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Many of the people claims made for bone broth are rooted in its unique protein composition. The problem is that your body doesn’t absorb proteins intact. The digestive system breaks proteins down into their individual building blocks, called amino acids which are then absorbed in the body. Take a look at this Bone Broth Protein review, learn about a breakthrough in your protein supplementation that might deliver the benefits of bone broth in your high-performance lifestyle.

The rich of that protein comes from the collagen found in the bones and connective tissue, a protein that transforms into gelatine as it cooks. Since collagen plays an essential structural role in our own joints, skin, and hair follicles, drinking gelatinous broth will help to strengthen these parts of the body.

Homemade stock is also acclaimed as a rich source of minerals, which are filtered from the bones during cooking. While the mineral content will vary depending on the amount and types of bones and vegetables used as the base.

Bone Broth is a high-volume food that makes you feel full quickly but provides minimal calories and only a modest amount of protein, so it may not be the best choice under these conditions at least in large quantities or as a substitute for other foods.