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The History & Background of Bioperine


Type: Botanical Extract

Potency: 8/10

Black pepper has been used for human diet for centuries. And is one of the most widely used spices throughout the world. Bioperine is the patented extract obtained from black pepper fruit and is standardized for a minimum of 95% pepper. Bioperine has been shown to increase absorption of nutrients such as betacarotine, vitamin C, selenium and more. Gut absorption also improved in fat and water soluble vitamins, seleno-amino acids and herbal extracts. As a self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) ingredient, bioperine is the only patented peppermint source that help increase the bioavailability of nutritional compounds. And it is the also source to undergo clinical studies in United States for safety and efficacy.

The famous black pepper was first seen in Sanskrit literature in India 3000 years ago. It was first discovered by Alexander the Great when he marched to the Punjab region in northern India in 326 B.C. It was exported to the Persians where it's name is changed to pipari by King Darius. At present it is widely used for it's ability to increase nutrient absorption.

Use in Supplements

In early times, people of India used black pepper as a cure gor joint pain, hernia, cough, muscular spasm, sore throat and some eye problems. However there is no medical evidence that these treatments made in early times are effective.

A was conducted to different body builders and most of them believed that sport supplements with Bioperine increase the strength of their muscle fibers. Scientifically it was revealed that bioperine increased the blood flow towards the gut and increase the emulsifying agents of the gut. Bioperine also helps in generating a lot of energy during metabolism of different products and helpful in fat metabolism. It also increses the bone strength and provides nourishment to the body muscles. Bioperine became popular because of the extensive use of the bodybuilders and athletes.

Common Dosing

For increased nutrient absorption, the recommended dosage for bioperine is up to 15mg per day in 3 divided doses of 5mg each. It is relatively low compared to the toxic levels determined by some studies.

Products Containing Bioperine

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Potential Side Effects of Bioperine

There are very few studies regarding the composition of bioperine and no exact side effects are known. However some people reported minor gastrointestinal tract disorder after misusing bioperine. A little amount of bioperine is beneficial to people but large amount is toxic. These toxic substances can damage the liver and other organs in the body. Initially some people can suffer mild fever and diarrhea after taking bioperine but it is considered safe to pregnant women and individuals of all ages.


Is BioPerine GMO?

No, BioPerine is not genetically-modified

What are the other physiological effects of bioperine?

Extensive data is collected reporting black pepper’s health benefits other than natural
bioenhancer properties, such as
• Antidepressant∗
• Antiapoptotic∗
• Antioxidant∗
• Anti-platelet effect∗
• Asthma relieving∗
• Anti-inflammatory activity∗
• Antihypertensive effect∗
• Hepatoprotective effect∗
• Antithyroid effect∗
• Fertility enhancer∗
• Anti-tumor activity∗

Why is “Bioperine” better than regular black pepper?

Unfortunately, Black Pepper Fruit contains only 5%-9% Piperine versus the 95% Piperine contained in the standardized extract of BioPerine®. This means that you would have to consume 10-20 times the amount of Black Pepper to have the equivalent amount of Piperine in BioPerine®.

However, consuming even a large amount of Black Pepper doesn't necessarily equal the same results as BioPerine®. Black Pepper Fruit in its raw form contains Piperine that is captive and takes time for its bioavailability enhancing properties to be released. Since BioPerine® contains Piperine in its purified extract form, it is readily available to enhance absorption.


In a double-blind, cross-over study, doses of 5 mg combined with a formula containing 15 mg of ß-carotene given once a day to the subjects increase almost 2-fold the bloods levels of ß-carotene to the subjects. In another study the bioavailability of coenzyme Q10 with bioperine supplementation resulted an increase of 30% CoQ10 serum levels.

Another study  was conducted at St. John's Medical College, Bangalore, India in 1997 provided an evidence of biperine's role in increasing bioavailability of Curcumin. It significantly improved the uptake of Curcumin, a healthful extract from turmeric roots that cures inflammation to cancer.

Final Review of Bioperine

As a final review for Bioperine, I would suggest everyone to buy and take this product. Many studies shown a significant benefits the bioperine could give. When, taken by the right dosage the bioperine could do wonders to the user. It is recommended to almost anyone of all ages.


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