Glucose Disposal Agent Review: Destroy The Carbs

Glucose Disposal Agent
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Review Summary:

Glucose Disposal Agent is a brand new product manufactured by the folks over at 1st Phorm labs. It's a fairly unique product that is designed for increasing glucose optimization in one's body. If that's something you are interested in, I recommend checking out the full review for this product as it features very useful information.

If you are searching for a product that will help you improve your performance and provide you all essentials for the athletic physique you always wanted, you are at the right place. It is Glucose Disposal Agent, carefully designed by folks from 1st Phorm. When it comes to choosing a right brand and a product for you, you can be sure 1st Phorm will have something just for you. It is no secret they have created some of the best supplements on the market, and are being considered as one of the leading companies in product quality. Just as you would have thought, this one makes no difference, and if you want to try it out, it definite won't leave you disappointed. Without further adieu, let's see what it has to offer and what is it made of.

What can this product do?

GDA is innovative and cutting edge formula designed especially for increased glucose optimization. Glucose and its disposal can be considered as one of the key factors in sculpting an athletic body low on fat. It contains GlycoBalance Blend, formulated to pump glucose into the muscles, allowing them to reach their full potential, while at the same time decreasing amount of glucose converted into fat. Such an actions aren't only good for your aesthetics, but also for overall health and longevity. Carbs intake is always important, and there is no better way to get them, knowing you won't gain fat, as you would in most cases. Maybe one of the key indicators for this is the fact it has the ability to decrease the amount of blood sugar, after the consumption of a carb-rich meal. GDA also promotes valuable nutrient uptake and it will make sure you experience faster recovery time as well as enhanced performance during your workouts.

GDA on Carb Management

Carb management works a lot especially for obese people because their body is really storing carbs as fats. Specifically because they do not move a lot and they do not exercise. GDA will teach the body to manage and use carbohydrates effectively during workouts. It is a whole different problem if the product is going to be taken without working out. It is important to note that this is not a miracle pill. It has a purpose to really get the body back in shape. GDA is highly recommended for people who are having a hard time managing their carb storage, whether it is going to be stored fat or stored fuel for the body.

There is also a great demand for GDA from people with weight loss problems. As this product is intended to teach the body to effectively manage carbohydrates, it will assist the body to do just that. GDA promotes weight loss for people who are trying to burn fat. But it is important to understand how GDA works, and it is simply via carb management. Basically, it is going to make their body more effective in using carbohydrates as your primary fuel source, preventing them from storing as fat.

The Keto Diet

 GDA is very beneficial for those in ketogenic diet or keto diet especially for the carb meals that they would have. Since this kind of diet is well-known for being a low carbohydrates diet where the body produces ketones in the liver to be used as energy, it has been grossly misunderstood that it should only consist of 75% fats and 25% protein. This is not necessarily true because the body still needs carbohydrates. So taking GDA with their carb meals or some of their carbs while on keto diet is going to shed these carbohydrates and put these in to their muscle cells to be used as energy. So anytime they are trying to manage their carbohydrates intake, GDA is going to be in position for them.

GDA can be the answer for people with different kinds of diet program. Whether they are on ketosis diet, regular diet, or diet to help lose fats, GDA will help manipulate the carbohydrates movement inside their system. If not immediately used as energy, carbs will start making body fats. What GDA does is it takes out the carbohydrates out of the bloodstream and shoves them into the muscles and removing them out of the bloodstream and preventing them from getting into the fat stream.

What is inside of this product?

GDA Label

It is extremely important for supplementation industry to understand the impact of high graded ingredients and their proper combination on the overall quality of dietary supplement, and once again 1st Phorm managed to deliver beyond expectation. Lets take a look at some of its key compounds and some major benefits that come with them.

Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba is a plant native to Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is most known for its anti-diabetic nature. Banaba is used for treating medical conditions and also as a compound in some dietary supplements. Due to its positive effect on blood sugar regulation and improved glucose transport in the body, it is growing in popularity from day to day.


