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Are you looking to enhance your sexual experiences and feel more like an alpha male with the ladies? Do you feel like you could be doing a better job in the sack? The formula we look at today claims to help you do just that!

Ejaculoid by Goliath Labs is not the kind of formula we examine every day but it was one that caught our eye as we men can always use a little extra push in sexual performance because you just can’t be TOO good in bed.

So we went ahead and tried the formula, tested the label and looked to other users to tell us their experiences. Here is what we came up with.


Itching for something new to give you the extra boost you need before your workouts? Goliath Lab brings you Groloid, a powerful pre-workout formula designed to help create Nitric Oxide in your body and deliver creatine to your muscles. This mix allows you to increase size and strength of your muscles with massive pumps and creates the best possible workout environment in your body.