Boerhaavia Diffusa

The History & Background of Boerhaavia Diffusa

Type: Botanical Extract

Potency: 8/10

Boerhaavia diffusa is a creeping perennial herb that is also called ‘Punarva’ in the system of medicine in India. This herb is found throughout India’s wasteland. It is believed that the roots of Boerhaavia diffusa are excellent laxative and diuretic agents and are recommended to cure jaundice, ascites, and anasarca.  Through the years, Boerhaavia diffusa has evolved and transformed and its different parts are beneficial in the treatment of various illnesses without the presence of any side effects. For instance, the root juice is used to treat asthma, encephalitis, leucorrhea, and urinary disorders. On the other hand, the leaves can be consumed as vegetables. In Ayurvedic system, Boerhaavia diffusa is used to treat diabetes.

Use in Supplements

Boerhaavia diffusa has lots of health benefits. As a medicinal plant, this herb is commonly used to remedy any issues with eyesight. The herb’s diuretic properties are effective in stabilizing the levels of blood sugar in patients with diabetes. Boerhaavia diffusa also possesses anti-bacterial properties that function to protect against the Gram negative bacteria. The plant extracts derived from the leaves are recognized for their hepatoprotective and antioxidant properties. In addition, Boerhaavia diffusa is an immunomodulatory, anti-cancer, antiestrogenic, and antiamoebic agent. In the past, Boerhaavia diffusa is used to relieve problems including hysteria, epilepsy, fever, convulsion, jaundice, dysentery, asthma, diarrhea, and gastritis.

Common Dosing

In rat studies, the standard dose of Boerhaavia diffusa is between 200 and 400mg/kg, with an extremely effective dosage of 1000mg/kg. This translates to a dosage of 32-64 mg/kg in humans, or:

  • 2,200-4,300mg for a 150lb person
  • 2,900-5,800mg for a 200lb person
  • 3,600-7,200mg for a 250lb person

Products Containing Boerhaavia Diffusa

#3: Purnarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa)
Price: $19.99
Contains: 0.01% Punarnavine; Ursolic acid; Coccineone B and E; Rotenoid compounds referred to as Boeravinones
AVG Review: 3.9 stars on Amazon
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Boerhaavia Diffusa is organically grown and contains no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.

#2: Punarnava Powder (Leave & Roots) (Boerhaavia Diffusa)
Price: $19.25
Contains: Non-GMO, Raw herb powder, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian
AVG Review: 5 stars on Amazon
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Punarnava Powder helps in healthy function of heart, liver and kidneys. It helps in healthy urination & helps to balance the fluid level in body. It also acts as mild laxative and helps to enhance the appetite. Punarnava is combination of two words - "Punar" means "Again" and "Nava" means "New"
#1: Planet Ayurvda Punarnava (Boerhaavia Diffusa)Mandur
Price: $57.90
Contains: 100% Natural herbs
AVG Review: 5 stars on Amazon
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Punarnava Mandur tablets are excellent to improve blood quality, remove toxins from the blood, help in decreasing toxins in blood and other unwanted elements. COMPOSITION (MAIN INGREDIENTS): Boerhaavia diffusa (Punarnava), Zingiber officinale (Shunti), Piper longum (Pippali), Piper nigrum (Maricha), Emblica officinalis (Amalaki), Terminalia chebula (Haritaki)

Potential Side Effects of Boerhaavia Diffusa

Boerhaavia diffusa functions as a diuretic; hence, it has to be utilized with caution in individuals with kidney disorders and hypertension. Children and lactating mothers can safely use Boerhaavia diffusa; however, supervision is needed for pregnant women.  


Is Boerhaavia diffusa safe to consume?

Yes, Boerhaavia diffusa is safe to consume; however, precautions are required when administered to pregnant women. Children and breastfeeding mothers can also take Boerhaavia diffusa.

How does Boerhaavia diffusa benefit bodybuilders?

The primary benefit of Boerhaavia diffusa is the restorative impact: less water maintenance in extracellular tissues makes the muscles more noticeable.


Studies suggest that Rotenoid and Punarnavine are the primary active ingredients present in Boerhaavia diffusa. When tested in mice, the extracts of the plant was proven to reduce pain in mice. On the other hand, the roots of the plant have calcium channel blocking abilities; thus, making Boerhaavia diffusa a potent remedy for epilepsy. Cells required in adaptive immunity give off an impression of being improved through the aid of Punarnavine. The general extract, be that as it may, seems to have immunosupressive potential on an extensive group of cell types.

Final Review of Boerhaavia Diffusa

Boerhaavia diffusa has lots of health benefits and is definitely safe to use. Boerhaavia diffusa helps in maintaining the functions of the kidney and the urinary tract. It helps in enhancing the liver function as well as the respiratory health. It bolsters the body's capacity to eject the liquids from the body. Finally, Boerhaavia diffusa is the best known regular management for facilitating the problem with weight reduction. The dosage of this supplement will vary depending on the condition of the patients. Doctor’s prescription is necessary. Moreover, Boerhaavia diffusa is safe to use with some precautions for pregnant women.




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