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Brickhouse V2



Brickhouse is a relatively new prohormone supplement that promises extreme gains for those who want to maximize their gains across all departments. It is made by Boss Sports Nutrition, a company that stands behind Fury DMZ, a powerful pre-workout supplement that already made quite a name for itself on the market.  Brickhouse is yet to do the same, but with a whole bunch of satisfied customers, we don't see why it won't. So, if you are interested in a brand new prohormone supplement that will drastically increase your overall performance, you should seriously check out Brickhouse by Boss Sports Nutrition!

Brickhouse Benefits

The bottle contains a total of 60 capsules and is not made for beginners. It is truly a powerful (in every sense of that word) supplement and you should be completely dedicated to your workout routine in order to fully utilize it. It will deliver extreme gains and provide you with a drastic increase in strength and aggression. In addition to that, it's specially dosed formula will give you a proper libido boost, making you better where it counts the most.

Brickhouse Ingredients

Let's take a closer look at the ingredients of this product so we can better understand how it works:

Methyl Sten 7.5mg
This ingredient is a great provider of extra strength. Another good thing about it is the fact it does not aromatize into estrogenic compounds, leaving you with optimal lean gains.

M1-AD 20mg
Brickhouse sports a whopping 20mg of Methyl-1-Etiochalonelol-Epietiocholanolone that is known as one of the most powerful ingredients available on the market. It's a highly methylated ingredient which makes post cycle therapy a must.

DMZ 10mg
The standard dose of DMZ is here as well. As in all similar products, DMZ is here to give you lean muscle gains with next to nothing liver damage.

Brickhouse Side Effects

Due to the fact that Brickhouse has a whole heap of high-powered ingredients, it is recommended you don't take it if you are a beginner. On a side note, this ingredient is not so female-friendly meaning you should avoid it if you're a lady.

Brickhouse Reviews

Even though Brickhouse is a relatively new product, it already has a couple of useful reviews which show how much people love it for its effects:

“I'm on my second week of using this PH supplement and I have noticed every single effect they stated on the label. It gave me extreme bursts of strength and a huge increase in my lean muscle mass. Even though my libido stayed pretty much the same (it's always sky high so perhaps that was the issue), increase of aggression was unpaired. I made my mark on those dumbells like never before!”

“Brickhouse is a seirously powerful product. I actually didn't even buy it, I got it from my friend who is a rookie. He read the instructions and saw that it's not recommended for beginners. He gave it to me and I was like ,,oh well, fuck it, I might as well try it,, long story short, 10 days in and I feel amazing! Stronger than i ever was in my life!”

“Boss Sports Nutrition is not exactly the most known brand out there, but still, it seems to me they did an outstanding job with Brickhouse. Although I didn't try any of their other supplements, this one is THA BOMB! It packs some seriously raw power in there, which is no surprise since it has some nasty mfking ingredients that are bound to have a couple of tricks up their sleeves!”

Brickhouse Conclusion

Now that we know a lot more about Brickhouse by Boss Sports Nutrition, it is time to summarize everything we've stated. As you can see above, it indeed packs quite a big punch and is able to provide you with all the strength boost you need. It will leave a massive impact not only on your performance but on your libido and aggression as well.

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Fury DMZ

Fury DMZ, a relatively new supplement on the market that came out earlier this year, has a very aggressive ingredients list that's going to turn quite a few heads its way. After taking a sneak peek, there is no doubt in the sheer power of this product. It's probably the most powerful anabolic pre-workout supplement that came out this year, and we all know how tough the competition was. It features a whole heap of DMZ and DMAA, providing it with a massive amount of power and potency.

It features no proprietary blends and no BS ingredients, meaning all you get is a top quality dose of pure power. With all of that being said, let's take a closer look at Fury DMZ to see what exactly can it do to your body!

Fury DMZ Benefits

As we already mentioned in the paragraph above, this beast of a supplement can really make an impact during your workout routine. The reason behind this is its ridiculously powerful formula, but we are going to talk about it in the next paragraph of this review. When it comes to the effects Fury DMZ can do to your body, we should definitely start off with the most important one – this thing is bound to provide you with the best pumps of your life. In addition to these beast-like pumps, you can also expect a huge increase in both strength and muscle size. You will become more explosive, more aggressive and above all – BIGGER! There is definitely going to be a huge increase in your lean muscle mass, in addition to all of the things already mentioned. But still, bear in mind that this product is not intended for those who don't take their workouts seriously enough. Fury DMZ is aimed primarily at the most hardcore bodybuilders out there. Its ingredients list is no joke and as such, the supplement itself should not be taken as a joke either!

