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Are you looking for a testosterone booster to help improve you strength, libido as well as mood, sleep quality and overall recovery? Boosting and maximizing testosterone use is not an easy task and BPS Nutrition have just made it slick.

EndoSurge Turbo is designed to free up and maximize the use of your testosterone with a substance known as Stinging nettle root extract. With varied use and effects, EndoSurge is not a wheel reinvented but rather known working compounds put in a well-rounded formula. Let’s see if it actually delivers!

  • Improves libido and mood
  • Maximizes Free Testosterone levels and use
  • Improves sleep quality and post-workout recovery
  • Boosts Human Growth Hormone

We all know what pro-hormones can do for us in terms of amplifying the effects of existing hormones in the body. After they were banned in 2014 (Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act), a wave of legal pro-hormones has appeared on the market. There are even some plant-based pro-hormones, and since they are completely derived from plants, they aren’t banned by the FDA (Federal Drug Administration).

Today, we present you with a product called Laxacrine. It was manufactured by BPS and it’s not a typical product, being a topic muscle-building formula. This product promises to bring you a number of benefits. Let’s see which ones.

Laxacrine isn’t just another muscle building supplement.