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HGH Factor incorporates a solid HGH boost formula that helps you achieve your bodybuilding goals faster than ever… Or at least that’s what their ads claim!

HGH Factor





  • Powerful ingredients
  • Plenty of information online
  • Good concept


  • Way too expensive
  • Causes strong headaches

If your dream is to get big and sculpt a body only few can, you already know the importance and influence of a good diet. The market is abundant with various supplements, and there is something for everyone, depending on their goals.

With hard work, dedication and a good diet you can achieve pretty much anything, only the sky can be your limit. We are here to make sure you pick something that is good for you so you can benefit the most. Nothing comes over night, but some of these supplements can really make a huge change in a blink of an eye, raising your motivation and setting the bar higher every week.

Today we are going to speak about a product many of our readers asked us about, and see if it can do you any good. It is called HGH Factor and, you’ve guessed it – it’s a growth hormone booster.

So, without further adue, let’s take a closer look at its effects and ingredients. In addition to that, many other aspects of HGH Factor will be thoroughly analyzed in the review below.

HGH Factor Ingredients

This one is packed with some great compounds but somehow fails to deliver as many benefits as you would expect just by reading its label and seeing what’s inside.

Don’t get me wrong, HGH Factor is still a good supplement, but not as good as some other similar products currently available on the market. That’s especially true in the price/performance ratio as it is quite more expensive than other similar products.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at its most important ingredients and see what they’re all about!


L-Arginine is an amino acid used as an ingredient in many supplements for all it has to offer. It lowers blood pressure, takes good care of heart health, enhances strength, boosts energy and improves endurance. Its positive impact on blood vessels also helps those having troubles with erectile dysfunction, increasing their sex drive and performance.


Just like L-Arginine, L-Ornithine is well known for its impact on growth hormone and has been used for ages by bodybuilders and athletes trying to reach their maximum fitness. It is truly amazing compound and we are kind of surprised we didn’t experience more benefits with a combination of these two amino acids. It can also widen blood vessels and have a positive effect on lean muscle growth and increased strength.


Yet another essential amino-acid being a huge part of many supplements currently available. Besides improving performance it is also extremely beneficial for cognitive function and overall nervous system. L-Valine will increase immune system, energy levels, reduce stress and improve sleep. It is a wonderful ingredient, and yet again I must say it is quite strange you don’t feel more of an impact from HGH Factor considering everything it is packed with.

HGH Factor Side effects

The compound list looks safe and all healthy individuals shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about its side effects.

Still, if you get unlucky and make the few that actually experience the negative side effect, you could get diarrhea or a  headache at worst. Here’s what a user had to say about his experience with HGH Factor:

“I got diarrhea after just a week of using HGH Factor. It wasn’t anything drastic though, I survived it! :D”

Rather charming gentlemen had to say this after experiencing one of the above-mentioned side effects:

HGH Factor Review 2

Still, these side effects aren’t too common nor that bad and shouldn’t last for a prolonged period of time.

HGH Factor Reviews

Coming to the actual user reviews for HGH Factor, you’ll be surprised at how many people are loving it. Take for example these 2 reviews down below that explain the quality of this supplement:

“I tried a bunch of supplements before I found HGH Factor and started to see truly amazing results with it. Now I’ve lost four inches off my waist, my thighs are slimmer than ever, and I feel fantastic. And you should see me flex my biceps! “

“I feel calm and peaceful. I know it isn’t a fat burner but I can literally feel my body burning fat — I can see it, too. I highly recommend this product to all the stim junkies, gym rats and everyone else who needs a kick in the pants.”

Still, there are also people who aren’t exactly thrilled with the results. To be quite honest, there’s a lot of them so you’re up to an interesting situation as it seems. For example, this gentleman below described that he did not feel any effects after almost 2 months of using HGH Factor… and as soon as he switched to another HGH booster – it did the trick.

HGH Factor Review

In addition to everything I’ve shown you above, here’s a video review of HGH Factor and Xanogen so you can further investigate this relatively good supplement!

HGH Factor can be found in a huge number of online stores at around $100.

In addition to that, you can also buy HGH Factor at your local Walmart which makes it accessible to the masses.

But, if you’re willing to trust me and my expertise when it comes to supplements, then you will do a research on Hercules. It’s quite similar to HGH but it works in a different way. The results are pretty much identical but you’ll end up paying much less for Hercules than you would for HGH Factor!

Final thoughts on HGH Factor?

HGH Factor is a fair option for everyone trying to improve his physique and start looking better. That being said you can definitely run across some products performing better and making a greater and more positive impact on your body. Hercules by Sparta Nutrition can be a perfect example, not being too expensive and making you love yourself more from day to day.

To draw the line I would say it is a good, but not great, and can’t do so much for you as some other supplements in the category can. With that in mind I don’t recommend it, but instead, suggest checking out Hercules as a more cost effective option.

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