Fury DMZ Ingredients

If you are wondering what exactly can you find inside of Fury DMZ, then make sure you take a look at its label:


As you all probably know by now, Dymethazine (AKA DMZ) is a designer anabolic with a complex molecular structure that is quite unique and cannot be compared to anything else available on the market. New studies show that it has greater effects on muscles than some of the most powerful bodybuilding compounds such as Anadrol and Winstrol. It is so powerful that you can expect roughly 10 to even 20 pounds of pure muscle gains from a single Fury DMZ cycle. In addition to the muscle mass gains, you will also get a great boost in strength and provide you with amazing pumps that are unlike anything you have ever felt before.


DMAA is a neurological stimulant that is able to provide you with a huge spike of energy. It is, in fact, quite similar to caffeine, but it works via different mechanisms in your brain. This energy is the key behind those amazing pumps you'll be experiencing after taking Fury DMZ.

Fury DMZ Reviews

Take a look at a couple of reviews of people who used Fury DMZ:

“THIS SHIT IS THE BOMB!! The pumps I have with Fury are amazing. The only downside in my honest opinion is it kicks my BP up by a small amount. It's been only a week since I've started using it, and I am afraid the BP increase could go higher with time. If that's not the case, then I'll be sticking with this for the rest of my bb career. SICK!!!”

“Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. I took it like 2 hours ago and I am still pumped with energy. It's crazy! I overlooked the amount of DMZ and DMAA this thing is packed with… I don't know a lot about doses of these things, but fuck me if they don't work. Amazing…. On a side note, I'm planning on taking a powerful PCT because I don't want to lose my gains or do some damage to my health with this. It's so powerful that I really doubt it won't leave any issues…”

Fury DMZ Conclusion

All in all, we believe it is pretty clear that Fury DMZ has the potential to be the next big thing in the bodybuilding industry. Boss Sports Nutrition has come up with the perfect anabolic formula for people who don't know what the word compromise means. It is built for real men and is able to turn them into proper beasts! If that's something you'll like to achieve in the near future, then we warmly recommend you try this thing out. It's definitely worth a shot!

We recommend Kraken by Spartan Nutrition as a much more suitable substitution Pre-Workout.

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Freak Juice

Pre-workout supplement have become a huge hit over the course of this year. Don't get me wrong, they were extremely popular a couple of years ago as well… But nowadays, their popularity has gone to a whole nother level. That's basically why more and more companies are releasing new pre-workout supplements, hoping to get their share of the cake before it's too late. The same can be said about Boss Sports Nutrition, which has just released a brand new pre-workout supplement called Freak Juice. It's a potent supplement based on DMAA, but does it have what it takes to become the next big thing on the market? Let's take a closer look and find out!

Freak Juice Benefits

As is the case with all other pre-workout supplements currently available on the market, Freak Juice's main goal is to provide you with amazing pumps throughout your workout routines. But, in addition to that, Freak Juice offers improved focus, enhanced stamina and greatly improved energy. What's best about it is that it will not give you any crashes after working out, which seems to be the case with many similar products nowadays.

Freak Juice Ingredients

Unfortunately, the label of this supplement is not yet available, which is why we are going to jump straight to the analysis of its key ingredients!

350mg of Caffeine Anhydrous

The purest form of Caffeine known to mankind is bound to provide you with an amazing spike of energy. 350mg is a good enough amount for the day so you might want to skip your coffee in the morning… Unless you want to feel like Superman for the entire day.

50mg of DMAA

This amount of DMAA is often found inside of pre-workout supplements. It's is considered as the optimal dose and will give you a good kick of energy similarly to caffeine.

1000mg of Creatine Dimalate

Whopping 1000mg of Creatine Dimalate is a great dosage of a chemical compound that is most commonly used for providing its users with a great increase in all-around workout performance.

25mg of Ephedra Extract

While Ephedra Extract is most commonly used in fat burners due to its positive effects on weight loss, it is also becoming more and more popular within pre-workouts because of its performance improvement abilities.

All things considered, the ingredients list of Freak Juice are on par with its competition. The standard dosage amounts of caffeine and DMAA are present, meaning Boss Sports Nutrition did not want to gamble with potential side effects.

