Are you having a hard time focusing at the gym or at work? Focus XT may be just what you are looking for. Follow along to find out how it can help you.






  • Improve mental clarity and concentration
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve mind-muscle connection
  • Have more energy, Improve memory and problem solving
  • Burn more fat, Experience a general sense of well-being

With so many kids nowadays taking products like Adderall, it is good to see nutrition companies coming up with more natural, safer and legal alternatives. We are talking brain activity enhancement here, which is always touchy, but there are certainly some solid products that do just this out there.

Today we look at Focus XT, a mood enhancer by Serious Nutrition Solutions, a solid supplement company that tries to make quality products and sell them at affordable prices, which is always commendable. Does Focus XT really work? Let’s have a look!

Focus XT Ingredients

The first question that always pops to mind when talking dietary supplements is, what’s on the label? The Focus XT label has a number of ingredients in it designed to improve focus, mental clarity, mood and willpower. Choline Bitartrate for instance is known as a memory enhancer, while Caffeine is one of the most common stimulants available today.

DMAE in Focus XT works to improve memory and concentration, L-Tyrosine is used to increase alertness and energy levels and Huperzine A is another memory enhancer that has been used by physicians to help patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Finally, Vinpocetine in Focus XT is a compound that increases the blood flow to the brain, which in turns should help with brain function. While this compound has not yet been fully verified as one that works, promising studies have been done with it that suggest it helps patients with disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease.

Focus XT Supplement Facts

Focus XT Benefits

The problem with stimulant based products can often be that they cause more harm than good. According to various sources however, this is not the case with Focus NT. First of all, this product has two purposes. On the one hand you can use it to simply improve your work productivity, which has been confirmed by many testimonials. Secondly, you can use this product as a pre-workout and while there are certainly other pre-workout formulas that do a better job in that, this one also helps at the gym.

Since the product is confirmed to help boost concentration and focus, it should do the trick for both these areas. Furthermore, the product is pretty cheap and tastes good, without leaving any nasty aftertaste in your mouth.

The negative side of the product is that it may cause some minor side effects like insomnia or heightened blood pressure, but if you don’t overdo it with Focus NT, you should be fine. Finally, DMAE in it is illegal in some countries like Canada, which means it may be hard to buy or order in those countries and we can’t recommend doing that anyway.

Focus XT Dosage

You can use Focus XT in a variety of ways. If it is energy and focus during workouts you are looking for, than take the product some 30-45 minutes before you hit the gym. If you want to improve your cognitive function for tasks like learning or work, take it before those tasks. For most people half a scoop should start doing the trick, with one scoop being sufficient. For pre-workout efficiency, you may want to go up to a whole 2 scoops depending on your size.

Focus XT Reviews

Here are a few of the testimonials we could find supporting this product:

“I really like this stuff, I take it roughly every day I have class or go to work, It’s not some super concentrating powder, but if you take it regularly, you will slowly notice the effects, it puts me in a more than happy mood and whenever I feel like reading I can just read and don’t have to turn off all other noises or go somewhere quiet.”

“Nothing but positive things to say about focus XT. Mental clarity, focus, improved muscular coordination, and an overall better workout. The tastes are spot on, and the product is subtle but very effective. I highly recommend giving a try, for bodybuilders and academics alike.”

“Try this stuff out you will not be disappointed!”

Focus XT Conclusion

While there are plenty of companies out there promising you “Limitless” pills and miracle drugs, Focus XT by SNS is actually something that makes sense and actually works. The product provides energy, focus and clarity and many people have reported it improving their results in the gym and at the office. The best part is Focus XT is cheap, so you will have the chance to try it without spending much to find out if it works. We recommend to anyone, whether you are a student, a lawyer or a hardcore bodybuilder.

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