Iaso Tea Review: Finally A Good Tea For Weight Loss?

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Review Summary:

Iaso Tea is another one of those amazing teas that help you with a wide variety of issues. Most importantly, Iaso Tea claims to be an excellent solution for quick and effective weight loss as well as detoxification and stomach distress. Whether that's true or not - find out by reading the full review down below!

Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular topics in dietary supplementation industry. Weight loss! Millions of people are unhappy and uncomfortable with their body, and most of the time reason is overweight.

That is one of the main reasons the market is full of products of this type, and in this scenario, you can be sure the big majority is just a marketing trick, and have no real value.

That's why we decided to put one of the most popular products out there, Iaso Tea, to the test and see how does it do! Continue reading to find out more about its ingredients, effects, results…and see is it worth buying.

Iaso Tea ingredients – Are they any good?

Iaso Tea is packed with some good ingredients such as Persimmon Leaves and Ginger. Combined all together they tend to clean and improve your digestive system in order of achieving the perfect environment for losing weight.

It is an awesome concept, but for anyone willing to workout and change the lifestyle that brought all that unwanted pounds I would definitely recommend another alternative product such as the Bloodshr3d War Edition. It is much more powerful and can provide you with quicker results!

Iaso Tea Supplement Facts

Papaya Leaves

Papaya Leaf is very beneficial, and most of you reading this are already familiar with it. It has many health benefits and has become one of the most popular dietary supplements on the planet. It is also very rich in vitamins and can be good for a better immune system, increased energy levels, cardiovascular health, lowering blood sugar levels, and much more.


Yet another compound which improves digestive tract, reduces pain and inflammation. It can reduce muscle soreness, help with nausea, improve heart function, lower cholesterol levels and reduce menstrual pain for women.

Persimmon Leaves

This one has been used for ages, mostly in Asian medicine. It contains a good amount of vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids and even choline carotenoids, which is very rare, and because of it has various health benefits. It is also good for protecting and “anti-aging” effects on the skin.


  • Detoxifies the body
  • Tastes great
  • Refreshing


  • Doesn't do much for weight loss
  • Expensive in the long run

Side effects of Iaso Tea

There are few side effects you can get while starting to drink Iaso Tea, while your body is in process of detoxification and gets used to it. It is nothing horrible, but you can expect to get headaches or digestive problems (most likely loose stool). Here's what an unsatisfied customer had to say about the nasty side effects caused by Iaso Tea:

“I drank this tea for about 2 weeks. After about 10 days I got my first headache. At first, I didn't think much of it, but after it didn't go away for 3 days straight I stopped drinking this and it went back to normal. Haven't used it since… and not planning to either!”

Where to buy Iaso Tea?

If you really want to test your luck with this tea, I suggest you purchase it from a well-known marketplace. The best of them all is surely Amazon – buy Iaso Tea there and you won't overpay it.

Other than Amazon, you can buy Iaso Tea via many other online shops as it's a generally pretty popular product.

However, I still warmly suggest checking out Bloodshr3d War Edition as it can make your weight loss a lot easier!

What do other people think about this product?

Let's take a closer look at what Iaso Tea users had to say about it. Starting off we have a gentleman that isn't at all satisfied with it. As you can see below, he has nothing good to say about it other than its solid taste:

Iaso Tea Review

In addition to this one, there is also a whole heap of unsatisfied Iaso Tea users who made their feelings known by posting their reviews on Amazon. Here's just a couple of them so you know what you're dealing with before jumping to conclusions and purchasing this product.

Iaso Tea Amazon Reviews

Moving on, you can see that there are people who are pleased with the effects they're getting.

“This is a very good tea. I have ordered for other members of the family and they're pleased. In fact, I am on my last package of the month. Will order more . ”

“With the tea, you also need to get a sensible balance diet, but over all, I would recommend the tea and will order again.“

And finally, here's a review of a user who has mixed feelings. He's satisfied with its detoxifying effects. Weight loss on the other hand, not so much!

“I felt clarity from the detox…however, I did NOT lose a pound. I recommend using for detox purposes only, not for weight loss. ”

Final thoughts on this product

Iaso Tea is not bad and is capable of bringing some results, but overall it isn't so great as they say it is. It comes with few possible side effects, which aren't that harmful but can be extremely annoying. If you want to lose weight and build your body we recommend checking out Bloodshr3d War by Olympus Labs.

It is a great formula that cost almost the same as Iaso Tea and can make a real and long-lasting change for anyone using it. Picking the right fat burner is not a joke, because you may end wasting a lot of money while finally finding something that stands up to the expectations and works for most of the people using it. There is a good amount of unhappy Iaso Tea consumers, and that is one of the main reason we recommend checking some other alternatives.

See Bloodshr3d War Edition for a better impact!

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Papaya Leaves

Papaya leaf is a great addition to any dietary supplement due to its huge list of healthy properties.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

This plant takes your body as no joke and makes sure you are at your best. It is extremely popular in the world of dietary supplementation and can be helpful in many ways. Papaya contains high amounts of vitamins and can improve the immune system, boost energy levels, lower blood sugar levels and improve cardiovascular health.

Clinical Research

Various studies show Papaya is rich in many different healthy nutrients. [1]


This one is by some considered to be one of the world's healthiest foods.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It has a good value as a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It is even used to fight cancer, but most often people use it to get rid of nausea, for weight loss, better immunity and for digestive support.

Clinical Research

Since it is so popular there have been various studies regarding its properties. [2]

Persimmon Leaves

Persimmon is a plant native to Asia, and its leaves have been used many years for its benefits and amazing properties.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It is believed it can help improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, relieve constipation, prevent stroke and reduce body temperature.

Clinical Research.

Few scientific studies show its antioxidant properties and its impact on the body. [3]

[/dzstaa_tab_content][/dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab][dzstaa_tab_title]Side Effects[/dzstaa_tab_title][dzstaa_tab_content]


It can be described as a feeling of pain and discomfort in head or neck area.

What Causes headaches?

It can be caused by few compounds found in the mixture.

Loose stool

It is an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach which leads to liquid bowels.

What Causes loose stool?

Few ingredients are capable of creating this problem.


How much does Iaso Tea cost?

One box of Iaso Tea will set you back for roughly $50!

Can it help me lose weight?

Judging by its ingredients I think it can! However, many users claim it has done nothing for them so I guess it's hard to say for sure…

Where can I buy it?

Like I've already stated above, Iaso Tea can be bought from a various online stores. Still, the most trustworthy one is Amazon. If I were you, I would buy it from there!

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“If you want to lose fat with Iaso Tea, I suggest you drinking it without any additives such as sugar or honey. Just drink the plain tea and you might lose a pound or two!” – Wesley


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