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Vitamin B12 is one of the most popular dietary supplements for athletes and is required for proper red blood cell formation with both short term and long term benefits. The main issue with vitamin B12 is that way in which it spreads out into the bloodstream is not naturally done in the most effective way, causing much of the B12 we take in to go to waste.

AB12 by GenerationX Labs is an active co enzyme of Vitamin B12 which has been designed to effectively transfer Vitamin B12 into the bloodstream. If this product works, there is no need for further use of painful injections (athletes and bodybuilders traditionally used syringe as a way of consuming B12).

The product has numerous benefits for bodybuilders and athletes, so if you belong to one of these categories, please keep on reading and find out how AB12 actually works and how you should use it.

AB12 generally leaves a serious impact on three distinct categories, which involve the benefits for both overall physical performances and health.

AB12 Ingredients

AB12 utilizes the full capacity of its three main ingredients blending them into a potent formula that is very likely to work:

  • Dibencozide: Form of vitamin B12 which provokes chemical reactions within the body, and is mainly responsible for most of the benefits listed above. When taken orally, Dibencozide is super efficient in gaining muscle mass and strength as it helps body process proteins. It also works great for maintaining your mental concentration and it will always improve your mood in general.
  • Folic Acid: The synthetic form of vitamin B with great impact on blood building as it prevents folate deficiency and anemia. Interestingly, federal law in United States ordered folic acid to be included in breads, flour, pasta, cookies and cold cereals back in 1998. You can also find it in leafy vegetables, fruits such as bananas, lemons and melons.
  • Vitamin B6: The third vital ingredient for AB12, vitamin B6 can be found in beef, turkey, pork, potatoes, bananas and pistachios. It is included in numerous enzyme reactions connected to protein metabolism, provoking a great variety of functions in the body

Here is the complete supplement label by the manufacturer:

AB12 Supplement Facts

AB12 Benefits

Since AB12 has the ability of transporting the vitamin B12 directly into the bloodstream within 20-30 minutes of digestion, it has a great impact on the development of lean muscle tissue and post workout recovery. The list of ingredients itself is very promissing as the product includes several of the most popular Vitamin B products that are regularly used by athletes to enhance their energy and performance.

AB12 is also designed for people who generally lack vitamin B and who suffer from decreased appetite. Although there are not so many online testimonials from the people who have generally used the product, these effects you get with vitamin B12 are widely known and there is absolutely no doubt that AB12 has to be a working formula.

The super important thing to note is there are no significant side effects bound to this product which again makes it safe to use and is another reason we have to recommend anyone to give it at least one shot.

AB12 Dosage

The recommended dosage includes consuming 1-2 capsules a day, either between meals or half an hour prior to your workout. Do not use AB12 if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any prescribed drugs without first consulting your doctors.

AB12 Conclusion

AB12 by GenerationX Labs offers the natural way of gaining lean muscle mass and improving strength through Vitamin B12 optimizaion. It is 100% safe for people with literally no known side effects. Multiple professional athletes acknowledged AB12 as the leading energy boosting supplement and there is little reason for us to disprove these claims.

Since there is currently a lack of online testimonials about the product from people who have actually used it, we would highly appreciate to hear about your experience with AB12, so please do not hesitate to share it with us in our comments section.

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