R-ALA is one of, if not the most important ingredient in this blend. It has a huge impact on the body and because of that it is often used as a supplement on its own. It supports memory function, fat loss and promotes strong immune system. Just like Banaba it plays a big role in glucose transport and also enhances insulin activity. R-ALA is also considered as a very good antioxidant, increasing lean muscle mass formation while working out. You should also experience improved cognitive function as it is indicated R-ALA can delay brain aging and some other negative age related effects.

Vanadyl Sulfate

Yet another ingredient with a positive influence on blood sugar levels and glucose transport. It makes sure muscle cells get enough glucose, preventing its way to fat cells. Through the ages it has become one of the most popular bodybuilding supplements and it could stay on the top for a long time. Vanadyl Sulfate should enable you better performance as well as greater vascularity.

How Do I Take It?

Take two capsules of Glucose Disposal Agent with your carb rich meals of choice. You can’t really take too much GDA but taking it with your post workout meal will probably not be needed as you insulin sensitivity should be great at that time. Best time to take it is with meals rich in carbs that are not near your workout such as breakfast or dinner.

Side effects

There are some side effects that can be related with 1st Phorm GDA, but we haven't yet heard any complaints about it. Each ingredient found in the blend is carefully chosen, and you should be safe.  It is important you don't exceed the recommended dosage. Most of the ingredients are affecting the blood sugar, and overdosing could lead to lowering the sugar levels to unwanted levels. You could also experience some minor side effects such as headache or dizziness, and those are very rare and shouldn't last for a longer period of time.

What do other people think about this product?

“I am extremely impressed with the combo of ingredients in this supplement. I think it’s great for anyone who wants to limit insulin secretion, keep blood sugar levels down and more optimal, and even just to live a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to fat loss or just trying to stay leaner 1st Phorm GDA is a supplement I recommend to all my clients that I work with. “

“After three weeks of usage I can see some good improvement. This stuff is one of my best decisions in a while. I used to consume some extremely strong supplements made for huge changes in a short period of time, and I never want to go back that way again. GDA still gives me significant improvement and the most important thing is that I finally feel good and healthy.“

“I am really glad I heard about GDA. I feel stronger and I can definitely see the improvement in the gym. I recommended it to some of my friends, and not a single one was disappointed. Looking forward to seeing another great product by 1st Phorm.”

Final thoughts on this product

If you are looking for a supplement that will take good care of your blood sugar levels, while at the same time promote a healthy lifestyle, you can't go wrong with GDA. 1st Phorm every once in a while comes up with a new product, and each time they create something special. Glucose disposal agent is of huge importance when it comes to fat loss and athletic performance improvement. GDA makes sure you experience faster recovery and also promotes valuable nutrient uptake. Its GlycoBalance Blend contains one of the best mixtures for the purposes it is meant for and keeps you safe with almost no related side effect while using it correctly. Ingredients such as R-ALA and Vanadyl Sulfate can also contribute to improved cognitive function and better vascularity. This well-rounded supplement is one of our favorites, and we recommend it to everyone trying to fight fat and take their performance to another level.

Order a bottle of GDA here for just $42.99!


Banaba Leaf Extract

People use leaves of this miraculous plant to make medicine for treating diseases such as diabetes. It is native to the Philippines and Southeastern Asia.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It has a positive influence on the body, promoting healthy insulin levels, controlling appetite, balancing glucose in the blood and increasing weight loss.

Clinical Research

Clinical studies have researched Banaba's impact on the amount of glucose in the blood. [1]


Alpha Lipoic Acid can be found in vegetables, fruit and meat, and due to an endless list of its benefits, it is used both in medicine and in dietary supplementation.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

R-ALA is an intriguing compound, promoting healthy lifestyle and longevity. It has a big role in controlling insulin levels and glucose transport. Proper glucose disposal is important for supplying the muscles for needed growth and also for keeping it away from going to fat cells and forming unwanted fat. It also promotes cognitive function, protects the brain and serves your body as an antioxidant, increasing lean muscle growth.

