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Review Summary:

Have you been thinking about your life recently? Would you like to live a healthier life? Would you like to take care of your cells that are damaged by natural health decline over years? Keep reading as Elysium Basis may just be the key to your recovery.

The process of aging has become the fact of life. You just can't change it! We will all eventually get older. But what if someone came to you and said that there is a pill that could help you repair your DNA, repair the cells that are damaged by natural health decline over years? You would probably get more interested in it. But what if that person also told you that the team of most prominent scientists, including Nobel Laureates worked on that product. You would probably be eager to hear more.

Elysium Health is a company that believes that health is directly related to science. The process of aging increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, cancer or diabetes. Elysium's product Basis will help you combat the changes that come with years. The company's focus is cellular recovery, not an anti-aging pill or a longer life span. This pill will not lengthen your life span, but it will certainly enhance your quality of life by making you live a healthier life.

What Does it Do?

Elysium health’s product Basis brings a number of advantages to you:

  • Body detoxification
  • Improves energy levels
  • Helps repair the DNA
  • Gives you a better quality of sleep
  • Sharper cognitive function

What’s in It?

Elysium Health’s product Basis contains 250 mg of nicontinamide riboside and pterostilbene. You can find the first one at your local vitamin shop. In a nutshell, NR doesn’t give directly any benefits to the body. It is an important coenzyme that binds with protein molecules in order to create active enzymes. Nicontinamide riboside actually boosts another coenzyme known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+). An elderly person is believed to have about half the levels of NAD as a young person.

This enzyme helps regulate cell behavior. Basis also contains 50 mg of pterostilbene, which is linked to resveratrol (red-wine antioxidant). Supplementation of NR has been clinically proven to lead to improved cellular health, lower risk of neurodegenerative disease, better cognitive function and communication between nuclei and mitochondria. Since these two compounds are natural (occurring in blueberries and milk) and available as supplements, this product didn’t have to go through FDA and was sold immediately.

Other ingredients in Elysium’s Basis include Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose, Vegetable Magnesium Stearate and Silica.

The list of main ingredients in Basis is found below:

Elysium Basis Supplement Facts

Elysium Basis Supplement Facts

Does it Work?

Elysium Health states that chemicals that lengthen the lives of mice and worms in laboratories can be turned into anti-aging pills. The problem that occurs is that it isn’t possible to prove that drugs that extend the lifespan of animals could work the same way for humans too. Nicotinamide riboside in this product is said to release the energy and cause diet-like effects.

Elysium does have a number of prominent scientists who have put their names to the product. Elysium pills differentiate themselves from other similar products. They come in minimalist white jar and you can only buy them online. The company has stressed that the product is still science-based and the effect of NR in adults is yet to be seen.

This product isn’t your key to a longer life or disease prevention. It could be your key to a healthier life, better biological functions such as protein function, DNA repair and detoxification of cells. While the effect of NR in animal studies has been visible, Elysium Health’s Basis is a product who sounds promising but whose effects on humans have yet to be proven. After browsing the Internet in search for evidence, we have found a lot of testimonials from people using it, who believe that Basis helped them significantly.


My energy levels are steadier and my sleep is more restful. I use a Jawbone to track my sleep patterns, and I began seeing noticeably longer stretches of deep sleep—particularly earlier in the night—while taking Basis.

The first month I made Basis a part of my daily routine, I did not experience a ‘crash,’ from my active lifestyle, but instead I felt I maintained more constant energy level throughout the day, despite waking up at 6am.

Thank you Elysium team for the beautiful mornings you have given me. To feel younger again does not have a price. I am now happy running on the beach, taking in the sun, drinking coffee…it is a great day!!!!

Final Verdict

Most of the current clinical research on NR and pterostilbene have been conducted on animals. Therefore, we can’t be sure if these substances will have the same benefits when it comes to humans. When it comes to its side effects, many people who didn’t notice a huge improvement stated that they also didn’t notice any side effects. It looks like it all depends on the individual.

Many people have claimed to have experienced more energy, better quality of sleep and more focus, while others claimed to have experienced nothing. Based on this, we suggest you to keep your expectations realistic when it comes to Basis.

This product is not your key to longer life span, but a healthier life span. No side effects are visible, but also you may not experience exterior benefits. It all varies from one person to another. Elysium Basis is not a product whose primary focus is to deliver surface-level results. Look at it as a long-term investment in your health, rather than as single ticket to non-aging.

