FORM Collagen Protein Gel

FORM Collagen Protein Gel by Le-Vel
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FORM is world’s only sequentially absorbed protein specifically designed for weight management, lean muscle mass, post exercise recovery & repair, strong bones & joints, firm & healthy skin.  LeVel came up with this amazing formula and they have taken the world by storm. Their previous products were great and FORM is getting a lot of attention even before it is released. This is telling us that they are making something special. Only time will show how great their ideas really are! With that being said, let's take a closer look at their newest product called FORM Collagen Protein Gel!

What can this product do for me?

A lot of hard work and sacrifice is necessary for you to make a strong and healthy body. To help you gain your goals and make the physique you always wanted LeVel created Collagen Protein Gel. If you want to maximize your workout results taking supplements and caring about your diet on daily bases is more than necessary. This product from LeVel introduces SGT (Sequential Gel Technology), revolutionary formula which they say will change the world of proteins and label it as the most unique hybrid innovation of our time. FORM is the latest edition to LeVel sequential gel technology line. So without further adue, let’s check out some of its features in the following paragraphs.

What is the main ingredient of this product?

The main ingredient this supplement has to offer is collagen. LeVel represents their product to be a breakthrough discovery due to the mixture of hydrolyzed collagen protein and sequential delivery system. It is estimated that almost one third of all protein in our body is collagen protein. It is found in the bones, muscles, skin and joints, where it forms a scaffold for providing a strength and structure. It is also commonly used in variety of medical and cosmetic purposes. This ingredient is the foundation for strong connective tissue and LeVel claims that you can help the body repair itself by taking collagen through their oral formula.

Are there any nasty side effects that I should know about before purchasing this product?

In this moment FORM is still not released, it will be on March 15, so without a lot of people having its hands on it we can’t really tell if there are any side effects, but taking a look on other LeVel products we didn’t notice any and we are expecting the same with this innovative SGT formula for which they are saying to change the world of proteins forever. LeVel is a young company but they are making its way to the top very fast and we believe there will be no side effects after consuming this product in order to keep growing as a company.

What are other users saying about it, is it any good?

“Knowing Le-Vel's history and how their products work like they supposed to, even better. This will be history in the making again!”

“I am so glad I get to share this. I can't wait for March to get here… Taken with the foundation three, (THRIVE) every morning, this is totally going to be phenomenal.”

Final verdict on this product!

This is a really interesting product! If you have a deeper wallet and can afford something to use FORM with, I recommend combining it with the Thrive 8 Week Experience, which is putting LeVel Thrive DFT patches on your skin and taking Thrive supplements for 8 straight weeks. Try it out for yourself and see the difference!

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  2. The gel is brown. I don’t know why I thought that it would be clear. Brown is what it is supposed to be. . . Right?

  3. I love FORM it allowed my body to regenerate and all my age spots left wrinkles smoothed out and ridges on my nails disappeared !
    Love it

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