Clinical Research

Scientific research studies show its antioxidant value for the body. [2]

Vanadyl Sulfate

One of the most popular supplements for athletes worldwide. It is derived from mineral vanadium and very effective in serving its benefits.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It promotes uptake of glucose to muscle cells, and at the same time increasing muscle volume and decreasing body fat. Vanadyl Sulfate also improves usage of proteins and carbs in the body, helping you build muscle.

Clinical Research.

There hasn't been enough research showing muscle increasing and performance improvement properties it has to offer.

Side Effects


Headaches can be described as a feeling of pain anywhere in the region of head or neck.

What Causes headaches?

Such an effect occurs very rarely and if you experience it, there is a big possibility GDA is not responsible for it, but since it contains Vanadyl Sulfate we decided to mention it as one of possible minor side effects.


It is a feeling of weak balance and having a tendency to fall.

What Causes dizziness?

If you experience dizziness it is most likely caused by Cinnamon Bark extract, that can be found in GlycoBalance Blend.


How much does GDA cost?

You can get GDA by 1st Phorm HERE for $42.99!

Does it really work?

When it comes to glucose optimization, judging by the ingredients found inside of GDA, we are 100% sure that it works as described. If you don't believe us, take a closer look at some of those reviews listed above.

How can GDA improve my performance in the gym?

With working out, the dosing would depend on the individual’s food intake and how much their carbohydrate intake is. But for people trying to perform better, chances are their meal before they work out is probably a pretty large carb meal. The grams of carbohydrates could probably even go up to 100 grams in pre-workout. Within the 2-hour gap before they work out, they should take a dose of GDA to help force those carbs into the muscles and supersaturate those muscles. If someone is in to heavy lifting or anything that is going to require ATP is going to have a ton of glycogen in that muscle which will be ready to fuel the workout.

GDA should be taken with a carb meal so as not to put oneself into a hypoglycemic state where blood sugar level crashes. While it is not insulin per se, keep in mind that it is optimizing the insulin that has been released. When body is not used to with no carbohydrates on board, even there is insulin in the system, it could still put that person in a situation where there would be a big drop in the blood sugar level.

When is the best time to take GDA?

The best time to take GDA is pre-workout when body is getting ready for an extensive workload and there would be a lot of muscles flexing. GDA should be taken with a high carb meal as well. GDA would simply assist the body in the proper storage of carbohydrates.

How does GDA works for people with diabetes?

GDA is going to help out in pumping of glucose in the system and dissolving it to make it less likely to be stored. As an individual get a better pump, he will get more nutrient delivery and will get more energy reserves as he goes. But for people dealing with diabetes, that is going to be an insulin issue. It is not necessary that the storage that obtains the glucose will be able to help with the number; it is not going to affect the body’s response into it altogether.

When it comes to diabetics, it is always much safer to consult first with a doctor. A diabetics’ pancreas do not secrete insulin based on carbs in the proper amount so they get hypo and their body do not regulate it well. Their body still needs carbohydrates and their body is still going to run on carbohydrates. The difference is their body does not secrete insulin in the proper amount to be able to manage their carbohydrates at the back end, which is why they have to take insulin injection.  People with diabetes need to make sure that they are taking the low glycemic carbohydrates because their body has a much easier time processing it based on their blood sugar level. When a diabetic person take high glycemic carbohydrates, post workout into a diabetic situation, nothing really good would come out from that situation. 

It is highly recommended for diabetics to go to their doctor, explain the situation about being recommended to take low glycemic carbohydrates, healthy balanced diet, and an exercise program. They could still take phormula1 post workout as they are still going to need carbohydrates in their diet. A lower glycemic carbohydrate food such as oatmeal or sweet potato, and a way they can inject insulin and check blood sugar levels, will not put them in a hypo position.

User Tips

“It might be a good idea to steer away from this supplement if you are pregnant or breastfeeding…” – Rebecca


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