Do you think Basis is worth taking a risk? Would you like to give it a try? How long have you been using the product? Tell us about it in your feedback. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Elysium’s Basis.

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  1. I ordered the Elysium Basis and signed up for monthly auto ship. Upon doing a lot of research online i discovered that every company selling a NAD+ or more specifically, NIAGEN has to buy it from the same manufacturer. Niagen is the brand name of the only commercially available form of Nicotinamide Riboside. Several companies are promoting Nicotinamide Riboside using their own product name, but ALL use the exact same ingredient. Patents on the commercial production of NR are controlled by Chromadex. They are the ONLY SOURCE of NIAGEN. Some brands don’t even use the name NIAGEN in their marketing.
    They don’t want you to know there are many other brands that have the exact same Nicotinamide Riboside at a much lower cost. Chromadex is the ONLY manufacturer of NIAGEN, and owns 5 patents granted for its production which allows them to control the market for Nicotinamide Riboside. Ok, nevetheless I thought I would give BASIS by ELysium a try, even though it was the most expensive on the martket at $50 for a 30 day supply. Well, how disappointed was I when the first shipment came. I now know why they charge $50 for one jar. Most of the cost goes into the packaging, which came double boxed in a very fancy [meaning expensive] box and a jar which could have been used to package an over priced cosmetic. It became clear to me, that Elysium feels they can charge more to justfy a fancy website and expensive pacakaging. I canceled my auto ship and have purchased what is essentially the saem product but by another manufacturer for $19 for a 30 days supply.

    In conclusion, steer clear of Elysium, their busienss is built upon charging a preimiun to suckers like me who think if it costs more therefore it may be better. I learned my lesson and hope others take heed.

    • Tom Fox – Actually, you’re not a sucker but you are clueless. The cost is the packaging? A plastic jar in a cardboard box? Do some research. You’re an idiot

    • Most of the cost is in the packaging? Tom, with all due respect, you’re clueless. A plastic jar in a cardboard box isn’t even close to expensive. The problem with reviews like yours is that you extrapolate your own opinions into facts and they’re not facts. Speak from knowledge not conjecture otherwise your POV is worthless

    • Tom,
      Do you have the name of the other brand product you are using instead of Basis?

    • Are you still using Nicotinamide Riiboside? What company did you go with in the end? Do you get it directly from Chromadex? Any adverse side effects since you have been on it or other conditions experienced during the time period you have been on it?

    • Hello- SO , you purchased the NAD and the Pterostilbene separately and it came out to less? I have been unable to find that combination less anywhere. I was going to purchase the 6 month for $45 per month. Can you provide product names?

    • Actually your comments are misleading. Elysium Health’s Basis is probably the cheapest on the market because it contains 250 mg nicotinamide riboside and 50 mg pterostilbene. With a year’s subscription you will pay $40 monthly.

      • Maybe it depends where in the world you live but in the UK, I was able to source the exact same ingredients for half the price – in the exact same quantities, but I think Elysium is probably much more expensive here and I didn’t want to pay for a year’s worth up-front.


        Jarrow Nicotinamide Riboside 100 mg x2
        Swanson Ultra Pterostilbene 50mg

        Worked out at half the price.

        • A single capsule of BASIS is 125 mg of Chromadex NIAGEN brand of Nicotinamide Riboside, along with 50 mg of Chromadex Pterostilbene. So 250 mg of nicotinamide riboside and 100 mg pterostilbene when TWO capsules taken per day.

    • Tom….could you provide the name of the product you are using instead of Basis.

  2. Can I get Elysium Basis pills in Australia or New Zealand

  3. Has no efficacy. The product is deceitful marketing at its best. Waste of good money.

  4. Has anyone found a connection between nad use and blood pressure?

  5. As of February 2017, Elysium is the most expensive vendor for NR and pterolstibine. I buy HPN and noticed clear improvements in sleep at 125mg and later 250mg of just NR a day. HPN now sells a three month supply of NR at $80 for 3 months, assuming 250mg a day, or $27 a month and no prescription. I know two people who like Ultra Niagen, but it is all from Chromadex as stated before.

    Elysium completed a 140 person double blind placebo controlled trial of 140 people between 60 and 80 years old who were not obese and took either 250mg or 500mg of Basis a day (NR and pterostilbine). They have stated that 250mg raises NAD+ by 40% and 500mg by 90%. They say they have submitted detailed data in a study to be published this year where glucose levels, blood pressure, pulse rate, cholesterol levels and a six minute walking test and sleep/well being diary survey have been analyzed.

