EndoSurge Turbo Review: Liberate Your Testosterone Deposits!

Endosurge Turbo by BPS
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Review Summary:

Trying to boost your testosterone levels and improve your strength, focus, libido and recovery? BPS Nutrition bring you an ultimate weapon EndoSurge Turbo – a Stinging nettle root-based testosterone booster. Read on and see if you should use it!

Are you looking for a testosterone booster to help improve you strength, libido as well as mood, sleep quality and overall recovery? Boosting and maximizing testosterone use is not an easy task and BPS Nutrition have just made it slick.

EndoSurge Turbo is designed to free up and maximize the use of your testosterone with a substance known as Stinging nettle root extract. With varied use and effects, EndoSurge is not a wheel reinvented but rather known working compounds put in a well-rounded formula. Let’s see if it actually delivers!

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What Does It Do?

EndoSurge Turbo promised effects are:

  • Improves libido and mood
  • Maximizes Free Testosterone levels and use
  • Improves sleep quality and post-workout recovery
  • Boosts Human Growth Hormone

What’s In It?

EndoSurge Turbo has a simple and well-rounded formula, containing the following ingredients:

Stinging nettle root extract: Also known as 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran, this compound is actually inhibiting sex hormone-binding globulin which binds to testosterone, starting the process of turning it into estrogen. Thus, EndoSurge actually increases the levels of free testosterone in the body.

L-Dopa: A precursor to dopamine – which actively improves mood, focus, and motivation while also assisting to upkeep normal hormone levels.

Maca Extract: It has been directly linked to an increase in libido as well as both sexual and social performance.

And finally, vitamin D3 which in positive levels helps upkeep muscle strength, also preventing muscle wasting and fatty tissue creation.  

Other Ingredients include Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, Brown Rice Flour, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Yellow #6.

Here you can see a complete supplement label by BPS Nutrition with all the ingredients and doses listed:

Endosurge Turbo Supplement Facts

Endosurge Turbo Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

EndoSurge Turbo is a successful formula preventing testosterone from binding and transforming into estrogen. Thus, it actually creates useful testosterone which helps increase the strength, stamina, as well as focus, mood and libido.

Surprizingly maybe, EndoSurge Turbo also boosts and improves sleep quality, and improves post-workout recovery. Some users also use EndoSurge as part of their PCT to help keep up the performance. There are none or few side effects which makes this an even better option, whether you use it standalone or stacked.

How do I take it?

EndoSurge Turbo is taken as a dietary supplement the times a day in servings of two pills. Its recommended to take the servings evenly throughout the day, never exceeding six pills in a 24 hour period.

EndoSurge cycle can be run for eight weeks, followed with a break of four weeks. It’s advisable to always consult a doctor or a nutritionist before starting an EndoSurge cycle or stacking it with other supplements.


Given the wide range of exercises I used this for I feel that this helped raise my free test! Also my sleep was deeper, more restful.

I had mentioned a few times in the log that I think this was the best performing test booster that I have used and I believe it. I gained 9.3 lbs because this made me more hungry and still kept my abs and even had more vascularity than when I started.

I felt that Endosurge Turbo worked well for me and interestingly, I could feel it kicking in very quickly. In my experience, many natural test boosters seem to take at least a week or two to start making themselves known in the body but Endosurge Turbo had some positive effects within the first week.

Final Verdict

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#1 Rated Muscle Builder

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

EndoSurge Turbo is a great standalone and stacked testosterone booster, giving strength, stamina, improved mood and libido. It also has no serious or noticeable side effects, apart from minor acne issues for some users.

This being said, EndoSurge has great value for money, sold for anywhere between $21 and $27. With the suggested use, the container would be enough for a 30 day cycle. This was definitely worth trying for us!

Have you tried EndoSurge? How did you use it and have you enjoyed your cycle? We’d appreciate any feedback with your experiences with it!

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