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The market nowadays is very saturated with fat burning products that hardly work or only focus on one aspect of fat burning such as piling you up with powerful stimulants that don’t allow you to function like a normal human being.

Red Acid Reborn is an interesting formula by Controlled Labs that provides a mix of stimulants, thermogenics and anti-oxidants which could ideally really help lose excess fat while at the same time not overloading your body with stimulants or other dangerous compounds. Here is our review of how Red Acid Reborn compares in the fat burners market.


Finding just the right pre-workout product in a market that has been over saturated with hundreds of dubious products using various un-detailed proprietary blends has become quite a difficult task. This is why many lifters tend to go with one pre-workout they like and keep using it for years, as they cannot be sure if the product actually work.

This is why we try to find out if the products work for you and give you a glimpse at how they will perform, to save you the time and money. Today we take a look at White Rapids, a pre-workout formula by Controlled Labs focused on providing energy, pumps and focus needed to help you get through your workouts and let your muscles grow fast.


Are you looking for a new pre workout to mix with your stim pre workouts? Are you cycling off your stim? No matter the case, GlycerGrow by Controlled Labs is a product you need to check out. GlycerGrow is a pre-workout formula based on Glycerol Monostearate which helps retain water in your muscle allowing for powerful wet pumps.

The product reviews on this one have been absolutely stunning. Ever since hitting the shelves, the product has gotten nothing but positive critique left and right, and rightfully so, as it clearly gives very powerful pumps, is not prone to causing side effects and comes at an insanely low price.


If you are a person who trains hard, be it in the gym or on a sports field, your body is bound to get super exhausted. The harder we try and push at the training ground the more deficiencies our body is going to experience as all the crucial nutritional elements are burnt away and used up by our body’s daily struggle to heal itself after big stress our workouts put it under.

Vitamins and minerals are just as crucial in our efforts to gain muscle and build up that perfect body as protein are, only in different ways. Serious deficiencies in vitamin levels can harm us greatly and it is important to keep your diet vitamin heavy, but when that fails multivitamin pills are where most bodybuilders will go.

Today we present one such product, a great multivitamin from Controlled Labs, VITMore. VITMore is a multivitamin pill with an extremely rich ingredients list, that tries to make up for all possible major deficiencies your body may be experiencing due to workouts. Even if you are not working out on a regular basis, VITMore can still help you keep healthy and more focused and happy.

in BCAAs

When it comes to achieving the serious muscle gains that you’re aiming for in your training program, making it a point to load up on ideal amounts of branched chain amino acids or BCAA’s in a regular basis should definitely be a priority in your bodybuilding checklist.

But the thing is with all the brands that you can get your hands on these days, zeroing in on the right one for you can be rather tricky. Purple Psyko claims that it’s got the stuff that makes it stand above the rest, so we’ll give this BCAA a closer look shortly to see if it’s really worth giving a try anytime soon.