Several thermogenic supplements were flagging the market and attracted the attentions of many consumers but, were doubted by those figure and health enthusiasts. Questions remained unclear as to which one actually is better.

Are you a Bodybuilder? A Health & Fitness enthusiast? Or that neighborhood’s desperate “biggest loser”?

Positive claims were aired recently about a certain thermogenic supplement that burned their fats like hell! It is the controversial Yellow Demons by Anabolic Science Labs which claims to boost metabolism and increase double in fat burning with its natural and biosynthetic ingredients.

Is ASL Yellow Demons remarkably effective? The answers will shock you.

This article review will uncover the truth about this fiery ‘demon’: its pros and cons. Also, its adverse effects, benefits, ingredients, as well as customer reviews.


Creatine is well known to be among the most popular supplements bodybuilders take to increase their strength and give themselves an edge at the gym. But Creatine is not one particular substance, rather a group of substances and most bodybuilders have tried several different Creatines during their careers.

Creafreak Black by Anabolic Science Labs is a strong Creatine product mixing three popular types of Creatine to create a complete strength enhancing formula. This makes Creafreak Black somewhat unique in the supplement market and a powerful aid in building up your physique.