Cycle Support and PCT

Deprogen ARS

Keeping your body’s estrogen in check after cycling with prohormones and anabolic steroids is a must to prevent nasty side effects from happening sooner or later. Apart from putting yourself at risk to a number of health issues like hypertension and developing bitch tits, there is also a very big chance that you’re going to lose a significant amount of the gains that you’ve worked really hard for.

One way of controlling estrogen levels in your body after a cycle is using a potent aromatase inhibitor that can regulate the production and release of these hormones. Deprogen ARS is a product that’s touted to pull off just that and we will see if it does really work by subjecting it to an in-depth review in a bit.

What is Deprogen ARS?

Produced by Betancourt Nutrition, Deprogen ARS basically decreases your body’s ability to churn out and store estrogen hormones. It does this by stimulating the system to raise its production of testosterone by staving off the activity of aromatase enzymes, which doesn’t just promote a surge in estrogen levels, but also trap the molecules that are the building blocks of this male hormone.

This doesn’t just result in the normalization of testosterone in your body that became disrupted during your cycle with anabolic steroids and prohomones, but also keep the nasty side effects that too much estrogen can set off at bay.

Deprogen ARS Ingredients

Here’s a quick look at some of the key ingredients used to put Deprogen ARS together:

7-Methoxyflavone is a natural aromatase inhibitor that has been seen to significantly reduce estrogen hormone production in the body when consistently taken. Aside from having a strong resistance to hepatic breakdown, 7-Methoxyflavone also has superior bioavailability.

Clinical studies show that Diindolylmethane (DIM) not only helps stave off the risk of developing thyroid proliferative disease (TPD), but also has the ability to modulate estrogen metabolism.

The results of the study that the National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted reveal that Indole 3 Carbinol can prevent dramatic changes in estrogen levels in the system. It’s also quite loaded with Diindolylmethane (DIM) for an added kick.

Boron Citrate is a staple in most sports supplements for its ability to assist in boosting overall physical performance and endurance as well as in the building of muscles. Some studies show that this may be due to its knack of spiking testosterone levels when used in a regular basis.

Deprogen ARS Benefits

  • Staves off surges in estrogen levels
  • A potent aromatase inhibitor
  • Stimulates the increased production of testosterone
  • Boosts muscle development
  • Reduces water retention

Deprogen ARS Dosage

Take one (1) capsule of Deprogen ARS in the morning, followed by another capsule before bedtime.

  • Do not exceed more than two (2) Deprogen ARS capsules in a 24-hour period.
  • Do not take Deprogen ARS for longer than 4 to 6 weeks without cycling off for at least 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Recommended only for healthy male adults more than 18 years of age.
  • Not advised for usage among men who have or are highly prone to cholesterol problems, prostate issues and cardiovascular disease.

Deprogen ARS Side Effects

While researching for this review, I learned that users who have already tried taking Deprogen ARS did not experience any major side effects while on the product save for fleeting bouts of palpitations while your body is getting used to it.

Deprogen ARS Reviews

Now here are a few testimonials from people who have already tried using Deprogen ARS:

“This product seemed to control excess water and made me tighter. The cost is reasonable and I would buy it again.”

“This is my favorite estrogen “reducer”. Helps keep those pesky hormones under control. Also helps to reduce water weight for a nice shredded look.”

“Strength went up on all my lifts within weeks and zero sides.”

“This product is solid, I'll give it that. I'd take one in the morning and another one right before bed. Within two weeks I noticed a great amount of vascularity and less water retention.”

“This product has worked wonders on keeping my hormones in check. I would recommend this to anyone.”

Deprogen ARS Conclusion

A solid lineup of ingredients that have been proven to work in terms of increasing testosterone production? Check. Positive user testimonials? Check. No to very minor side effects? Check. I think Deprogen ARS has got the right stuff to really help you keep estrogen in check and achieve the bodybuilding goals you’ve set. If you’re up for a PCT anytime and zeroing in on a product to help you do it smoothly, you should definitely check this one out.

