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Monster Plexx

Are you looking to really give it your best and go super hard at the gym to get that perfect physique? You will surely need some help along the way and by now everyone knows that prohormones are the best legal way of getting that help.

Today we are looking at Monster Plexx by Innovative Labs, a very complex prohormone formula designed to give you some really huge gains and turn you into a proper monster. With 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone all in one formula, you just know the results you are in for will be massive.

So let’s take a really careful look at Monster Plexx to see just how potent the product is and who should have the best results with it.

Monster Plexx Ingredients

As we already said, Monster Plexx contains three major prohormones along with a bunch of other great ingredients.

1 Andro: A DHEA derivative that converts to 1-Testosterone through a two-step process, this prohormone is 7 times as anabolic as Testosterone. The prohormone is designed to help you gain lots of dry muscle mass which will not diminish during PCT nor will the hormone convert to Estrogen.

4 Andro: or 4-DHEA as it is known is another derivative of DHEA, which converts to Testosterone. The anabolic and androgenic hormone Testosterone is one of the most important for body growth as it provides both increased muscle mass and strength. 4 Andro will dramatically raise your protein synthesis and give you the monster pumps you have always dreamed of. This compound will give you wet muscles, like all true bulking hormones do and it may convert to Estrogen as Testosterone levels raise.

Epiandrosterone: The final of the three DHEA derivatives in Monster Plexx, Epiandrosterone converts to DHT. Sufficient DHT levels are required for proper sexual function as well as muscle building. DHT also elevates mood, strength, sexual desire and helps burn off fat.

Cyclosome Technology: This special patented technology is designed to help prohormones and other compounds pass through the liver unspotted and enter your bloodstream without being significantly reduced by the liver. This is an amazing delivery system and one that every prohormone can find great use for.

There are a number of other compounds in Monster Plexx as well, all designed to support the three basic prohormones. Without listing them all out, we bring you the full label by the manufacturer with all the lesser ingredients on it:

Monster Plexx Supplement Facts
Monster Plexx Supplement Facts

Monster Plexx Benefits

When you stack 1 Andro, 4 Andro and Epiandrosterone, add a special delivery system and other support ingredients, you can bet your life the product is going to work. The product absolutely does work and it will help you build up tons of new muscle, both dry and lean as well as increase your strength, energy and libido through the roof.

The problem with products like this is that you need to really be ready for them. If you want to avoid negative side effects and want to actually get the best gains from this product, you will need to both eat and work out the right way. That said, with a proper workout regimen and diet, you can expect Monster Plexx to absolutely propel your growth and gains.

You can expect to gain 6-10 pounds of muscle mass per month with this product which is really insane but the multiple prohormones in it may cause all sorts of side effects if not taken carefully. By all means use Monster Plexx with additional on cycle support supplements, Aromatase inhibitors and proper post cycle therapy to keep your organs safe and prevent unwanted side effects.

Monster Plexx Dosage

Cycle the product for about 6 to 8 weeks taking 1-3 capsules per day. Take one in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening if taking all 3. Do not take more than 3 per day. Do not take if you are under legal age or suffering from any medical issues. As the product is so potent already, we do not recommend stacking it with further prohormoens.

Monster Plexx Reviews

Here is what some of the users had to say about Monster Plexx:

“Amazing gains, explosive pumps in and out of the gym. went up 16 pounds(all muscle) no water, was taking .25mg letro ed on cycle. Kept 50% of those gains after cycle even with a TERRIBLE pct. Bench went from 235-285 in just 4 weeks.”

“I tried it for a month and gained 9 pounds within 3 days of starting it so it must have been all water weight. My weight fluctuated up 10 pounds or up 9 pounds from my starting weight. Today is my last day and I'm up 9 pounds.”

“I took it for 29 days, since I was missing a pill (probably dropped it and didnt notice) and let me tell you something- I gained some serious weight. I started at 255 standing at 6'7″ and I am on my second day of PCT standing at 272.”

Monster Plexx Conclusion

This product is prohormone on steroids. With three potent prohormones mixed into one formula, you can expect some major gains and awesome results. Increased strength, libido and muscle mass are all guaranteed as long as you cycle the product right and keep going hard at the gym and in the kitchen. The only problem with this product is that due to its potency you will need to keep careful and use all the right support supplements and post cycle therapy to keep safe.

That said, as long as you know what you are doing and this is not the first time you are using prohormones, we absolutely recommend giving Monster Plexx a whirl and let us know how you did on your cycle.

