Shedding off excess weight is definitely not a walk in the park. Why don’t we give Glycophase a closer look to see how it can help you get the job done?






  • Muscle growth and recovery stimulation
  • Carbs control, promoting big and full muscles
  • Extended pumps promotion
  • Fat loss promotion
  • Maximum nutrient delivery, 100% natural

Insulin has long been known as one of the most anabolic hormones our body produces. It is released into our body to help muscle growth and muscle recovery, but insulin can also promote fat deposits in some cases. The specific case in question is when we are taking in too many carbohydrates that turn into glucose and insulin pushes the fat cells to absorb excess glucose thus increasing your fat deposits, which is always a big no-no.

When you take in too many carbs, your body will respond. First, carbs are used as energy sources for your cells and muscles, which they are great for. The excess carsb, however, cannot be stored in your muscles and liver, and are thus stored as fat deposits. Insulin greatly promotes this proccess and nutritional supplements that prevent too much insulin from reaching your bloodstream are a useful tool to prevent getting fat.

Serious Nutrition Solution has come up with Glycophase, a Glucose Disposal Agent, which helps regulate insulin levels in your body by removing glucose from your bloodstream. The reduced insuline levels then reduce the chance of excess body fat bulking up. This will allow your insulin to give you all of its anabolic effects and yet reduce the chances of it having the negative impications of gaining excess fat.

Glycophase Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients present in this Glycophase, the main part of the product is the Glycophase Nutrient Partitioning Matrix, which consists of Gymnema Sylvestre Extract, Lagestroemia Speciosa, Fenugreek Seed Extract   and Phellodendron Extract, all natural product designed to help remove excess glucose from your bloodstream. The remaining ingredient in Glycophase is Norvaline.

Glycophase Supplement Facts
Glycophase Supplement Facts

The product comes in a container of 60 pills. One capsule is to be taken three times a day, some 15 minutes before your breakfast, lunch and dinner for optimal results.

Glycophase Benefits

This product is not something you commonly see on the shelves of every supplement store in the world. It is a true novelty and one of those products it is hard to know what to think of. Still, our research indicates that this product does actually work and help prevent gaining new fat storage, as well as promote muscle building and recovery.

The product makes sure that more glucose gets stored in your muscles as glycogen, promoting muscle bulking, while not allowing for too much to be stored as new fat deposits. Whether you are looking to lose fat or prevent it from appearing while you are trying to bulk up your muscle mass, this product will help you.

Bought through SuppReviewers, one container of 60 capsules will cost you $24.95. Considering the daily dosage is 3 capsules, you will get 20 days’ worth of Glycophase for just over $1 per day, which certainly is not a bad deal considering all the positive implications of this product.

The product is strictly natural, so there is no risk of excessive side effects and none have really been reported on this product. I would recommend giving this product a shot if you are finding it hard to lose your fat or new fat keeps popping up when you are trying to bulk up your muscle.

Glycophase Reviews

We have done some digging and virtually all reviews we could come by spoke highly of this product. Here are a few:

“A very good bang for your buck nutrient partitioner. Other products as good cost usually cost double.”

“This product is very versatile and can be used any way you’d like. I used it on a recomp. I put on some weight during my month with it, but body fat looked like it went down a little. A very good supplement if you like high carbs. Dose it before a cheat meal you will not feel bloated afterwards.”

“I had slightly fuller muscles and less feeling of bloat due to digestion with Glycophase. Also helped me lose some weight due to partitioning effects.”

Glycophase Conclusion

GlycoPhase is a kind of supplement you won’t see in every athlete’s stash, but it certainly does what it promises. It helps your carbs not stick as fat deposits, while promoting their absorption by your muscles, which makes them grow bigger and leaner. This product is not magic, but it certainly is great value for the price and I would recommend it if you are having trouble with your carbs sticking to your belly or if you are prone to cheating in your diet with excess carbs in general.

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