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Vitamin B12 is one of the most popular dietary supplements for athletes and is required for proper red blood cell formation with both short term and long term benefits. The main issue with vitamin B12 is that way in which it spreads out into the bloodstream is not naturally done in the most effective way, causing much of the B12 we take in to go to waste.

AB12 by GenerationX Labs is an active co enzyme of Vitamin B12 which has been designed to effectively transfer Vitamin B12 into the bloodstream. If this product works, there is no need for further use of painful injections (athletes and bodybuilders traditionally used syringe as a way of consuming B12).

The product has numerous benefits for bodybuilders and athletes, so if you belong to one of these categories, please keep on reading and find out how AB12 actually works and how you should use it.

AB12 generally leaves a serious impact on three distinct categories, which involve the benefits for both overall physical performances and health.