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Fat Burners

Black Mamba

Whether you are looking for a potent fat burner or just something that will help you lose a few extra pounds, this product might seem like a good bargain. Especially so as it is currently on discount. So, what does Black Mamba have that other similar products don’t? Why should you buy it?

Well, for starters, Black Mamba Pills contain powerful ingredients. More precisely, it packs whopping 65mg of ephedrine which makes it one of the strongest ephedrine supplements on the market. With that in mi nd, there is no doubt you will notice a strong before and after effect. It’s just something that ephedrine is known for.

That being said, I’d like to take you through some of the key aspects of Black Mamba. Ingredients, testimonials, clinical research and all that good stuff will be thoroughly analyzed within this review.

So, if you are interested in Black Mamba, it might be a good idea to pay attention and read till the very end!

Black Mamba Ingredients

Before listing out all of Black Mamba’s ingredients, we’ll take a look at its label to see all detailed dosing information.

Black Mamba Supplement Facts

Caffeine Anhydrous 200mg A relatively high dosage for Caffeine which suggests you should not drink caffeinated drinks as they will get you overly hyped up throughout the day.

Ephedra Extract 65mg Ephedra is a powerful fat burning agent that works wonders for people who are on a good diet plan and are working out as much as they can.

Black Mamba Proprietary Blend features a wide array of ingredients but unfortunately, we don’t know their individual dosage amounts. Here’s a quick overview though:

Senegalia berlandieri, commonly known as Acacia Rigidula extract, this substance provides with 150mg worth of Phenylethylamine alkaloids and is a powerful weight loss agent.

Methylhexanamine HCL AKA DMAA, is a powerful stimulant that boosts energy and increases mood.

Yohimbine is helpful for stopping food cravings and preventing excess storage of fat inside your body.

Caralluma Extract


Synephrine HCL


6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin

Hordenine HCL increases adrenaline and noradrenaline production which results in prolonged focus and fat burning.

Evodiae Rutaecarpa

Considering the sheer amount of well-known weight loss ingredients this supplement has, I’m pretty sure it can do what it claims. On a side not, with so many ingredients in its proprietary blend, there will definitely be some side effects related to them… but don’t worry, we got side effects covered down below!

Since Black Mamba pills have a significant dosage of Caffeine (200mg per serving), it might cause headaches, jitters and insomnia to people who aren’t used to it.

In addition to that, it might also be a good idea to pause with caffeinated drinks as they could just worsen the possible caffeine related side effects.

Going back to the side effects, it’s alarming to see that many users are having complaints: “I really had high hopes for Black Mamba pills but when I started using them, they did nothing but give me strong headaches”.

Not only that, but it appears as though Black Mamba pills don’t even work for some people. More precisely, here’s what our reader had to say about its effects: “To be honest, Black Mamba pills just gave me jitters and nothing else. I’m really disappointed!”

While jitters and headaches are most likely caused by Caffeine, irregular heart beat is probably caused by Yohimbine.

Additionally, if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have anxiety or PTSD, stay on the safe side and avoid using this supplement as it could cause issues with your newborn or worsen the effects of your illnesses.

For one customer, Black Mamba pills are just a little too much:

black mamba review

Black Mamba Reveiws

Now that you know a bit more about the ingredients, it is time to check out Black Mamba feedback as well. As you all probably know, one of the most important aspects of every supplement is the opinions its users have.

That’s the key to knowing whether a supplement is good or not! So with that being said, let’s take a closer look at a couple of Black Mamba reviews!

“The Black Mamba pills are very strong! I drink coffee all day so thought I could handle these, but not the case! (I ate, drank it with water…at least 60 ounces, and cut my coffee to almost none.) Still too much for me! I got so light headed just sitting still, it scared me!”

“I took the pills but got very dizzy afterward. I have a bad headache and am seeing lights. I’m also very gassy and using the bathroom a lot.”

As you can see, the first 2 Black Mamba reviews aren’t exactly the most positive ones out there. Like I mentioned above, side effects could be an issue with this supplement due to the combination of caffeine and ephedra, both of which have relatively big dosages.

Still, for people who are tolerant, it seems as though Black Mamba might do the trick after all, and that’s exactly what this review down below explains:

Black Mamba Side Effects

As I already mentioned below, Black Mamba is one of those supplements that possess extremely powerful ingredients. Both Ephedra and Caffeine tend to cause many problems, especially people who aren’t familiar with them or haven’t used them before.

It’s a double-edged sword, that’s for sure – you can expect great results from it if your tolerance is on par… but if it’s not, you might end up with a lot of issues.