    • The study should have been conducted by an outside organization or university not affiliated with Elysium. This is the main criticism of the product. You would think that Elysium would welcome this. It would be beneficial to sales if results confirmed product claims.

    • That’s not cheaper than Elysiums, either.

  6. I have been taking Basis for 6 months. I do notice more energy and alertness so I take it in the morning.
    I’ve started having issues with muscle cramps in my feet and calves at night. I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

    • Totally noticing the same side effects….muscle twitching and spasms. Started when I started taking Basis.

    • Yep. leg cramps for awhile in the leg where I had hip replacement where bones had fused and had taken a year to get feeling back, I believe my body was actually healing itself. Went off for 2 months. Back on and fine now.

      • We have been taking Elysium Basis for over a year and a half. The main improvement we believe is my best friend who had MRSA and drug induced brain function damage has noticed an faster improvement in function and healing taking Basis. Other results: Increased energy, even sleep, feel better, skin tone improved, hair texture improved. Also, hair and fingernails seem to grow faster. This morning we discussed there is a possibility of slight growth in arm length. We had been blaming our dryer, however on reflection, some shirts previously folded at cuff, no longer need folding.

    • Yes,I started having muscle cramps and vertigo. Both cleared up after 3 days of eliminating Elysium from my routine.

  7. Has anyone had side effects such as estrogen level increase? Breast development?

    • I have been taking this for about a year now. When I first started taking it, after maybe a few days or a week, I felt like I was going to menstruate (I hadn’t for about 10 years due to menopause). I just felt kind of crampy, and exactly like my period was beginning. Although no blood ever revealed itself, I did start having (normal) discharge which had seemed to dry up in the past several years since the end of menstruation. This has continued.

      Other things I noticed were better sleep, and general better energy throughout the day. Also I was able to lose a few pounds of weight seemingly easily, which had not happened before taking these, although I had tried so hard before.

  8. See Niacin side effect profile minus the flushing. Uric acid increased leading to gout flare-up. Haven’t had an Ulcerative Colitis flare up for years, yet had a significant one that began within a week of starting Basis. I also experienced some blurred vision and dizziness. Positives – noticed some minor skin tone changes and decreased appetite. Side effects make it intolerable for me,

    • I have only taken one pill, in the morning for three days, now; and unfortunately, have experienced some dizziness & an increase in feeling nauseated, about 30 minutes after ingestion. (Note: I am battling digestive issues, so will check in with my doctor about whether any of my meds might be in conflict.) Interesting to note several other people have experienced side effects, soon after & are attributing it to Elysium, too. This is the only change in my medications, so it seems like the cause. However; have already noticed I’m sleeping better, (and wasn’t expecting to feel ANY effects so soon on half a dose.), so would like to continue to see if my body gradually adjusts to the effect. Am wondering if Elysium could possibly cause symptoms of de-toxification? Any thoughts: anyone??

  9. I have been taking it for about 8 months. I have noticed I am physically stronger, i can pick up heavier objects than before and with ease. I am more balanced, and my posture has improved. My heart rate is down, and I don’t know if that is good or bad, or related to Elysium or not. I am 70 so it might be age and not good. Or it might be better shape and good.

    they should do before and after strength tests, and muscle control tests, and heart rate tests. My blood pressure is the same as always.

  10. I have been taking Elysium Basis since it first came out, a couple of years now. I have seen no side effects. I wake up every day at 4 AM eastern time and go all day until about 9:00 PM. With little decrease in energy levels.

    I am 44 and I can say that it has helped my hair, no hair loss for my age, which can be seen in my siblings.

    My blood work looks great as well. I can’t say for certain Elysium is responsible for these effects but I’m not willing to stop taking it – just in case.

  11. Why do these Nobel Prize winners back this product and say they all take it themselves? That had an effect on my decision to try it. 6 months on. I definitely sleep more deeply and remember my dreams vividly when in the past I would remember fleeting moments of a dream but not with any detail. Mice have been used to test many substances we all find acceptable. Why not Elysium? I think of it as a vitamin. And I hope to live a healthy long life.

  12. Reply
    Vijay K. Sangar, M.D. May 23, 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Noticed faster nail growth. Blood pressure has been down moderately since starting on this product about 3 months ago.

