Geniux is a brand new nootropic that aims to significantly improve your brain capabilities. Does it really work? Find out by reading the full review here!





We recently came across a product called Geniux. This product is advertised as “the ultimate smart pill”, and we decided to test it ourselves if that is the truth or is this company just very good at advertising their products. We will focus our review on the most important things when it comes to supplements which are ingredients and side effects. Is says that the product is made of natural ingredients and by only taking one pill with water you will have better focus, faster and clearer long-term and short-term memory, but not only that it will also improve your brain performance and cognitive precision. Ant on top of that they say its effect lasts up to 6 hours but without any jitters and shakiness like from using energy drinks.

Geniux Benefits

The so-called “brain drug” Geniux or nootropic supplement is a product that contains nutrients that help your brain to function at maximum performance. The company says that this product gives you more energy so you can go through your day easily and accomplish your goals and tasks, another thing is that it is supposed to help you stay awake which could help many people that have to study because it apparently boosts your long-term and short- term memory as well. This is supposed to be achieved with only three natural ingredients which are caffeine, bee pollen and eleuthero root extract. Which is very unlikely because caffeine does not affect all people the same and another thing is that caffeine is a cheap stimulant, not a nootropic that could make your brain function on that level which was advertised. But all in all this all seems like some kind of placebo effect. Which brings us to the conclusion that this product may not be what it is supposed to be. And to help you with your problem we offer you a tested product that has proven effects which can help you keep your mind and your body sharp so you can conquer all the tasks standing in your way. We present you Adderex SR which is one of the best neuroenhancers on the market.

Some of the key benefits are mentioned in paragraphs above which are that users feel more energized and can focus on their tasks more easily. And if you have problems with studying than the Geniux pills could help you get it done faster.

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Geniux Ingredients

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Geniux formula consists of all natural ingredients that are packed in pills which makes consuming them easier.Now let’s take a look at the ingredients of Geniux.

geniux label

Bee pollen

Bee pollen or flower pollen is used in nutrition as an appetite stimulant, to improve stamina and athletic performance and premature aging. It is also known to be helpful for mouth sores, joint pain, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), prostate conditions and radiation sickness. It is also used for weight loss and all kinds of gastrointestinal problems which are vomiting, bloody diarrhea. But it is even good for treating skin conditions as eczema, pimples and diaper rash.


It is mostly used to improve mental alertness but it has many other uses, such as migraine headaches in combination with painkillers such aspirin and acetaminophen. But it is also used with painkillers for simple headaches and treating headaches after epidural anesthesia. Some people use caffeine for asthma, gallbladder disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), shortness of breath in newborns, and low blood pressure.

Eleuthero root extract

Or so called Ginseng plant. This ingredient can supposedly strengthen the body and increase resistance to daily stress. In addition to that, it is also used for is conditions of the heart and blood vessels such as high or low blood pressure, hardening of the arteries and rheumatic heart disease. It can also be used for kidney diseases, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue syndrome and diabetes.

Geniux Side Effects

As it has only three ingredients we found that these product does not have many side effects. But after reading some customer feedback we determined that it still can have some side effects which are terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea but it can also affect your sleeping habits because people who are not used to caffeine can have a stronger reaction while consuming these pills.

Geniux Reviews

“Took the recommended one cap/day for two days. Terrible stomach cramps and diarrhea. Stopped the caps to see if it was those or something else. The side effects stopped. Repeated the experiment a few days later. Same results. DON’T take this product”

“No way would I promote this item, you will get the same results from caffeine pills or even better 5hr energy shots. Don’t believe the hype people, does nothing for boosting brain power.”

“I actually purchased this product on a different website (same price) but it does not work. There is no list of ingredients and seems to be somewhat like a placebo effect. Not worth the money whatsoever.”

„I can’t even give this a star. It did nothing at all but give me daily headaches! Thanks for letting me know it had caffeine in it.

Geniux Conclusion

After all we said and found out about the product we can only conclude that this product can have but doesn’t need to have the effects listed on the label because mainly the coffee can energize you but if you are used to coffee than you will probably not feel any different than without using this product. And from all the feedback that the product received we can clearly see that this product is mainly advertised as some sort of a magic pill but it has no proven effects that can help you concentrate and memorize stuff faster which brings us to the conclusion that it is only based on some kind of placebo effect. But if you are still looking for some kind of focus enhancement supplements that can help you focus more quickly and memorize faster without spending hours and hours of your time than you definitely should check out Adderex SR.

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