Most frequent ones are definitely high blood pressure, mild headaches and jitters. These could evolve into more serious issues such as dizziness and strong headaches which are, as I’m sure you know, a pain to deal with.

In the end, the final decision is completely up to you. If you think your body can tolerate these ingredients and you are not afraid of headaches, then go for it. On the other hand, if you don’t have any experience with caffeine (f.e. You don’t drink coffee), you might want to stay away from it since it could cause some nasty side effects.

EDITOR’S TIP: If you are a male, check out Royal 21 King if you want a worry-free experience!

If you aren't that worried about those potential side effects and you see a real opportunity provided by the powerful active ingredients in this product, then you must be wondering where can you get your hands on it.

Unfortunately, Black Mamba can only be found in online stores. The best deal available is at where Black Mamba is currently at a huge discount.

Black Mamba Conclusion

Black Mamba seems like a solid fat burner with a ton of Ephedra and Caffeine. While it's certain it can give you the effects and results you desire, the problem with side effects remains. But, despite that, if you consider yourself an experienced bodybuilder with a good tolerance on both Caffeine and Ephedra, you should definitely give it a go!

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If you'd like a safer alternative that does not have so many side effects, check out my choice here!

Fat Burners

Black Mamba Hyperrush

Muscle Builders

Diablos ECA Fire Caps

Have you been struggling with finding the right product to add to your diet to help you with fat burning and slimming down? Are you looking to build a more lean and consistent figure but finding it hard to do without some help?

Diablos ECA Fire Caps might be just the thing for you! With innovative and modern formula, Diablos ECA Fire Caps offer a powerful blend designed to prevent fatigue and depression as well as improve physical and mental performance. It ultimately is a potent fat-burning product – let’s see if Innovative Labs actually deliver with this one!

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Ingredients

Diablos ECA Fire Caps have a new formula with Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin as the key ingredients.

Ephedra: After long disputes with the FDA, Innovative Laboratories have replaced DMAA in Diablos Fire Caps with Ephedra. It is a powerful CNS stimulant well known to increase mental and physical performance, enabling muscle contractions, better focus and euphoric feelings. It radically boosts workout sessions and their efficiency in muscle growth and fat burning.

Caffeine:  Helping suppress appetite and being a potent stimulant, Caffeine is used to speed up the metabolism, prevent water retention, and improve overall focus and alertness.

Hordenine: It is already well-known that Hordenine increases cognitive functions and improves the mood. In combination with Ephedra and Caffeine, Diablos ECA Fire Caps perfectly utilize the compound.

Synephrine HCL and Yohimbine HCL: Two ingredients very important in fat treatment, Synephrine and Yohimbine are designed to induce fat burning and inhibit new fat synthesis. Combined with the already listed ingredients, it has been shown that Synephrine and Yohimbine further improve the mood and suppress appetite.

White Willow Bark: Having both thermogenic and painkiller effects, White Willow Bark is a perfect ingredient to complete the compound as it helps reduce exercise induced muscle pains and increases the body temperature slightly to help you sweat better and burn more calories.

Here you can see a complete supplement label by Innovative Labs with all the ingredients and doses listed:

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Supplement Facts
Diablos ECA Fire Caps Supplement Facts

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Benefits

Diablo ECA Fire Caps is a highly effective product which combines a number of well proven compounds with thermogenic and stimulating effects. The product works really well with both fat burning and appetite supression and combined with the potent stimulative activity, the Fire Caps seem to be quite and extreme fat burning formula.

Diablo ECA Fire Caps greatly improves the focus and overall performance and mood, making it a supplement that you will actually enjoy using for a long time. However, the product's extreme potency should be taken into account and the use should probably be somewhat restricted to avoid any potential unwanted side effects.

The product itself still lacks some research, but it is certain that one should be careful with Diablo ECA Firecaps as some of it ingredients, especially Epehdra, could be related to serious side effects. Some of the other ingredients in it are also known to potentially cause side effects. For instance, Sildenafil is said to interact with nitrates in other drugs and seriously affect blood pressure and sugar while Phenolphthalein could be related to cancer risks.

For all these reasons, we advise caution and medical consultations before you start using the Fire Caps, but looking at the potency of this product, we could not possibly say that we don't recommend it. We are however advising caution and moderate use.

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Dosage

Diablo ECA Fire Caps should be taken as a dietary supplement, in servings of one to two capsules once a day – never exceeding three capsules in any 24 hour period. The product should be cycled for up to 8 weeks, with a 2 week break in between cycles for best results and maximum safety. It’s recommended that you test your tolerance before starting to regularly use the product.