Freak Juice Side Effects

Increased blood pressure is among the most frequent side effect Freak Juice can cause. Following up is rapid heartbeat which could potentially be dangerous, especially to people with certain heart conditions. It can even cause heart arrhythmia in extreme cases.

Freak Juice Reviews

Let's take a look at two useful reviews I managed to find while browsing the internet:

“Boss Sports Nutrition really seems to be stepping up its game. After YOLO, this is another awesome supplement that works like a charm! I've been taking it for 3 days and I gotta say that the pumps are unbeliveable.”

“Freak Juice is definitely my go-to pre workout supp from now on. It's giving me amazing pumps without any of the potential side effects it stated it might cause. I'm a satisfied customers by all means and will be coming back for more once I am done with this bottle!”

Freak Juice Conclusion

From all that I could see by looking at the ingredients and the overall satisfaction level of the people who have used Freak Juice, I believe it is safe to say that it's a good pre-workout supplement at best. While it has a pretty good mixture of ingredients, the side effects it could cause should not be taken lightly. Still, if you are an experienced bodybuilder with years of experience, I don't see why you should stay away from it.

We recommend Kraken by Spartan Nutrition as a much more suitable substitution Pre-Workout.

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Fat Burners

YOLO “You Only Lift Once”

Boss Sports Nutrition is a company behind numerous great products that came out quite recently. After their huge success with Fury DMZ, a pre-workout made for people who don't make compromises, they plan on following up with their newest installment in fat burning supplements – YOLO “You Only Lift Once”. It is basically a thermogenic fat burner that is, from the looks of it, mainly aimed towards younger audiences. With its name being YOLO and with 1,3 DMAA in its ingredients list.

If you did not know by now, 1,3 DMAA is structurally quite similar to amphetamine and is known to cause frequent false readings during doping tests. In other words, if you are a professional athlete, it might be a good idea to steer away from this.

If you are not, and you would like to know more information about this product because you think it might help you; I'm happy to inform you that we will provide you with more useful information about this product, such as its side effects, reviews, effects and more. So, without further adue, let's take a closer look into it!

YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Benefits

As we already stated above, YOLO is a thermogenic fat burner. This means its key goal is to increase your body temperature which will result in you losing that nasty belly fat. In scientific terms, they promote lipolysis rate which effectively increases fat deposits utilization in order to obtain energy while increasing alertness and overall mental acuity by stimulating the entire central nervous system. Usually, the contain high doses of caffeine along with green tea. If you are interested in its ingredients, make sure you check out the ingredients section down below!

YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Ingredients

To start off with this section of our review, here's a picture of YOLO's label so you can better see what we are discussing. After that, we are going to further analyze some of its key ingredients.

Caffeine Anhydrous
Yolo contains 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per serving. There is no doubt this will provide you with a good kick of energy as soon as you swallow the pill.

1,3 DMAA
As we already stated above, 1,3 DMAA is structurally very similar to amphetamine which could get you in a doping scandal with a false positive result. 50mg are somewhat of a sweet spot when it comes to dosage.

NooPept is a nootropic substance that might alleviate cognitive decline. Unfortunately, there are no research that prove it to be effective on people with no known cognitive issues.

From the looks of it, YOLO is a mix of increased energy, focus and strength. Unfortunately, many people will avoid it because it contains DMAA.

YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Side Effects

If you are not coping well with caffeine, then it might be a good idea to stay away from this product. The 300mg per serving might not seem like much, but it's more than enough for some people to feel bad.

Also, I would stay away from any other stimulants on top of this product, as some of the ingredients could also cause things like rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure.

This is a very strong stimulant that could cause serious effects if mixed with any other product of it's kind. I would start with 1 pill to assess tolerance, and if the side effects are tolerable, you can always bump it up to two.

Also, with any nootropic like noopept, headaches are very common so I would recommend you hydrated while using YOLO.

YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Reviews

Here are a couple of useful insights on this product that could prove helpful to you if you plan on purchasing it:

“YOLO BRO! YOLO!!! I purchased this at Walmart without really looking at the label. It was a rushed purchase so yeah, don't think I normally just buy the first thing on the shelf… Anyways, I was a bit worried when I skimmed through the ingredients, but luckily, YOLO did not dissappoint me at all and I barely felt any side effects!”

“I really wanted to try out the hyped new thermogenic from Boss Sports Nutrition, but I opted not to after seeing its ingredients list filled with questionable things. The doses are not nearly enough for me, and the addition of DMAA is simply a drop over the cup. Bad BSN… BAAAD!”

