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There are a ton of pre-workout products out there that are basically big bags of stimulants mixed into one product. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with that, Axis Labs believes their products are different and they introduced their Sma5h Compound 5 as a mix of stimulants for your mind, muscle stims and joint support agents to try and make a full pre-workout formula that needs no additional help.

Axis Labs claim all their ingredients to be proven and their formulas scientifically tested to make sure that the product delivers on its promises and pushes you to the edge in your quest for the perfect physique. The product is designed to target five different factors of your athletic potential, thus the name Sma5h Compound 5.


Pre-workout products that contain Nitric Oxide precursors have long been a part of many professional bodybuilders’ daily supplement mixes. One major problem of such products was the fact that due to a limited amount of Nitric Oxide Synthase in our bodies it was nearly impossible to make full use of these Nitric Oxide precursors.

This is where Axis Labs decided they could do some research and possible make a product that makes a lot more Nitric Oxide actually available to your body and this is how Hemodraulix came to be.

Hemodraulix is a pre-workout formula based on Arginine, advertising pumps, power and strength. Like most pre-workouts it emphasizes the pumps in your muscles but according to numerous testimonials this particular product actually does miracles in that area.


Taking your body to the next level requires a lot of dedication and hard work. However, if you’re anything like most bodybuilders, you probably also know that it involves boosting your testosterone levels up a notch to maximize the anabolic benefits that you’re going to reap in your training.

One T-booster that asserts it’s going to help you get the job done is Myodex from Axis Labs. Why don’t we give this one a closer look to see how it holds up?

in BCAAs

The energy levels you’ve got before taking on your workout routine can easily make or break your chances of achieving the goals in your bodybuilding checklist. Not having enough will only make you do poorly when you hit the gym, which will just lead to less than ideal results even if you’ve got the best training program in your arsenal.

This is the biggest reason why you need to get your hands on a reliable pre-workout to fire you up. And N’Gage claims that it should be on your shortlist of supplements if you’re looking to really take your workouts to a whole new level.

We will give this pre-workout supplement a more comprehensive look in a bit to see if this one is worth giving a shot when sculpting your ideal physique is concerned.