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Reviews

“This is my first time trying Diablos and they are pretty good. They're not miracle pills so please do not take them and not hit the gym, but I've been slimming down nicely. I'm running Diablos along with a post cycle. I take it twice daily once in the am and usually after lunch. I no longer drink coffee in the am because it would be overkill.”

“Great product, on cycle now for 3 weeks, down 11 lbs. Drink at least 1gal of water per day as this will shred water weight. If stacking with a cutting prohormone, avoid taking at the same time. I have energy in the gym and the mental focus is there. I have to force myself to eat so that I keep my caloric needs up.”

Diablos ECA Fire Caps Conclusion

Diablos ECA Fire Caps is a product that has undergone some controversy and argument with the FDA but the ingredients in it definitely make it an extreme fat burner which will significantly increase your metabolic rate, inhibit the appetite and turn your mood up a few notches.

The product will help you keep energized and focused throughout the day with its stimulating effects, causing you to enjoy better and longer workouts and see better results from them.

There is absolutely no reason you should not try Diablos ECA Fire Caps if you are looking to slim down but we advise caution, tolerance assessment period and moderate use throughout as this is one hell of a potent formula.

If you do end up using Diablos ECA Fire Caps, please let us know how you did in the comments section so that the other members of the community can also make use of your experience.

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Helladrol claims that it's going to make your prohormone cycles anything but droll. How about we subject it to a meticulous review in a bit to find out if it can really get the job done?

Hitting the gym week in, week out with no significant gains? Tired of trying different supplements to maximize your strength and make a breakthrough with muscle mass? It’s time for a prohormone made for taking it to the next level that everyone is talking about.

Innovative Labs reestablished its line of hardcore prohormones for advanced and experienced supplement users with Helladrol, which it claims to get you more ripped and stronger during a cycle.

Helladrol Ingredients

Its manufacturer assserts that Helladrol is the most anabolic compound out there, with the ability to significantly boost testosterone levels, which not just takes your strength and endurance up a notch, but also results to more intense muscle mass gains.

The main compound in its formula is 4-androstene-3b-ol, 17-one, which converts into testosterone when it gets metabolized by the body. It also helps enhance the overall protein synthesis and increases the number of red blood cells produced by the system in the process.

While 4-Andro is a mass building compound, Androsta-3,5-diene-7,17-dione is an aromatase inhibitor, staving off any surges in estrogen levels while the amount of testosterone in your body is boosted. Besides experiencing significant cuts in fat and enhanced muscle mass build-up, users will also notice faster recovery with this product.

Its formulation also features Cyclosome Delivery, an advanced liposomal delivery system that forms a coating for the active compounds to go through the liver undamaged, thus ensuring they will get to where they're really needed when they're metabolized by the system. With continued prohormone release, this enables Helladrol to set milestones in boosting testosterone levels and overall efficiency.

Here is a quick look at the complete supplement label of this prohormone:

Helladrol Supplement Facts
Helladrol Supplement Facts

Helladrol Benefits

Helladrol is quickly becoming a well-known prohormone because it doesn't just offer significant bulking benefits, but also optimizes your overall cutting experience by elevating the muscle state that leads to increased vascularity, hardness and definition. Moreover, users who have already tried it reported increased libido as a bonus effect.

Helladrol Dosage

The recommended dosage is 75mg daily for a 6-week. cycle. However, it is not advisable to exceed 4 tablets a day. With dozens of positive reviews by verified buyers all over, it goes to show that users are generally more than happy with the product.

Now while side effects such as slight hair thinning, some acne as well as joint pain/back pumps are still possible, they can be staved off by following the recommended dosage of the product.

Helladrol Reviews

“Helladrol was just great – I’ve run a cycle of 75mg a day for 6 weeks and made awesome gains of solid muscle and hardness!! My strength gains were also amazing especially week 5 and on.”

“I was really surprised that I gained 10 lbs. I have eaten this exact diet in the past and hung out around 203lbs. Thermodynamicaly it dosen't make sense but whatever, call it glycogen retention, or steroid magic, who cares.”

“All in all I certainly enjoyed my cycle! Although I didn't as gain much weight and mass as others would mention, I increased all my lifting considerably – which was the goal for me.”

Helladrol Conclusion

Helladrol is not a popular prohormone for nothing! It offers great value for money with a big number of servings and you can expect to have amazing results with just short cycles.

We think that Helladrol is one of the most prominent Testosterone boosters out there and you won't have no issues with side effects at all if you just follow the recommended dosage. However, we also highly suggest having the right on-cycle support and PCT supplements in your arsenal while cycling with this product just to make sure.

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