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  • Increased muscular endurance
  • No requirement of PCT

We all know what pro-hormones can do for us in terms of amplifying the effects of existing hormones in the body. After they were banned in 2014 (Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act), a wave of legal pro-hormones has appeared on the market. There are even some plant-based pro-hormones, and since they are completely derived from plants, they aren’t banned by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).

Today, we present you with a product called Laxacrine. It was manufactured by BPS and it’s not a typical product, being a topic muscle-building formula. This product promises to bring you a number of benefits. Let’s see which ones.

Laxacrine isn’t just another muscle building supplement.

Laxacrine Ingredients

Laxacrine is known as estrogen blocker. It helps reduce estrogen and, at the same time, it encourages an optimal muscle building and perfect environment for losing fat. When it comes to its ingredients, laxacrine has only one ingredient: 5a-hydroxy laxogenin.

5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin comes in 100 mg in the product. As we have mentioned at the beginning of this review this is a dermal product and it’s meant to be absorbed through the skin. Laxogenin is considered to be an anabolic agent that doesn’t interfere in hormonal homeostasis, and doesn’t lead to organ toxicity. The research has shown that laxogenin decreases recovery time, has positive effects on cortisol (stress hormone) and increases protein synthesis.

Here is the full product label:

Laxcarine Supplement Label
Laxcarine Supplement Label

Laxacrine Dosage

The serving size of Laxacrine is 1 ml. The recommended dose is 1 ml daily and it should be applied to areas with thinner skin such as neck, tops of the feet, forearms etc. The product has unpleasant smell at first, you will get used to it over time. The best thing to do, is to apply Laxacrine after taking a shower, when your skin pores are open. It takes a couple of minutes for the skin to absorb the liquid.

Laxacrine Side Effects

When it comes to the application of the product, some users reported that it is too oily, sticky and difficult to dry up. According to them, it is pretty inconvenient for use. So, there are some difficulties when it comes to application of the product, but what we are interested in is your health and what does it do for you. Few people reported skin irritation after applying the product, but it faded away in a couple of minutes.

In order to prevent oily clogged spots, the best thing to do is to keep changing different areas of application. A small number of people experienced headaches after applying the product, and general anxiety and unease.

Laxacrine Benefits

When it comes to effectiveness of this product, we have revised plenty of users’ testimonials and we share opinion with them that this is a pretty effective product. Laxacrine gives you an extra boost when it comes to the number of reps at the gym. You will also notice huge pumps. Those people who had problems with joints reported great improvement when it comes to mobility and flexibility of them and connective tissues.

During the first week of Laxacrine use, people noticed significant strength gains too. When it comes to weight, it stayed very consistent throughout the use of Laxacrine. The users state that despite minor side effects, this product is amazing for either cutting or bulking.

Laxacrine Reviews

“I was very pleased with how Laxacrine performed. Good gains, huge pumps, and no negative side effects. The delivery method of a dermal was a slight inconvenience compared to pills, but it takes a couple minutes and so I wasn’t too inconvenienced.”

“I would liken my experience with Laxacrine to a second puberty. More energy, more intensity, greater appetite, heightened libido. I even felt like my hair and nails grew more quickly. My wife actually remarked on one occasion that she felt my beard looked a lot thicker over a short amount of time. I felt much more primal, more hungry in every way, definitely a benefit from a lifting perspective.”

“BPS is a great company that added another great product to their supplement line. Transdermals have yet to let me down and definitely them over taking pills/tabs. Although I saw good results during the 30 days I do believe it could have been GREAT with another bottle or two on hand. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends and I’m sure to try out a few more bottles in time.”

Laxacrine Conclusion

Laxacrine, by BPS is for sure a very effective product that you should give a chance. This product will increase your endurance, recovery gym time, build your muscles, increase vascularity and provide help for your painful joints. What else could you ask from a single product? It can also be stacked with other pro-hormones to help you with advanced muscle building or fat-loss cycle.

What is your experience when it comes to Laxacrine? Any improvements or side effects? Please let us know!

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