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History & Background of YK11

Just like virtually all other SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators), YK11 is well-known for its muscle growing effects without all those nasty side effects you'd come to expect from anabolic steroid usage. That's among the top reasons people are starting to use SARMs on such a large scale. It's a matter of revolution in the industry, a revolution that's probably going to shape up a generation of extreme bodybuilders without the constant worry of steroidal side effects.


But YK11 is in no way your typical SARM. Nope – this thing can produce the effect of myostatin while at the same time posing as a potent SARM. It the initial YK11 study, it was confirmed that it's indeed a SARM…. but not certain strains of experts are considering it actually to be a Myostatin Inhibitor.

For those of you wanting to know how exactly does this ingredient work, please refer to the following paragraph:


How does this ingredient work?

It already feels like we are repeating ourselves as far as how each SARM works. You see, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators all work in a very similar way – they selectively choose which androgen receptors to bind to produce specific effects. In the case of YK11, this is further improved its potency. You see, muscle cells exposed to 500 nanomoles of YK11 showed more anabolic factors than those exposed to 500 nanomoles of DHT. Moreover, YK11 promotes more follistatin than DHT, which is known for being a very potent myostatin inhibitor. All this draws to the conclusion that YK11 gives out effects that are on point with those provided by testosterone. [1]


What are the key benefits of YK11?

Even though all SARMs have similar effects in terms of the impact they provide, it's still important to note the key benefits of each one. Some of them are more powerful than the others, but it's safe to say YK11 falls somewhere in the middle. So, with those words, I'd like to guide you to the critical benefits of YK11:

Huge muscle gains

As far as muscle gains are concerned, YK11 does a great job not just because of its SARM-related effects. Yup – a great deal of its potency belongs to the fact that it can be considered a Myostatin inhibitor. Initial studies show good results as far as muscle gains are concerned, so it's a good start for anyone wanting to get some results.

Fast results

If you want fast and easily noticeable results, YK11 is your go-to SARM! This thing reacts fast and makes significant changes to your physique in less than three months. Keep in mind though – YK11 is relatively mild when compared to the likes of potent prohormones or anabolic steroids… but there's a huge upside that surely makes it a worthwhile investment.

No dangerous side effects

Of course, I am talking about the fact that YK11, just like virtually all other SARMs out there, doesn't have any significant side effects that can be a result of steroidal compounds. This means that YK11 is not damaging your liver, endangering your prostate, or giving you female characteristics such as enlarged breasts. This is a massive plus for SARMs, and it's the thing that makes them as accessible as they are today. [2]

Promotes fat loss too

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above, there's one more that will surely sound interesting to the majority of you reading this. As you can see from the title above, I am referring to fat loss. Yup, YK11 can keep your fat cells at bay while at the same time drastically increasing your lean muscle gains. Does it get any better than this?



Can YK11 cause any side effects?

Due to the fact YK11 selectively targets androgen receptors to activate, men do not have to worry about prostate enlargement and associated issues. Additionally, there are no addiction or dependency issues – you can stop taking YK11 at any time with little to no withdrawal effects. Furthermore, the only real side effect (although this term is trivial, you'll find out why in a moment) is hair growth. Of course, for people who want to grow their hair, this is a welcome side effect.


YK11 Recommended Dosage

When it comes to the recommended dosage, experts advise starting easy with just 2mg of the compound daily. However, to maintain the positive effects, they suggest slowly upping the dosage to 3, 4, and then finally 5mg per day.


YK11 Reviews – What are bodybuilders saying about this compound?

Now that we've gone through the majority of things regarding YK11, it is time to see how are people reacting to its effects… and potential side effects, So, without further ado let's see what's this SARM all about:

“YK11 is actually the first SARM I've ever tried and I have to say it positively surprised me. I went through a strict bulking process with minimal fat gatherings mainly thanks to YK11. On the other hand, my gains were pretty big so I'll definitely go on another cycle later this summer!”

“I'm a massive SARM fan and this might just be the best one I ever tried!”

“First I used S4 but it didn't really struck me with a lot of confidence. Then I tried YK11 and the chances are huge – big gains and no side effects so far… Loving it!!!”

Where to buy YK11?

The situation with YK11 purchasing is pretty much the same as with all other newer SARMs on the market. It's available through several online webshops, but the most popular one is undoubtedly SARMS4YOU. It's the place to go if you're after high-quality ingredients. Best of all, you can buy YK11 on SARMS4YOU in bulk at much lower prices.


Final thoughts on YK11

If we are to give a conclusion on YK11, there is no doubt it would be a positive one. I mean, don't get me wrong, but if an ingredient can effectively increase one's muscle gains. At the same time, produce the effects of a myostatin inhibitor without a single negative side effect of steroidal compounds, then it really must be good! So, for that, we must say that YK11 seems like a functional ingredient, and a worthy one considering its price tag sits comfortably on the middle ground between the low and high end of the market!





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