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Protein supplements are so variable in their effectiveness and actual protein content that is hard to find one you can stick with that will always work. When trying to recover as much as possible RIGHT AFTER a workout, an isolate is the absolute BEST protein supplement to achieve the recovery every athlete needs.

This product does what a whey protein is intended to do, but what makes it different from the rest is the awesome taste and the other included ingredients (BCAA and glutamine). Let’s figure out the outcome of the research we had.

Let’s see the overall result of this Dymatize Elite Whey review, and take a look at some customer reviews and have the knowledge of the ingredients of this product and what they doand most importantly if what are the possible side effects and if there are any.

What is Elite Whey protein?

What makes an isolate stand out from the other forms of whey protein is the pure protein content. Isolates take out some of the unnecessary by-products and infuse the substance with a pure protein that is often free of lactose, carbs, and other substances we tend to avoid.

The make-up in the powder is as close to pure protein as a powder can get, often containing at least a 75% protein make-up. This makes it a good target for those looking to fuel muscle growth and recovery in a quick manner.

Placing the whey isolate into a powdered form also improves one’s ability to digest it. It contains fewer filler contents and the replacement via protein helps locate areas of usage in your body. The reduced intake of glutamine, carbohydrates, and other such ingredients allows your body to adjust to consumption and usage when paired with a healthy diet.

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Finding a pre-workout formula that offers something different and revolutionary is difficult as most companies tend to just pile up the same old ingredients with slightly different dosages or proprietary blends with unknown dosages and effects.

This is why Dymatize decided to give it a shot and create a different pre-workout formula that would offer enhanced results through a complex and rich formula of nutrients and herbal ingredients. Xpand 2X contains 5 matrixes of ingredients which each serve a unique purpose and improve your overall gym results. The main effects of Xpand 2X is the improved energy and powerful pumps through a blend of amino acids and other ingredients designed to improve these features.