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Muscle Builders


Testofen (a fenugreek extract that is standardized for Fenuside) is associated with boosting vigor and vitality in males as well as promoting a maintenance in muscle mass. Test-HP features ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea which is considered an ‘adaptogen’ for aiding your body’s ability to cope with stress and related stress hormones (like cortisol). Ingredients in Test-HP have also been associated with healthy estrogen levels as well. Estrogen is typically associated with poor performance and excess body fat.

Test-HP works through multiple pathways to aid in the maintenance of testosterone levels and muscle mass using ingredients that have vitality increasing, anti-catabolic and stress hormone health properties. Let’s see how this product works and figure if it has a positive product review, customer feedbacks and of course the side effects. Let’s find out how good and effective the ingredients are as well.

What is Test-HP?                    

Optimally, the product should be integrated into your diet using the recommended amounts wherever you are in your workout regimen. The intended effect adds strength and stamina to those pushing themselves to enhance their form. The end results, if you maintain a sophisticated workout schedule is an enhanced capability to build muscle mass without adding fat.

Test-HP is a product that was developed in order to allow bodybuilders to add mass without having to worry about effects that might diminish from the gains that they are making. Although the market for testosterone boosters is crowded, Betancourt has managed to stand out by using proprietary ingredients that are optimized to allow those working out to both maintain testosterone and muscles levels and to avoid the types of problems that can occur when you are exposing your body to stress during a rapid buildup cycle.

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Test-HP Ingredients

The primary ingredient in focus in the Betancourt Test HP formula is Testofen. This is a proprietary form of Fenugreek, and it’s been clinically shown to:

  • Promote anabolic activity.
  • Increase free testosterone.
  • Support creatine uptake within muscle cells.
  • Reduce body fat.
  • Maintain lean muscle.
  • Promote energy and vitality.

Additional ingredients include:

Vitamins D, B6, and B12 (all known to support proper hormone balance) Stinging Nettle Root which reduces Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) to increase free testosterone levels. Phosphatadylserine which may reduce exercise related stress levels.

7 – Methoxyflavone, an aromatase inhibitor which blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Instructions are to take 3 Betancourt Test HP capsules a day with or without food.

It’s recommended that you get enough healthy fats in your diet to get the best results.

Side effects of Test-HP

In rare cases, both stinging nettle and fenugreek can cause an upset stomach, although as far as we can tell, there are no side effects that have been reported as a result of taking Test-HP.

Test-HP Reviews

“Fast delivery and very competitive price!”

“I Like this a lot better then MusclePharms Test booster. After 4 weeks (1 bottle) of use, my mood has improved significantly and so have my energy levels. I started noticing the effects on the 3rd week. Love the extra energy and sense of wellbeing that I attribute to this product. Starting to get some slight acne too which tells me it is working the way it should. Solid product Betancourt Nutrition!”

“One of the best T boost products with estrogen blockers.”

Test-HP Conclusion

There’s a lot to like about Test-HP. Strong amounts of Vitamin D, fenugreek and Vitamin B6, not to mention a reasonable price make for the beginnings of a great booster, but a couple of missing ingredients and questions mark over the proprietary blend, means it doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights.

Testofen is a powerful, clinically proven testosterone booster. However, it may not have much support from Betancourt Nutrition Test HP’s other ingredients.

Stinging nettle root and 7-methoxyflavone inhibit SHBG and suppress aromatase, and rhodiola rosea extract and SerinAid phosphatidylserine reduce stress and improve brain function. But, these ingredients won’t be effective unless effective dosages are used. Thanks to the proprietary blend, individual dosages are hidden.

Test-HP may not get our full nod but it is worth to try. If you want to build up your muscle mass in a safe and efficient way, this muscle builder may be the answer to your workout needs.

Buy Test-HP Online

Test-HP is available from any online website that sells workout supplements. It has 30 capsules per container at a price of $45.32. But make sure to have this product at an official website to avoid scam.



Bodybuilding is much more than a hobby or a pastime; it is a lifestyle. When you have already reached your weight loss goal, the next thing that most people do is to improve the muscle tone of their body, which is amplified for consumers that weight-train.

Even though your entire workout routine may be effective, the food you eat will play as large of a role in the outcome of your efforts.

Since you don’t want to overload your body with the wrong nutrients, you can use a supplement to support your body’s needs during your workout. That’s where AndroRush comes in.

What is Androrush?

