Tianeptine Sodium Salt

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Tianeptine Sodium Salt


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The History & Background of Tianeptine Sodium Salt


The French Society of Medical Research discovered tianeptine in the year 1960s. It is also known as Stablon and Coaxial, National, Tianeurax, Salymbra. A compound used for treating clinical depression, asthma, or irritable bowel syndrome. It consists of antidepressant and anti-anxiety properties.[1,3]

Tianeptine is mainly used to treat depression, for it binds mu-opioid receptors to the brain, which can be useful on antidepressants.

It is mainly available and used in European, South American, and Asian countries and is banned in the UK and US.  However, there is still not enough evidence on how tianeptine works on treating and preventing such problems.

This supplement is a water-soluble nootropic and has been a best seller ever since it was released and publicized in the market, for it reproduces any beneficial effects on exercise on cognition.

Use in Supplements

Tianeptine is used to lessen depression by modulating the glutamate receptors and normalizing it. It is also used to reduce anxiety, stress, PSTD, and other symptoms concerning stress. It is primarily used for mood-boosting. It can enhance someone’s concentration and focus on their goals and helps those who have insufficient attention.

It has also been reported that tianeptine can cure depression in Parkinson’s disease and asthma. It is formed in various salt productions to achieve the highest efficiency of the product.

It is also useful in reducing blood pressure regulation on people with high blood pressure. Taking this supplement may also slow or prevent sickness and reduce paling of skin, chills, and cold sweats.

Common Dosing

The most recommended dosage is one red micro scoop or 12.5 mg once daily with proper meals and observation. Older patients must take a smaller dosage as prescribed.[2]

Products Containing Tianeptine Sodium Salt

OptiMind Nootropics Brain Booster Supplement, Enhance Focus and Energy, As Seen on Netflix ((1) 32 Count Bottle)

These products containing Tianeptine Sodium Salt have been tested by our team to ensure that you get the most out of them. The necessary info on these products has been given here to give you a better understanding of Tianeptine Sodium Salt.[1,2,3]

Potential Side Effects of Tianeptine Sodium Salt

Unlike other product, tianeptine is adequate and only has several side effects, one of these are drying of the mouth, insomnia, dizziness, abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, constipation and occurrence of dreams changed. It might also be a higher risk of liver toxicity and decreases someone’s emotional memory.


How can I convert tianeptine free acid into sodium salt?

While we generally don’t recommend that anyone without an extensive chemistry background take it upon themselves to alter the chemical structure of any nootropic compounds, the method used to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt is so quick and easy that anyone with basic cooking skills or little to no knowledge of chemistry can do it themselves at home without expensive lab equipment. This article will explain why someone would want to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt, the benefits of both tianeptine free acid vs sodium salt, what you’ll need to do the conversion, and we’ll walk you through how to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt step by step.

Why convert tianeptine free acid into sodium salt?

While tianeptine free acid has a longer half-life than the sodium salt form does, in addition to being less hydroscopic, free acid is difficult to dissolve in an aqueous solution and only soluble in NaOH and KOH, which are obviously not for human consumption. Additionally, tianeptine sodium can cross the blood-brain barrier in around 15 minutes, while the free acid form can take up to 45 minutes. That extra 30 minutes is pure hell is you are someone going through an anxiety attack and need fast relief. Lastly, tianeptine sodium has a much higher concentration than free acid, meaning that lower amounts are required to achieve the same effects – tianeptine sodium is approximately 5 times as potent as the free acid.

What you’ll need to convert tianeptine free acid to sodium salt?


Digital scale (weighs to the milligram or 0.001)


Small pot (anything you would normally use to boiling water)


Small Pyrex bowl (heat resistant)


Pyrix Measuring cup with milliliters measurements (do not use plastic)


Stirring device (a spoon will work, but glass is preferred)


Digital Thermometer


1200 ml distilled water


200 mg Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda)


1 gram Tianeptine Free Acid


You can find all of these things at your local laboratory equipment store (see: University), kitchen utensil store such as Williams-Sonoma, or any department store such as Walmart or Target.


In the year 2015, research showed that tianeptine has nothing to do with the emotional categorization of cognition. The subjects of the experiment scored lower on expression identifying and lessen the good adequate memory. However, researches weren’t able to state its significance.

In another case that is reported, after taking tianeptine for eight weeks, the person developed hepatitis, with the help of experts and not continuing to take it, the patient successfully recovered from the disease.

In a nonhuman animal, research has discovered that it differs from alternative antidepressants and other tricyclic agents.  The curing of rat platelets increased serotonin uptake.[4]

Final Review of Tianeptine Sodium Salt

Accordingly, tianeptine is effectively used in decreasing the symptoms of depression from mild to moderate to severe depressions; it is also capable of alleviating the depressive symptoms that are connected to anxiety. It prevents the stress associated structures and cellular changes in the human brain and normalizes it. This substance may not only for antidepressant activity but can also be used for anxiolytic effects in those depressed patients.


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