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Daily exercise helps in optimizing health. However, there are times when you turn up to the gym (even when you’re at home) feeling tired and unmotivated to do workouts. Hence, the pre-workout supplements. As claimed by advocates, pre-workouts can improve your fitness and give proper energy to get through hard and stimulating workouts, especially for those workouts and gym buffs.

Hopping on the bandwagon is Finaflex with their very own pre-workout is making rounds in the market —Stimul8 Dynamite. It is a dynamic pre-workout stimulant that claims to provide explosive clean energy, increased blood flow to muscles, and improved mental focus.

Let’s take a closer look at Stimul8 Dynamite’s ingredients, benefits, potential side effects, and some of its actual customers’ feedback.


So you’re planning to get a proper post cycle therapy going soon, but still can’t decide which PCT product to use to really get the results you want and keep clear from unpleasant side effects while at it. And Revolution PCT asserts that it is one of the best PCT products that you can get your hands on these days.

Join me as I subject Revolution PCT to a meticulous review to see if it can really set off the effects that it claims to do…

Revolution PCT Benefits

After having a cycle with anabolic steroids and prohormones, the body normally goes through a deficit of testosterone that promotes a surge of estrogen sooner or later. While estrogen is needed by the body to form bones properly and maintain ideal circulation, having too much in the system will already cause a few issues that won’t just put your health at risk, but also lead to gyno and a significant loss of your muscle gains. Revolution PCT is specifically formulated to promote the increased production of testosterone when you’re having your post cycle therapy so your body won’t have a tough time realigning its hormonal levels.


Most of the pre-workout supplements we see nowadays are mainly focused on building up your strength and increasing your endurance down at the gym. While this is great for people who already have great physiques and would just like to build up on that, for those who are battling with weight issues, perhaps these sorts of supplements aren’t exactly that good. If you belong to the latter group of people, then you might be interested in this supplement by Finaflex.

It is called Stimul8 and it sure packs quite a surprising variety of effects that will not only work with well-trained individuals but also for those with not-so-perfect bodies. Why is that? What’s so special about this product? Well, what makes it stand out among other similar supplements is its ingredients mixture.

As you will have the chance to see later on in this review, some of its ingredients are really special and will do wonders for your body… at least in terms of fat shredding and weight loss. So, with that in mind, let’s see what can this product do!


You have been hitting the gym on a regular basis but you are not satisfied with the gains, it has happened to each and every one of us. Such things can cause us to lose the will to work out and simply not have the energy to even go to the gym, let alone put in a truly intense workout that we need to actually see progress.

This is one of the reasons we use pre-workouts. The way common people drink a cup or two of coffee in the morning to be able to function better at work or in school, bodybuilders drink pre-workouts to be able to function at maximum capacity at the gym.

Stimulant based pre-workouts are very common in the bodybuilding community, as they will give you the intensity and willpower to do that extra rep and additional set that you need to see your muscles grow and cut day after day after day.

STIMZ by FinaFlex is yet another stimulant based pre-workout that is designed to increase your mental acuity as well as physical strength and energy needed for an intense workout.


Having a great pre-workout in your arsenal can easily help take your performance at the gym up a notch. Besides helping you accomplish even the most challenging workout routine that you’ll ever take on, it will also boost your chances of finally sculpting the physique that you’ve always wanted.

One product that is gathering quite a following these days is Stimul8 and we will give it a closer look in a bit to see if it really does get the job done in terms of prepping you up for even the toughest workout easily.

What is Stimul8?

A product of Redefine, Stimul8 is touted to be specifically designed to optimize your body’s overall circulation, endurance, muscle power as well as mental focus when used properly. When these factors are enhanced, you will find it easier to achieve all of the things you’re looking to realize in your bodybuilding checklist.

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What makes Stimul8 really unique is it also contains components that have a positive effect on the body’s thermogenic capabilities. Besides perking up your energy levels, it also helps get rid of unwanted fat in the process by making your metabolism work faster and more efficiently.