  13. I used it for 7 months and found zero change. The only thing that changed in blood tests was lipase at 700,! It may have been a coincidence due to stress at the time but a month after I stopped it was back to 30. Clinical studies conducted by those not affiliated with Elysium would be nice! You would think that universities would be interested, I mean valid and controlled studies over time with a control group,

  14. I have been taking Elysium for over a year. I had surgery recently and my wounds and scars healed extremely fast and the doctor and physical therapist said my healing was 90% faster than other patients. I am 63 so it is not that I am young. My skin is great, I sleep and dream like I was a kid. I am going to continue to take it.

    • I’m going to have a neck lift. I need to know of you think I can still take this with my neck lift. They give you a list of stuff you can’t take. Should I keep taking this or no??

  15. Ever since I’ve been using this product, I’ve had no side effects or any complications and I have been taking it for about 4 months now. I have noticed some positive changes, like I am more physically stronger, my heart rate is down, my blood pressure is normal, I sleep well, my posture has improved and more balanced. So far so good, no complaints. I am 68 years old, I am more active now ever since I started using Elysium.

  16. Oh finally, I found where I can post honest review about Elysium basis. I have been taking Elysium Basis ever since my friend introduced it to me, over 7 months now. Elysium works wonders, I’m more mentally alerted now, stronger and physically fit. Unlike before I usually get tired after doing some little chores, but now I’m balanced. I have seen no side effects. My energy level is full. I thought it was going to have effects on me, but no effect at all. Everything looks great for me at 56. Although, I am 90% sure it is Elysium is responsible for these positive effects but I’m not willing to stop taking it. It has helped a lot

  17. This is a perfect product makes me feel pretty good. Since I’ve started taking these products my energy level has exploded. I hope the effects last. I’ve decided many supplements through the years, but this one really feels like it rolling the clock back.

  18. This supplement has been so good to me so far. I notice increased energy. I don’t feel anxious or over-stimulated, just really alert and fresh. Despite the alertness, my sleep has improved. I have never had a problem sleeping, but I can wake up a lot during the night. With this I sleep longer in a stretch. I think Elysium-basis is benefiting me in many ways and I just can’t speak highly enough about it.

  19. Has anyone tried the two ingredients bought desperately in powder form? Does it absorb into the body better?

  20. My hair is so much better since I’ve been taking it. I’m not sure what else. But people keep telling me how nice my hair is. I’m 45 years old and no one is ever said that to me ha ha Ha

  21. I’m 70 and have been taking Elysium at the two pill dosage for over a year.

    Like others, I think I feel more energized and stronger but that’s so hard to judge. Is my exercising more because of Elysium or is it just because I started exercising more? I experiment by not exercising and then starting up again, but I really can’t tell. I quit Elysium for a few weeks and thought I lost energy, but it’s all so subtle and so many other things can effect it – I just do not know.

    At this age, you get all kinds of things that could be side effects and some can be difficult to determine. For example, I’ve been taking an Omeprazol pill for five years and after three years started experiencing something close to diarrhea. Because I read that the Omeprazol interferes with calcium absorption, I started a calcium supplement every other day and that cleared up the symptoms. If I stop the calcium, symptoms return. My point there is that it took three years for symptoms to manifest, so when anything new surfaces I don’t know if it’s the Omeprazol, the Elysium, something missing or added in my diet or just plain getting older!

    Sigh. I’ll keep taking it.

    • Anthony you posted here a long time ago just seeing this I started taking basis 2 months ago feel great but id like to recommend braggs apple cider vinegar I took omeprazole for 2 years for chronic heart burn I hated taking the pills they stop production of good acids to so I looked up other treatments apple cider vinegar is without doubt the best treatment I have found its amazing

    • ChromaDex sells the same product, as mentioned they are the supplier to Elysium. It is called Tru Niagen and Amazon sells it for I think $15/bottle! I just bought 3 of them. I want out of my Elysium subscription!

  22. holy moly! took my first dose this morning and I feel like I snorted a line of cocaine. Is this normal? I feel great just a bit speedy

  23. I am an 81 year old man. In excellent health. One issue I have had is a skin problem. For many years my arms and legs break out in a almost continuous series of dime size eruptions that itch like crazy. Up and down my legs and a few months back started on my torso. OK enough of that part. I read in a recent Time magazine an article about Elysium Basis. I signed up for a one year contract. It was kind of a lark on my part. Even though I am quite energetic I thought it might make me even better. To my absolute delight the skin problem has totally abated. And overall I feel super. I had no idea it would cure the skin issue. One other bit. The back of my elbows in recent years had become scaly and thick and bumpy. Now… smooth as baby skin. Go figure. I’m sticking with the product. I live in Edmonds Washington

  24. I had to stop taking it because the major side effect for me was waking up every morning with a bad stomach ache and even my stomach pills couldn’t make it go away. So I had nausea and no appetite on & off every day.
    I talked to a Pharmacist and they said it was just like taking Vitamin B. I wouldn’t recommend buying it. I think it’s a scam.