As you can see, there are big disagreements between these 2 gentlemen. While it is true that YOLO has a few “questionable” ingredients (NooPept and DMAA), if it really works nearly as good as the first gentleman described, I don't see any reason why you should not take it… unless you are a professional athlete.

YOLO “You Only Lift Once” Conclusion

All things considered, it is left to be seen whether YOLO will be a massive success or a flop. The reason behind this is the divided public opinion on its ingredients. While most of its users claim it helped them shred some fat, a portion of potential buyers decided to steer away from it due to its problematic ingredients list. But with everything in mind, if you are not a professional athlete, there really isn't anything stopping you from trying it out yourself.

Here is another review on YOLO that we happened to find:

“The low cost and great benefits of using Boss Sports Nutrition YOLO make it the regular choice for many users across the globe in need of burning that excess fat.”

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Cycle Support and PCT

GainZ Insurance

As more and more people choose powerful prohormone supplements that are usually quite dangerous for their bodies, there is a much bigger demand for quality PCT supplements than ever before. This comes as no surprise since most (if not all) top notch prohormone supplement demand a post cycle therapy supplement to follow up shortly after their cycle. Boss Sports Nutrition took this into consideration and created a state of the art PCT called GainZ Insurance.

What this bad boy aims to do is make sure you keep all those gains that you worked so hard for during your cycle while normalizing your hormone levels and keeping your body safe from any potential health risks. In the following couple of paragraphs, I am going to analyze GainZ Insurance to see if it can stand up to its claims. So without further adue, let's get straight to the action!

GainZ Insurance Benefits

GainZ Insurance is being marketed as one of the best Post Cycle Therapy supplements on the market. The folks over at Boss Sports Nutrition claim it to be a great conclusion to all prohormone cycles. Its main goal, as its name suggests, is to maintain your gains through PCT. In addition to that, its carefully dosed mix of ingredients will make sure your liver, vital organs and prostate are safe and sound. Not only that, GainZ Insurance has the potential to boost your strength level while preventing the infamous gyno, which is something that causes a lot of issues after a demanding PH cycle. Now that we know what exactly is this supplement supposed to do, let's see how exactly does it plan on doing it. In other words, I will guide you through some of the key ingredients that can be found inside.

GainZ Insurance Ingredients

75mg of Hydroxy Laxogenin

Laxogenin is a lesser known plant steroid. It is actually quite similar to Anavar but it's 100% natural and does not possess and side effects that could potentially harm the liver.

75mg of Arimistane
Arimistane is a well-known metabolite of 7-Keto DHEA. It does not convert to estrogen. It binds to the aromatase enzymes in your body in order to prevent estrogen rebound. It's well known for its ability to reduce cortisol and increase the overall testosterone levels in one's body.

750mg of NAC
N-Acetyl Cysteine is a popular compound used primarily for Tylenol and carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition to that, NAC has many uses in medicine. In this case, it is used because of its beneficial effects towards the liver.

As you can see, the main 3 ingredients are all carefully dosed and possess a good amount of protection for vital organs. Laxogenin is the only one among the 3 that is not there to protect but to increase your strength. This is rarely seen with PCT supplements, but it is a good addition nonetheless.

GainZ Insurance Side Effects

The most frequent complaint coming from people who have used GainZ Insurance is a headache. Given the fact that GainZ insurance is a PCT supplement, it comes as no huge surprise that it's pretty safe from any side effects, with the exception of an occasional mild headache or two.

GainZ Insurance Reviews

Below you can find 2 reviews on this product that I managed to find while browsing the web.

“Boss Sports Nutrition is really stepping up their game. GainZ Insurance is surely one of the best PCTs that came out this year, and as such, it deserves way more attention that it's currently getting. Clean recovery from a PH cycle plus Laxogenin which gave me crazy strength… Not much more you can ask from a PCT!”

“GainZ Insurance is a good product and I will definitely buy it again when I'm done with another one of my cycles. Not only did it normalize my hormone levels but it also helped me get some more gains on top of my current ones. And it did all of that with no side effects at all!”

GainZ Insurance Conclusion

All things considered, there is no doubt that GainZ Insurance could be the choice of many. In addition to all the usual ingredients that PCT supplements tend to have, Boss Sports Nutrition has added in a tiny bit of Laxogenin which is bound to boost the strength of its users. If a bit of extra strength is what you are looking for from your next PCT supp, then GainZ Insurance is not going to let you down!

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