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Review Summary:

Hibern8 is a powerful sleep promoting product that uses Melatonin and other natural compounds to promote healthy and restful sleep.

With such fast lives full of stress and anxiety it’s no wonder many of us are finding it hard to end the day with a good night’s sleep. What is even more, if you are a body builder, chances are you are taking some kind of stimulant rich pre-workout supplement and even if not, who among us doesn’t like to drink some coffee or energy drinks to stay alert during the day.

But all of these things can really lead to issues with sleep cycle and sleepless nights mean unproductive days and it is very easy to enter a vicious cycle. This is where supplement manufacturer Nutrex Research stepped in and tried to create a universal solution.

As the name suggests Hibern8 is a dietary supplement designed to do one thing, put you to sleep at night. It uses a blend of compounds that influence brain in ways that would promote sleep. We decided to give Hibern8 a deeper look and find out for ourselves if their claims held water. Here is what we found out.

Product Benefits

  • Deep and Rejuvenating Sleep
  • Nighttime Muscle Recovery and Mind Restoration
  • Works Fast
  • Clinically Dosed Ingredients
  • 30 Day Supply


Hibern8 contains three main ingredients designed for sleep promotion. They are GABA, L-Tryptophan and Melatonin.

GABA is a neurotransmitter which serves to calm down the nerves by binding to certain receptor sites which promotes relaxation and sleep. L-Tryptophan turns into Serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for memory and mood and creation of Melatonin. Melatonin itself is a hormone created in the pineal gland which is one of the main promoters of healthy sleep.

Here is the full product label with all the product ingredients:

Hibern8 Supplemenr Facts

Hibern8 Supplemenr Facts

Does It Work?

We just listed ways in which the three compounds in Hibern8 are supposed to put you to sleep, so the question remains, does it actually work?

There is naturally no scientific research done on the product itself, so our best way of finding out was to try it ourselves and look at what the other users said about it. The product worked just fine for us, greatly aiding in the process of moving into the dreamland and hundreds of other customers confirmed the same, all reporting more vivid dreams and easier longer sleep with no interruptions.

The product seems to not work great for some people, which is to be expected as some people will naturally have a higher tolerance to the compounds found within and a higher dosage may be what those people need. In either case, Hibern8 certainly does work and is a product worth giving a shot.

How Do I Take It?

Recommended dose for the first time taking it is one capsule half an hour before bed. If you find a single capsule does not do it for you, increase to 2 or 3 capsules. Do not take more than 3 capsules per night.


Here is what some of the people who used Hibern8 had to say about the product:

Hibern8 by Nutrex is awesome!!! I've always had trouble sleeping, trying everything under the sun and even going to my doctor a prescription. With Hibern8 just recently coming out I've only taken it a few times, but the few times that I have it's really worked!!

Love this product! Always helps me get the best sleep and feel more recovered after my workouts! Perfect if you work out after 6pm and take a pre-workout.

Great for sleeping, I work night shifts so I use this product regularly and have been for the last month or so. I can say it still puts me to sleep like the first day I took it.

Final Verdict

If you are one of those individuals who find it hard to fall asleep at night either due to the daily stresses caused by work, parenting or difficult living situations or a body builder who uses a lot of stimulants to keep alert at the gym, Hibern8 will help you get your fair share of sleep with ease.

The product works with some fairly safe compounds and as long as you stay within the recommended dosage no harm should befall you. The product comes at a very reasonable price for a full month or more worth of capsules so it is a truly great value as well.

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