Intra Formance Review – Can 1st Phorm’s Intra Workout Spice Up Your Daily Sessions?

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Review Summary:

Are you looking for a powerful intra-workout supplement that will provide you with all that juice you need during your workouts? Well, you can consider yourself lucky because 1st Phorm has some great news for you - Intra Formance has finally been released and it brings quite the refreshment in their line of products. What exactly can it do? Find out more by reading this review.

If you are looking for that extra boost during your workouts, you're at the right place. Intra Formance is a brand new intra-workout supplement coming from 1st Phorm, and believe it or not, it has a lot to offer. 1st Phorm is a brand well known for its top quality products, and this one makes no difference. It will provide you with a lot of benefits during your workout routines, such as improved endurance, enhanced energy levels, better pumps and more.

Like its name suggests, it is an intra-workout supplement specially designed for those lacking energy during their workouts… With that being said, let's jump into it and see what it has to offer and how can it help you achieve your bodybuilding goals!

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What can this product do?

Intra-Formance will provide you with all the essential nutrients which will improve your performance and enhance endurance. This cutting-edge formula packed only with highest grade amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes. It will fuel your body, maximizing power output and creating a perfect environment for a top quality training. Specially chosen ingredients make it helpful for almost everyone, from fitness enthusiast to professional athletes trying to reach perfection. While providing your body with the energy needed for a good training performance, Intra-Formance will keep you safe from unwanted dehydration and cramps, which can ruin your workout beyond repair. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your daily training routines and perform at your peek each and every day, you can't go wrong with this one. This intra-workout has an immediate impact on your body, providing a significant amount of energy necessary for that extra few reps, ultimately helping you achieve the best results possible.

What is inside of this product?

Intra Formance by 1st Phorm is packed only with the top quality ingredients, allowing it to satisfy everyone's needs. Let's check out some of the key ones and see what makes them so special.

Intra Formance Supplement Facts

Electrolyte Blend

The most important part Intra Formance related to muscle hydration and contraction. Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium are the focal points of the blend making sure it plays its role efficiently. Even though the label only states the overall dosage for the entire blend (1700mg) which seems a bit underdosed when we look at the number of ingredients inside, we are still pretty sure that 1st Phorm did a good job with mixing the doses up, allowing you to take full advantage of their new supplement.


Essential branched-chain amino acid, more commonly referred to as BCAAs. It has a big role in support of the immune system, protecting your body from all the stress it absorbs during the workouts. It will also prevent lean muscle mass loss and increase your energy levels.


Glutamine is a well-known amino acid which naturally occurs in our bodies. It has a lot of positive effects on the body such as increasing growth hormone, promoting protein synthesis and helping with hydration. Just like L-Leucine, it will improve the immune system and recovery, making it extremely important in taking good care of your body.

Are there any side effects caused by Intra Formance?

There aren't any real side effects related to this product and this is one of the key factors it is suitable for anyone. Just like with almost any other supplement you could experience some minor side effects such as dizziness or stomach pain due to overdosage.

What do other people think about this product?

“This is everything we could possibly have wanted in a hydration and endurance drink, that seriously tops anything we’ve seen on the market. Thank you guys for making NO compromises when it came to putting together the best quality ingredients and making sure the final product was EVERYTHING we wanted it to be.”

“Love this company , if they come out with a new product you can bet you will see my name on the order list. Thanks to hard work and dedication and a big push from 1st Phorm. I have lost 16 pounds in a weeks time . Amazing company, amazing staff. You guys will not be disappointed.”

“Gotta a sample I tried today, reminds me of Gatorade, only much better and a ton less sugar, plus more added benefits, but I mean really, nothing but the best when it comes to 1st Phorm.”

Final thoughts on this product

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Intra Formance is a top notch intra-workout supplement specially designed almost for anyone, ranging from fitness enthusiast to professional athletes. As you could see for yourself, it is packed with top quality amino acids, carbohydrates and electrolytes, all of which will improve your performance and enhance endurance. It also has some other benefits such as better hydration, improved energy levels and enhanced muscle recovery. Nevertheless, it is extremely safe for usage if taken properly and we recommend it to anyone wanting to improve their workout performance.

You can get your own bottle of Intra Formance for $44.99!



It is one of the most important parts of Electrolyte Blend, which can be a huge game changer if well dosed.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It has many benefits such as keeping the optimal amount of energy in the body and helping you performing at your peak during the workouts.

Clinical Research

There haven't been any clinical studies proving these amazing benefits of Sodium on the body.


It is a most common amino acid naturally occurring in our muscles and one of the key nitrogen transporter for the muscle cells.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

It has a variety of different benefits for your body. Glutamine will have a big role in growth hormone increase while at the same time taking good care of your immune system and muscle recovery.

Clinical Research

Amazing effects such as immune system improvement and cell proliferation have been scientifically proven. [1]


BCAA of huge importance for a high-quality diet. It is one of the most popular and most researched ingredients on the planet.

What Is It Supposed To Do?

L-Leucine has many positive effects such as the promotion of protein synthesis and increasing energy levels. It will also improve your immune system and protect the body from losing lean muscle mass.

Clinical Research

There have been clinical studies showing BCAAs impact on muscle growth and protein synthesis. [2]

Side Effects


It is a weak feeling in your body which can often lead to vertigo.

What Causes dizziness?

If you experience such a feeling it is most likely caused by Sodium from the Electrolyte Blend.

Stomach Pain

It is a term that describes pain in the belly area that can sometimes lead to vomiting.

What Causes stomach pain?

It is most likely caused by L-Leucine which is known to cause mild stomach pain for a short period of time.


How much does Intra Formance cost?

You can get a bottle of Intra Formance (25 servings) for $44.99 HERE.

Does it really work?

Considering Intra Formance is a supplement made by 1st Phorm, a top-flight company, there's really no point in asking if it works because it should be pretty clear – it does! 1st Phorm has come a long way since their early days, and there's no way they would let all their popularity go to waste just because of 1 bad supplement.

What's an intra-workout?

I am sure most (if not all) of you are well familiar with the concepts of pre workout and post workout supplements. Well, intra-workouts are basically the third type. While pre and post workouts are used before and after workouts, intra's are used during them, It's as simple as that!

User Tips

“Combine this with a powerful pre-workout and follow it up with a solid post workout and you'll get the ultimate supplementation for rock solid gains!…” – Jenny

“As its name suggests, Intra Formance is an intra-workout supplement meaning you should use it during your excercises…” – Jonas

“You gotta push yourself to the maximum while using these types of product. Just follow the good old bodybuilding motto – no pain no gain…” – Al

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