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Was there ever a time when you imagined you could do your weight training non-stop just to create a dramatically extended muscle pump? Well, this featured pre-workout supplement is a must try and might just turn that imagination into reality!

PSYCHOTIC GOLD by  Insane Labz is an intense, energy-focused pre-workout. It is an upgrade of Insane Labz’s other pre-workout product, Psychotic. This half stimulant, half nootropic is specifically designed to boost your overall performance, endurance, and mental focus.

So, let’s go take a look at Psychotic Gold’s features and assess if this pre-workout really is a must try.


Pump-bursting veins and intense muscle strength are both a MUST in the world of bodybuilding. To achieve these, there must be enough nitric oxide to carry oxygenated blood into working muscles —insufficient amount of it means dull and embarrassingly flat performance.

You are just in luck! Insane Labz formulated a vascularity beast that is insanely incredible in bulging veins into pumped ‘skin-splitting’ muscles while ensuring total safety from strong stimulants. We are referring to this phenomenal supplement, Insane Veinz.

Up for today is an article review to prove whether these claims are true or merely just “claims”. And whether it’s worth  your money or not.


Have you been so hesitant to try a fat burner, thinking it will have no effect at all, like the ones you’ve tried before? Insane Cutz of Insane Labz, a clear standout on the fat burner market will surely get that hesitation out of the way. As you browse the product, read their reviews, and ask those supplement shops for highly recommended fat burners, for sure Insane Labz is the trademark they’ll show you first.

Insane Cutz is uniquely formulated out of scientifically-proven thermogenics, with stimulants and nootropics —exactly the wild beast of a thermogenic product that intensifies your fat burning, and grants you that laser-like focus while you’re on top of your energy.

To prove whether this product is truly remarkable, let’s take a closer look at Insane Cutz’s formulation, benefits, side effects, and some actual customer reviews.