With the world of supplements getting more and more competitive these days, the race to developing newer, safer and very effective products have currently become the norm. And unless a certain supplement flaunts these key attributes, chances are it won’t be able to build the following it needs to stay afloat in the business.

One of the newest cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements that you can get your hands on is Addium. Besides claiming to help boost brain power more efficiently compared to its counterparts, it also asserts that it can increase energy levels as well as perk up focus and concentration in the process.

We will give Addium an in-depth look shortly to see if it can really get the job done.

What is Addium?

At its simplest, Addium is a cerebral enhancement complex supplement that is primarily formulated to improve brain function. Besides helping take alertness, concentration and focus levels up a notch, it can also promote an increase in energy and stamina.

Addium also points out that compared to its counterparts, the boosts in stamina and energy levels that it can set off won’t lead to crashes, jitters and sluggishness.

Addium Ingredients

Here is a quick rundown of the key ingredients that were used to put Addium together:

Huperzine A – protects acetylcholine, a type of neurotransmitter, from breaking down and disrupting the sending and receiving of information from the brain to the other parts of the body

Vinpocetine – stimulates an increase in ATP production to keep energy and stamina levels to stay ideal for as long as possible

Alpha GPC and GABA – helps maintain the optimum function of the neurotransmitters in the brain so you won’t find it tricky to stay focused and alert

Bacopa Monnieri – initial tests show that it can potentially assist in improving cognitive function by enhancing cerebral brain flow

Tyrosine – promotes the creation and development of new neurotransmitters in a regular basis to help you stay as sharp as you can

Caffeine – stimulates you to become more alert

Please take note though that Addium doesn’t display how much of each ingredient is used to manufacture each pill in the label.

Benefits of Addium

  • Boosts brain power
  • Enhances your ability to think, focus and concentrate
  • Helps improve stamina and energy levels
  • Optimizes the body’s circulation

Addium Side Effects

Based on the information that I’ve gathered while researching for this review, Addium can trigger a temporary boost in blood pressure, slight tremors and a fleeting feeling of anxiety due to its caffeine content. No other side effects have been reported by the people who have already tried using this product.

These side effects go away as soon as you develop a tolerance to caffeine though, which can take two to three days the most.

Addium Dosage

Take one or two pills of Addium once a day. Your dose may depend on how much energy boost you’d like to have as well as your tolerance to caffeine.

Addium Reviews

Let’s take a look at what people who have already tried using Addium are saying about it:

“Pretty impressive pill. Had a coworker at work suggest I give Addium a try once they heard me complaining about feeling too tired throughout my work day. I take one a day, and it does get me through my work day. Pretty nice price for its value. I recommend it.”

“If anyone is looking for an energy boost for the whole day, dump your coffee and give Addium a try. It worked for my wife and I.”

“This product helped me a lot during hard time where I couldn't concentrate to do my job, but after taking those pills I started feeling my brain was changing in a good way. I had more energy and could be more focus on my task easily.”

“Great pills to get your day going! I have the energy I need to get through a day. I’ve been in a much better mood than before and I’m also focused at work or home with my family. They are easy to swallow as well. Highly recommended!”

“Works like magic! I was concerned that this would be just a placebo product, but it's far from that. It's literally a gift in a bottle.”

Addium Conclusion

Apart from flaunting safe and proven ingredients that actually help take brain power to a whole new level, I am also quite impressed with the positive feedback that Addium has managed to gather from its users. It can really pull off the stuff that it claims to do, which is the biggest reason why I think this is one of the best cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements that I've ever checked out.

Moreover, Addium is a universal product that can be used by everyone who needs to perk up their brain power. Whether you're a fitness buff looking to have more focus during training or perhaps a student aiming for straight A's on your next exam, this is one supplement that you should have in your checklist.

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