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The intensity of your training program plays a very important role when building the body that you’ve always wanted is concerned. Sure you may be utterly committed to achieving your ideal physique and have a surefire diet plan to boot, but if your workout routine isn’t going to cut it then you’ll have a difficult time pulling the whole thing off.

One way of really making the most out of your training is finding a way to hold back the onset of muscular fatigue while you’re hitting the gym, which IntraXcell claims it’s designed to do. How about we give this product a comprehensive once over shortly to find out if this one should be in your bodybuilding arsenal?

Produced by Athletic Edge Nutrition, IntraXcell is basically formulated to keep your muscles functioning in top form even during the most challenging workout routine. It does this by preventing an unwanted surge of hydrogen ions (H+) that increase the pH levels of the muscles and making them more acidic.

When the acidity of the muscles go up, it causes a number of effects that can easily derail your training even before you’ve really got started with your workout. Besides triggering a rather early onset of fatigue, this also sets off a significant loss in strength and endurance.

And just to make things even worse, having constant bouts of skyrocketing hydrogen ions (H+) in the body prevent muscles from ideally growing and developing like you want them to no matter how hard you try. You are also prone to accumulating amounts of free radicals while at it.