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BoomBoom Inhaler

Non-smokers have always had issues sitting in a room filled with smokers. Cigarette smoke is incredibly uncomfortable and downright suffocating, so it’s no surprise that non-smokers get upset over a situation like that.

Unfortunately, there haven’t really been any solutions to this problem except either smokers not smoking or non-smokers leaving the room that’s being smoked in. This caused further issues such as segregation between friends. The truth is, neither of these solutions is good or long-term.

And it’s not just down to cigarette smoke. If you ever went to a music festival, you know how dust can rise up in the air due to all the jumping and partying. This dust can then enter your nose and irritate you to no end.

But, some time ago, someone came up with an interesting yet effective solution called the BoomBoom Inhaler. The BoomBoom Inhaler is supposed to refresh your nose and reawaken your senses whilst also giving the user a boost of energy. It’s an ingenious little inhaler which uses completely natural ingredients for its purpose. And what are these ingredients? Let’s find out!

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BoomBoom Inhaler Ingredients

Considering the method with which you use this product (putting it in your nose and inhaling what’s inside), it’s only logical that there’d be 100% natural ingredients. Anything other than natural could potentially hurt the soft skin tissue in your nose. So, what ingredients are we talking about here?

Peppermint Oil

Beginning the trend of essential oils found in this product is peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is one of the most flexible essential oils in the world. Its main uses are energy boosting, giving the user a better mental focus, relieving stomach aches and headaches. It is found in almost all spheres of life and has many uses outside of the ones applicable to humans.

Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus is well-known as koalas eat the leaves of eucalyptus trees, but how good is it for us people? Well, it’s unique in the sense that it stimulates better immunity and respiratory circulation. Additionally, eucalyptus oil has some antioxidant properties.

Spearmint Oil

Spearmint oil is the vitamin-bringer in the BoomBoom Inhaler. Throughout thousands of years, spearmint oil has been used to treat symptoms such as indigestion, gas, nausea, toothache, headaches, sore throat, and cramps. Spearmint itself contains plenty of antioxidants, nutrients, and vitamins, hence the need to include it in this essential oil concoction.


Menthol gives the BoomBoom Inhaler its refreshing side. Menthol is also very versatile and can be found in candy, tissues, and many other products. In the case of the BoomBoom Inhaler, it helps treat inflammation, congestion, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic pain.

So, basically, the BoomBoom Inhaler doesn’t only let you breathe normally and enjoy the process of breathing, it also helps improve your overall health!

BoomBoom Inhaler Side Effects

The only possible side effect that could occur when using BoomBoom Inhaler is that, if you have a sensitive nose or sensitive inner tissue lining, you might get irritation. Other than that, none of these ingredients has any negative side effects so the product is technically 100% safe.

If you’re unsure about the irritation, inhale slowly and shallowly through your nose.

BoomBoom Inhaler Reviews

It’s necessary you know exactly what the people think about the BoomBoom Inhaler as well since they’re the ones who have tried and tested the product. User reviews are some of the most common methods of figuring out whether something is worth your money or not and for that reason, we’ve included the following two user reviews:

“WOW!!!! Tough to explain how great this product truly is. It wakes you up, boosts your mood, and really makes you focus on the task at hand! Especially great for those who hate those nasty crashes that caffeine has to offer.”

“I absolutely love the variety pack and it comes at such a great deal too. I actually use the Tropical Rush to clear some of my headaches when I am performing in a DJ Set or just in general day to day basis when it pops up.”

BoomBoom Inhaler Cinclusion

The truth about this product is simple – it works as advertises. It might seem different and unique, but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t work properly. Besides, the combination of ingredients is relatively easy to understand and come to the conclusion they work. Each of these ingredients has been used in a variety of other products, just not in this type of product (except menthol; that one was).

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User reviews are mostly positive and the general consensus is that the BoomBoom Inhaler is a great product which offers you freedom of breath!