AndroRush is a supplement that should be taken to enhance your workout, improving your overall performance. This supplement should be taken daily to gain all the benefits it promises. This formula is meant to be taken for your workout, rather than after, to give your muscles nourishment and make it easier to lose weight.

Let’s see what’s really going on with Androrush. We’ve looked at customer reviews, side effects, testimonials, and got nerdy with some of the science behind it.

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AndroRush Ingredients

Every supplement contains a certain blend of ingredients to get the desired response, and this blend involves a variety of different vitamins and plant extracts to help.

Side effects of Androrush

Androrush supplement has no known side effects when administered correctly. But it would still be best to consult an expert before taking this.

AndroRush Reviews

“I am a 26-year-old fireman from Ohio. I have been into working out for a while now. I really enjoy trying and using various supplements!”

“Some days when I don’t feel like going but know I should, drinking a serving of this stuff seems to do the trick and makes me crave a solid workout. For that, it is worth it for me,” 

”I just didn’t feel anything at all when I used this”

Androrush may be new in the market and with more reviews from its users, we can then discuss its efficacy. So far, this workout supplement looks promising.

AndroRush Conclusion

AndroRush is not your typical supplement. The reason that you probably will take it is to improve your ability to build muscle, but the ingredients inside this blend have a way of supporting your testosterone levels, your brain, and even more. If you want to do the healthiest thing for your body as you workout and increase your muscle tone, AndroRush is the easiest way to make it happen.

Buy AndroRush Online

Androrush is not expensive. The product is not available in stores; however, it can be bought from Amazon, GNC or Walmart. The supplement costs $39.99.I would recommend purchasing the product of this kind from an accredited website only.

Vitamins and Antioxidants


While most bodybuilders and people who visit the gym on a regular basis tend to plan their diets to include sufficient amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats, it is the micronutrients that very often get completely or partially neglected. Sure, we eat a salad with our lunch and a fruit here and there, but there is so much our body needs in terms of micronutrients that it would actually be difficult to create a diet that gives us everything we need.

This is why multivitamins exist to supply our body with the necessary inflow of vitamins and minerals that are needed by our body in order to function to the best of our abilities. Fulldose MNT is a powerful multivitamin formula that supplies our body with sufficient daily dosages of various micronutrients that we normally get less than enough.

Fulldose MNT Ingredients

Since this formula does not necessarily serve any one purpose in particular, the manufacturers at Betancourt Nutrition decided to fill it up with all sorts of beneficial nutrients. The best part about Fulldose MNT is that it contains a large part of our daily needs in many different nutrients and more than the daily needs for most of the nutrients present.

Taking one serving of two tablets per day will for instance give you 200% of your RDI for Vitamin A, 500% for Vitamin C and 100% for Iodine. The list goes on and on and you can see the full label with all the ingredients and the % of the daily dose this product will fill for each of these compounds.

Here is the full supplement label with all the ingredients:

Fulldose MNT Benefits

There is really not much to say about a multivitamin’s effectiveness past the label. If the product contains significant amounts of important nutrients as Fulldose MNT most certainly does, then there is 0% chance it will not do its magic. Fulldose MNT is good for pretty much every single aspect of your overall health, from cardiovascular to dermal health and sexual drive, the nutrients in Fulldose MNT will cover all the bases and make you feel better than you ever have in your life. The product provides powerful antioxidants to keep your body clean of toxins, full spectrum of the Vitamin B nutrients for good metabolic function and ingredients like Calcium to make your bones strong and healthy.

Fulldose MNT Dosage

A tub of this multivitamin contains 60 tablets and two of them are to be ingested daily, in the mornings with your breakfast for best results. This will give you a monthly supply of nutrients per tub.

Fulldose MNT Reviews

Here is what people have to say about Fulldose MNT:

“A great multivitamin, has all the things you expect from a multi and from my past experience with others multivitamins, this don't cause you to piss strange colors! Think that may be from a better abortion of the nutrients than the others I tried.”

“I recently finished this product and must say I was pleasantly pleased. I didn't feel anything overwhelming, but as a Multi-Vitamin. I feel that it is what it's advertised. I felt good on it and was provided the key ingredients desired. Yes I would recommend this product especially for the price.”

