RAD140 (Testolone)

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RAD140 (Testolone)

RAD140 testolone

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The History & Background of RAD140

RAD140, widely known as Testolone, is already a well-known compound that’s becoming a frequent main ingredient in a plethora of supplements. We are basically talking about an orally bioavailable SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator) which is non-steroidal. This means that it’s not a steroid but has certain physiological effects resembling those of steroids.

RAD140’s initial discovery was published back in 2010. In other words, this means that there are not that many studies available. However, take that with a grain of salt because of initial research showing great promises as far as muscle building without typical steroidal side effects is concerned.


How does RAD140 work?

I’m sure you are all familiar with the side effects of using testosterone to activate androgen receptors. They include testicular atrophy, enlarged clitoris in females and increased prostate cancer risk. But all of this gets eliminated with the use of RAD140. Since it’s a non-steroidal SARM, it effectively eliminates the above-stated side effects thanks to the fact it binds to the androgen receptor in a different way. It doesn’t stimulate liver enzymes or sexual tissue which plays a key role in its initial positive research.

Where can I buy RAD140?

Main benefits of RAD140

Increases lean muscle tissue

The main benefit of RAD140 is definitely its ability to promote fast and clean muscle building… all without the traditional testosterone-related issues. Furthermore, there are also reports of RAD140 increasing stamina end endurance during high-intensity training. That’s a huge plus, don’t you agree?!

Superior anabolic effect

It’s true – RAD140 interacts with the hormonal receptors in the body just like testosterone but at much larger doses. Moreover, some users are actually reporting using it for PCT. Yup, they are using it to retain muscle between their cycles and they’re actually blasting with positive results coming from this weird practice.

Potential use as a breast cancer treatment

It seems as though RAD140 can be useful for other purposes and not just muscle building. There are signs of it having the ability to inhibit certain types of breast cancer. First human studies have been finished and the results seem promising.[1]

Reduces testosterone-related side effects

As it was already stated above – RAD140 seems to eliminate all those nasty side effects you’d come to expect from the use of testosterone-based supplementation. At the same time, it is able to effectively promote muscle building and give you a peace of mind as far as side effects are concerned. And trust me, that means a lot! [2]

Slows down cell death

Early results are showing promise of Testolone might be crucial for helping slow down cell death. This is a common occurrence with people who suffered a stroke as well as with everyone suffering from certain types of neurodegenerative diseases. [3]


Where to Buy RAD140

There are plenty of people looking to get on the Testolone hype train, and it’s for good reasons. The initial research and studies surrounding this SARM have been nothing but brilliant. As you could see above, it promises many things… but most fortunately – there are no side effects to its name.

With that being said, if you would like to buy RAD140, the best method would be to go via SARMS4YOU official website. They have fair prices, quick shipment and only the highest quality compounds out there.


Potential side effects of RAD140

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) compounds are known for their ability to deliver quick results without those nasty steroidal side effects. In other words, RAD140 does not have such side effects either. However, please keep in mind that we are talking about a fairly new compound so there aren’t that many studies surrounding it. This means that even if there aren’t any short-term side effects noted up to this point, there could be long-term ones yet to be discovered.


User Feedback on RAD140

Considering the fact RAD140 is still fairly new, it’s not surprising to see a proper lack of user feedback. However, the feedback we could find is looking pretty well with people being really excited about the effects:

“I’ve gone through a cycle on RAD140 and I can confirm there are no issues as long as you carefully dose it towards your own body. As for the effects – I’ve gotten some muscles for sure. Haven’t measured yet but the gains are real guys!”

“Huge muscle gains coming from a pretty serious product. However, if you want to play it 100% safe you might want to steer away from it. It’s pretty new so you’ll have to cater the dosage specifically towards your body, and that takes time.”

There are many debates going on about the optimal dosage for RAD140 but it seems as though everyone’s having different amounts. In other words, it will take some time to pinpoint the exact numbers so I’m afraid you will have to test it out via the good old trial and error method. However, it seems as though it will pay off as people seem generally very satisfied with the effects RAD140 produces.

Where can I buy RAD140?

RAD140 dosage instructions

At the time of writing this RAD140 review, it seems as though many people hover around 30mg dosage per day which looks to be the optimal amount. Still, like I’ve already explained above – this could change as we go forward and the research studies on RAD140 show more concrete results. Likewise, people all around the world are experimenting with different stacking, dosages, and workouts to nail down the optimal route for people wanting the quickest results. So, as far as dosages are concerned – RAD140 is still a no man’s land.


Final Review of RAD140

In short, here are the key aspects of RAD 140 you should know:

  • Promising results in as little as 2 months

Even though the suggested usage cycle for the optimal result is set somewhere around 12 weeks, there are reports coming in about splendid results with just half of that. No joke – several users have reported massive gains after less than 2 months in their RAD140 cycle. However, take that with a grain of salt as they haven’t publicly disclosed their dosages. Still, 2-3 months for massive gains and no side effects – count me in!

  • No steroidal side effects

I feel like I am repeating myself… but we cannot give the final verdict on this compound without stating this one more time – due to the fact RAD140 selectively targets muscle and bone tissue, it does not have the steroidal side effects. It works with women too, albeit in lower doses.

In the end, I’d like to give my personal opinion on this one:

Can RAD140 be the perfect replacement for steroidal supplements? Well, I’m afraid only time will tell. As of now, it seems really promising due to its selective behavior and huge gains it’s able to provide its users with. So, if you’re among people who want fast muscle gains as well as increased endurance and stamina, and you want to lurk into unexplored territory, RAD140 is definitely worth investing in.

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