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Pre-workout supplement have become a huge hit over the course of this year. Don’t get me wrong, they were extremely popular a couple of years ago as well… But nowadays, their popularity has gone to a whole nother level. That’s basically why more and more companies are releasing new pre-workout supplements, hoping to get their share of the cake before it’s too late. The same can be said about Boss Sports Nutrition, which has just released a brand new pre-workout supplement called Freak Juice. It’s a potent supplement based on DMAA, but does it have what it takes to become the next big thing on the market? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

Freak Juice Benefits

As is the case with all other pre-workout supplements currently available on the market, Freak Juice’s main goal is to provide you with amazing pumps throughout your workout routines. But, in addition to that, Freak Juice offers improved focus, enhanced stamina and greatly improved energy. What’s best about it is that it will not give you any crashes after working out, which seems to be the case with many similar products nowadays.

Freak Juice Ingredients

Unfortunately, the label of this supplement is not yet available, which is why we are going to jump straight to the analysis of its key ingredients!

350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous

The purest form of Caffeine known to mankind is bound to provide you with an amazing spike of energy. 350mg is a good enough amount for the day so you might want to skip your coffee in the morning… Unless you want to feel like Superman for the entire day.

50mg of DMAA

This amount of DMAA is often found inside of pre-workout supplements. It’s is considered as the optimal dose and will give you a good kick of energy similarly to caffeine.

1000mg of Creatine Dimalate

Whopping 1000mg of Creatine Dimalate is a great dosage of a chemical compound that is most commonly used for providing its users with a great increase in all-around workout performance.

25mg of Ephedra Extract

While Ephedra Extract is most commonly used in fat burners due to its positive effects on weight loss, it is also becoming more and more popular within pre-workouts because of its performance improvement abilities.

All things considered, the ingredients list of Freak Juice are on par with its competition. The standard dosage amounts of caffeine and DMAA are present, meaning Boss Sports Nutrition did not want to gamble with potential side effects.

Freak Juice Side Effects

Increased blood pressure is among the most frequent side effect Freak Juice can cause. Following up is rapid heartbeat which could potentially be dangerous, especially to people with certain heart conditions. It can even cause heart arrhythmia in extreme cases.

Freak Juice Reviews

Let’s take a look at two useful reviews I managed to find while browsing the internet:

“Boss Sports Nutrition really seems to be stepping up its game. After YOLO, this is another awesome supplement that works like a charm! I’ve been taking it for 3 days and I gotta say that the pumps are unbeliveable.”

“Freak Juice is definitely my go-to pre workout supp from now on. It’s giving me amazing pumps without any of the potential side effects it stated it might cause. I’m a satisfied customers by all means and will be coming back for more once I am done with this bottle!”

Freak Juice Conclusion

From all that I could see by looking at the ingredients and the overall satisfaction level of the people who have used Freak Juice, I believe it is safe to say that it’s a good pre-workout supplement at best. While it has a pretty good mixture of ingredients, the side effects it could cause should not be taken lightly. Still, if you are an experienced bodybuilder with years of experience, I don’t see why you should stay away from it.

We recommend Kraken by Spartan Nutrition as a much more suitable substitution Pre-Workout.

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