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Are you one of those people who, despite the best effort, just can’t lose any fat? You tried a bunch of products and not a single one is helpful for your particular type of fat? Well, you can consider yourself lucky because Eviscerate SuperNova might just be the supplement you were looking for all this time! It is time to say goodbye to the fat you couldn’t get rid of and get a lean body like you always wanted. The company behind this supplement is called EvoMuse and is not exactly the most popular one on the market.

But, despite that, they folks over at their labs still manage to surprise us from time to time, and that’s exactly what happened with their newest fast burner. Without further adue, let’s jump into the analysis of this supplement during which we will discuss its ingredients, benefits, side effects and more!


Everybody makes a cheat day here and there. The real question is how your body takes it and how much you actually lose with it. We’d all love if we could enjoy our carbs without bloating, feeling tired and especially without gaining that extra fat! Let’s see if we can make it.

EvoMuse brought to us an exciting novelty to dietary supplements, with a formula suppressing the negative effects of consuming too many carbs. With compounds proven to function as standalone and together, Slintensity just seems a great breakthrough. Let’s have a closer look!


Have you been working out hard and looking for that one extra product to give you the boost you so desperatly need. EvoMuse bring a revolutionary supplement made to get you going that extra mile.

CardioTryx is a highly advanced supplement completely dedicated to boosting your endurance and stamina. It helps you build muscles faster and burn more fat by helping you do more! Keep reading and let’s see if you should use it!


There is a wide variety of supplements these days, all claiming  to be a huge help when it comes to muscle mass, strength, weight loss and more energy. Every now and then we hear about a new supplement industry product that is supposed to give us all the benefits in the world. The truth is, not many supplements are carefully dosed, with a unique mixture of ingredients, clinically tested and, after all, SAFE for your health.

Fortunately, there are a couple of leaders in the supplement industry that really know how to do the business and how to give you the maximum from their products.

One of those leaders is certainly Evomuse. We don’t often wait eagerly for a new product release, but this brand has it all. They have not only created amazing products with carefully chosen ingredients, but actually they have the new categories with Cardiotryx and Nerve Restore. Today we’ll focus on the muscle building category and Evomuse’s product Myosynegry that enables faster gains, prevents muscle breakdown and it can also be stacked with any other ergogenic out there.

  • Trigger multiple pathways to muscle building; all the way to cellular level
  • Increase strength levels
  • Enable better protein synthesis
  • Block muscle breakdown
  • Support Myostatin inhibition