling it. Other than that, this product is great. I’ve recommended this several others.”

Here is a video of Team TSJ getting ready for Model Universe using DPX Cuts:

DPX Cuts Conclusion

This product is not something that will drastically change your gym results but it will instead help show them off. Everyone wants to look good and if you have gained many pounds of muscle but can’t seem to get them to show the right way, DPX Cuts will let you tighten up your muscles and show the world what you have been working for at the gym.

You don’t have to use DPX Cuts all the time either. When your muscles are bloated with water, take it for a few days and you should be good for some time. The product costs $25.99 per bottle and should last you a while. This is not a game changer, but is a nifty little supplement that will make you look better to the bystanders.

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