LipoMorph Review: A Revolutionary Fat-Burning Formula?

Lipomorph by Antaeus Labs
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Review Summary:

If you are sick of stimulant based and common thermogenic fat burners, LipoMorph may be the product you were looking for. It offers extreme thermogenic effect that will see your brown and beige fat activated and white fat turned into brown, resulting in overall better optimization of body fat as energy source. This product has been discontinued.

You are starting your slimming diet and you’re looking for a perfect fat burner? You may have just found one! Amadeus Labs’ have recently introduced an all-round fat burner activating and transforming the fat cells, aiming to destroy and annihilate them.

LipoMorph transforms the white cells into active brown fat cells regulating their use for energy. The product claims advanced thermogenic effects that will have you shedding fat and getting leaner by the hour, but we set out to find out if all these claims hold true in real life. Keep reading and find out what we came up with.

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What Does It Do?

LipoMorph promises the following effects:

  • A new approach to fat burning
  • Speed up the metabolism
  • Works with 3 main forms of fat regulating their use for energy

What’s In It?

LipoMorph applies a revolutionary approach to fat burning, approaching different kinds of fat differently and helping solve the overall issue of fat buildups. The product does not use any stimulants and is safe for stacking with other such products. The main ingredients in LipoMorph are Baiba and Fucoxantin.

Baiba: Baiba (Beta-aminoisobutyric Acid Monohydrate) is a naturally occurring amino acid whose levels normally increase drastically by endurance training. The compound affects the liver cells and fat cells and helps your organism use them as energy.

Fucoxantin: A naturally occurring xanthophyll which can normally be found in algae and seaweed, the compound is known to turn white fat into brown and significantly increase the metabolic rate making you hot, sweaty and eventually more lean.

Other ingredients include llex Kudungcha Extract, L-Menthol, Stearoyl Vanillylamide, Vitamin A (retinol), Hypromellose, Microscrystalline cellulose, and Silicon Dioxide.

Here is the complete supplement label by Antaeus Labs listing all the ingredients and dosing:

LipoMorph Supplement Facts

LipoMorph Supplement Facts

Does It Work?

As said, LipoMorph is a revolutionary fat burner and it targets both white and brown fat, by browning the white and activating the beige and brown fat. While brown and beige fat need only activation, white fat is often result of excess calories stored and as such it needs browning.

Brown and beige fat mainly produce heat, and beige fat has the ability to burn large amounts of calories. Most users report heat waves through their bodies, which is directly connected with the process of activation of brown and beige fat.

LipoMorph is purely a thermogenic with no stimulant effects at all, but the thermogenic effects of it are extremely potent.  The heat buildups caused by using LipoMorph have been reported to make quite a few users uncomfortable, but in a good way if the aim is to lose fat.

There don't appear to be any real side effects with LipoMorph, but many users report burping and feeling a slight mentol scent in their mouth some 10 – 15 minutes after using the product, which is of course not a drastic side effect or one that needs any real consideration.

How do I take it?

LipoMorph is taken as a dietary supplement with food, in servings of one to two capsules twice a day. It’s suggested to take one capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon or double that and never exceed the four capsules a day maximum.

You should be careful with taking LipoMorph along with any prescribed medication or if you are suffering from any type of a medical issue or situation. Consult your doctor in such cases to make sure it is safe to use LipoMorph.


Damn this stuff is good. My diet hasn't really been on point and about 4 weeks into the run at 3 caps a day (I weigh around 190), I can see my top two abs (which I haven't seen in awhile). It's sort of sad that my diet hasn't been on point, but this stuff definitely works. I still have around 8 weeks left to go….

I stack this with a stim fat burner on workout days. The combo works well. Towards the end of month one i had more noticeable results. It’s easy to take and I just add it to the other vitamins and pills I take daily.

Final Verdict

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#1 Rated Weight Loss Supplement

Click here to learn more about the #1 rated product on Suppreviewers with all 5 out of 5 star reviews

LipoMorph is a great burner that uses a new method of thermogenic fat burning. It actually activates the brown and beige fat and simply turns the white fat into brown, overall optimizing the use of body fat. The product increases the body temperature significantly, making a person sweat and expel the body fat while also using more of it as energy to be used for daily activities.

LipoMorph also uses absolutely no stimulants, which is always great to hear as you are probably sick and tired of using super powerful stimulants that keep you jittery and edgy throughout the day only to prove ineffective as fat burners at the end of the day. After examining LipoMorph carefully, we must say that we absolutely recommend the product for its thermogenic effects and hope you give it a shot.

Have you tried LipoMorph? Let us know if you enjoyed it and if it helped you taking off the extra fat – we’d love to hear your feedback!

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