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Most people nowadays are very familiar with protein powders, and the main reason for that is their efficiency and great nutritional value. Most of the athletes use it and it is capable of pushing your body to its limits without too much risk. We got our hands on one specific product called Military Whey, so we checked it out and want to give you all the necessary information to decide is this one for you.

Protein is a great fuel for anyone working out and it should help you lose fat, increase size, enhance strength and preserve muscle. It is quite a list, and that is why whey is so popular and getting all that positive feedback.

When doing a protein review there are few things we always keep an eye on since that are categories every protein user should research a bit before purchase. Our mission is to put all that in one spot so you can easily see what passes your criterion and what doesn’t. Categories I am talking about are: additional ingredients, the ability to mix well, taste, and the effect certain type of protein can leave on your body.

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The best way to get the most out of our exercise is to combine a decent diet and to have a good and back up supplementation plan. Amino acids caused all the craze today because they actually work in delivering the perfect body sooner, for many individuals, professional trainers and trainees. Though it is an interesting thing that amino acids have reached the peak of their popularity just recently making a whole new market branch of amino acid supplements in the general supplementation market.

Do we need them? Absolutely! That is why we are taking a look at a product that has locked and loaded with all the useful amino acids you can find! They even have the word Ammo in its name so let us see if we can get loaded in muscle with the help of this supplement.


It’s a fact of life for some men that growing older can lead to low testosterone, also called hypogonadism. This hormone is essential to the development of male growth and masculine characteristics. Testosterone boosters aimed at relieving the symptoms that some men experiencing during menopause.

Men who have been detected with low testosterone and are experiencing symptoms such as low libido fatigue, muscle loss, and sleep problem may consider taking testosterone booster to help improve these symptoms. Take a further look into this Tesdex review— it might be the right product to treat your low testosterone level.

If you are interested in boosting your testosterone levels read this supplement review and take a deep understanding of the ingredients, possible side effects, and customer’s reviews. Because it’s natural to have a low-T as you age, some symptoms such as increased body fat or erectile dysfunction may be a sign of other conditions.

What Is Testdex?

Testdex has a unique combination of natural ingredients to boost testosterone (by up to 347%) while at the same time lowering estrogen (by up to 35%). The result is increased lean mass, dramatic muscle hardness, gains in strength and power, elevated libido and sexual performance.


We recently came across this product called GP3 EVO which is claimed to be one of the top pre-workout products on the market. Essentially the product is supposed to help your muscle growth, boost muscular strength, burn fat easier, prevent fatigue, speed up the recovery process, improve anaerobic and aerobic endurance. Because GP3 EVO claims to help for all these things, we are going to take a closer look at it and see if it is worth spending your money or is this product just one of many on the market that claim to give you fast results but in the end it just keeps you more energized so you can work out as you were before. Now let’s begin with the review so we can see what are the ingredients that this product is made of, and which side effects does this product have that can cause you problems while consuming it.