“I'm very happy with product… I noticed my face was looking very tired and loosing elasticity. I started taking Full dose and almost immediately noticed the difference. At least before the first bottle was empty.”

Fulldose MNT Conclusion

As the product’s manufacturers advertise, you can’t grow without micronutrients and a truer statement could not be made No matter how much protein and carbs you take in and how much you work out, you will really need those tiny little amounts of micronutrients to keep the juices in your body flowing and all your systems at an optimum level. Fulldose MNT is a very complete and strong multivitamin formula and coming at the price of just $10.95 it is a complete steal for a monthly supply of such a potent multivitamin.

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Energy and Endurance


D-Stunner Benefits

D-stunner is a relatively new pre-workout supplement that aims to increase the overall muscle strength of the user, mental focus as well as blood flow. Basically, this supplement offers the ideal environment for pre-workouts which will help you increase your muscle mass and lose that pesky body fat.

D-Stunner Ingredients and Dosage

Serving Size: 1 Scoop ( 9.3 Grams )
Servings Per Container: 28

Amount Per Serving:

Calories – 10
Calories From Fat – 0
Carbohydrates – 1g
Sugars – 1g
Vitamin B12 – 150mg

D-Stunner Performance Blend – 7,153mg
Performance Blend:
Citric Acid, Beta-Alanine (As CarnoSyn®), Creatine Monohydrate, Malic Acid, Glycerol Monostearate, GlycoCarn® (Glycine Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCl), Quercetin (Sophora Japonica) (Flower).
CNS (Central Nervous System):
B-Phenylethylamine HCl, 3,7-Dimethylpurine-2,6-Dione (Theobromine 99%), Caffeine, N-Methyltyramine HCl, REV-PEA (R-B-Phenylethylamine HCl, N-Methyl-B-Phenylethylamine HCl, B-Methyl-Phenylethylamine).

As most other pre-workout supplements, D-stunner also has both pros and cons to its name. If you are thinking about buying this product it might be a good idea to carefully read through this section.

Now that you have seen all the positives, it is time to check out the negative aspects of this product as well.

Exact amount of caffeine is not listed on the product
Poor mixability in some cases

We highly recommend you stack D-Stunner with a decent Whey Protein after your workouts. This will feed your muscles with energy and help you get those lean muscles.

D-Stunner Side Effects

No, you shouldn't! D-Stunner is a pre-workout supplement that gives excellent pumps and energy level and has no side effects. That means no stomach issues, no crashes, just a strong, constant flow of energy! Even though it has no side effects, make sure you are dosing it appropriately, just to be safe.

D-Stunner Reviews

There are tons of, mostly positive, reviews regarding Betancourt's D-Stunner. Let's check out some of them:

“I have used this product for over 6 weeks now and I have to say that I am I love withow it. I have had serious gains due to this product and could honestly stay in the gym all day. I can say however that I have NEVER had any sto Mach issues while taking it. No jitters, face tingle or sweaty palms. Taste could be improved upon but I will sacrifice taste for gains anyway. Stay motivated.”

“I have consumed lots of different pre workouts, def not easy to find a good one after craze, old one m r and jack3d was banned. However this is the next best thing. I know supplements effect people differently however if you want a great workout this will do the trick. If i was rating taste it would be a zero. This stuff is beyond gross, but just chase it with water and you are all set. My stomach is quite solid. However my advice is have a bathroom near by. Be prepared for EXPLOSIONS! :)”

“This is the highlight of the product for me. The main reason most of us take a PWO is for the energy boost it gives us during your workout sesh. So I took the sample packet this morning and did some cardio before hitting the weights. As for me it took 20 mins and I could start to feel it kicking in. At first I wasn't feeling anything really happening then it started. I could the energy start to flow throughout my body. It wasn't a hard hit of energy when it did start it was more of a slow pace kind of energy flow. Then it was like you can feel the intenseness of the energy from this product. The energy I got from this product was some nice clean jitter free energy without any dreaded crashing.”

D-Stunner Conclusion

If you are looking for a PWO that will give you crazy amounts of energy to endure even through the most punishing workout, then D-Stunner is the right choice for you. It creates an amazing environment for long, intensive training sessions, which will surely help you achieve serious lean muscle gains.

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