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Monster Plexx Product Image

Are you looking to really give it your best and go super hard at the gym to get that perfect physique? You will surely need some help along the way and by now everyone knows that prohormones are the best legal way of getting that help.

Today we are looking at Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs, a very complex prohormone formula designed to give you some really huge gains and turn you into a proper monster. With 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone all in one formula, you just know the results you are in for will be massive.

So let’s take a really careful look at Monster Plexx to see just how potent the product is and who should have the best results with it.

Black Mamba Hyperrush Product Image

Did you manage to lose weight the pervious summer and you want to keep your weight at normal levels throughout the whole winter and next season? Maybe you didn’t manage to see the results of your diet and you want to be fit for the New Years’? Do not wait for a couple of months to make a New Years’ resolution to lose your body fat and stay fit. We have the right thing for you. Just keep on reading!

Black Mamba Hyperrush is a hardcore fat-burning formula made by Innovative Laboratories. Unlike other weight management products on the market nowadays that require 4-6 pills to even see slight changes, Hyperrush is very strong and requires only one pill in order to burn off your body fat like never before.

That being said, I’d like to take you through some of the key aspects of Black Mamba. Ingredients, testimonials, clinical research and all that good stuff will be thoroughly analyzed within this review.

So, if you are interested in Black Mamba, it might be a good idea to pay attention and read till the very end!


Have you been struggling with finding the right product to add to your diet to help you with fat burning and slimming down? Are you looking to build a more lean and consistent figure but finding it hard to do without some help?

Diablos ECA Fire Caps might be just the thing for you! With innovative and modern formula, Diablos ECA Fire Caps offer a powerful blend designed to prevent fatigue and depression as well as improve physical and mental performance. It ultimately is a potent fat-burning product – let’s see if Innovative Labs actually deliver with this one!


Helladrol claims that it’s going to make your prohormone cycles anything but droll. How about we subject it to a meticulous review in a bit to find out if it can really get the job done?

Hitting the gym week in, week out with no significant gains? Tired of trying different supplements to maximize your strength and make a breakthrough with muscle mass? It’s time for a prohormone made for taking it to the next level that everyone is talking about.

Innovative Labs reestablished its line of hardcore prohormones for advanced and experienced supplement users with Helladrol, which it claims to get you more ripped and stronger during a cycle.