  25. I’ve been taking it for nearly two years. I can’t say whether it “works” or not, but in the main–at age 75–I feel and look pretty good. There are no real control factors, however. I work our regularly and eat fairly sensibly, drink coffee, a alcohol only moderately., have sex occasionally and like it fine. So, what else can I say: No great claims and no complaints: Jury still out!

  26. 64 yrs old and taking 2 elysium in am and 2 at night for 15 days so far. Notice clearer brain function and less tiredness. Sleeping better too. Still evaluating but so far so good and plan to continue. Notice no side effects so far.

  27. I stopped and started Elysium two different times. Both times I had an increase in blood pressure and chest pain. Stopping for good now. Obviously the benefits are different for each person and so are the side effects

  28. You can get the exact same ingredients online for MUCH CHEAPER!
    In fact, Elysium stopped paying the supplier (ChromaDex) of the ingredients (nicotinamide riboside (NR))! So ChromaDex won’t sell to them anymore and they are in a law suit now – guess what is going to happen to your money if you sign up for a subscription with Elysium?

    Now ChromaDex is now selling the same thing online for about 1/4th the cost of Elysium and it’s called Tru Niagen.

    I made the mistake of buying a 6 month subscription from Elysium and they will not cancel the unused portion of the subscription (I have only gotten the first bottle). That reeks of scam. But that was my mistake. Do not make the same mistake that I did!

  29. Tru Niagen isnt 1/4 the price, or post a link for that insane price, ill buy them all and resell them lol
    also it does not include the 50mg of the other ingredient, overall the price seems to be going up for NR lock in @40

  30. It sounds great and I’d love to try it but being in Australia it seems it simply not available to me . What alternatives do us Aussies have

  31. II took I cap (half a dose… as it is so damn expensive gambling on such an ethereal product-promise) for six month while living overseas. I am in late 60’s and it did give me a physiological boost believing that it could help revitalize me. I work out at gym once / week doing intensive aerobics and notice after several months that my legs were “prickling” at night and started feeling strange muscle spasms in legs. Is I have been exercising for years this was new. It was becoming worrisome as my arms started to tingle a bit, as well. Though this may not be related… I notice this micro-pains in legs abated shortly after I ran out of product. This could be coincidence but was rather concerning. May try Elysium again in a desperate (and pricey) attempt to recapture my youth.

  32. Bad experience for this senior. After about 3 weeks would huff and puff walking up a single flight of stairs. Was a jogger. Had a blood test and found low, as in below minimum range, hemoglobin – the red protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood.

    Hoping there is no permanent damage and that I can recover.

    On Google Scholar found mouse test that showed 30% reduction in exercise ability. My results like the mice.

  33. I’ve been off and on elysium for about 18 months.
    First time I took 2x 250mg I felt like a superhero. Back pain went away and I felt an enormous amount of energy. Felt like my heart was racing .. but when I took my pulse my rate was on the slower end of normal. I had vivid dreams and could recall everything from my dreams. Superhuman mental focus and clarity. Those effects wore off gradually after about 3-4 months as I went down to 1×250/day in the morning before breakfast. I went down to 250mg per day after experiencing a rapid heart beat one morning ~ a couple weeks in.

    I moved and stopped taking it b/c the move broke my normal habbits/patterns. I went back on it after feeling some brain fog . It was only then that I’d realized that I’d stopped taking it.

    After reading the comments of others I get the sense that the sicker/older/worse health you are in the more profound the effects. So, 20-30somethings in great shape may not ‘feel’ anything.

    I’ve further optimized and discovered that I was low in iodine. Taking this brought further mental clarity/focus and more enery. The first night after taking an iodine supplement during my sleep I felt *very* good. As though my body was now getting something that I’d not known was missing.

    I continually research minerals/nutrients and add them after doing research and reviewing my own blood work via request a test and any lab test now.

    Written with much love and happiness for you to find you own joy and truth.

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