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What is Brain Stack?

Cognitive functions are a crucial part of our everyday lives, and it is no surprise that so many people try to enhance them using pills and other products. However, so many Nootropic formulas designed to do just that come with more side effects than positive sides, which is a major concern.

Today we look at Brainstack by Maven Labs, a potent Nootropic formula with great promise. We have looked far and wide in search of information on Brainstack and we tested it ourselves in order to create a complete Brainstack review.

If you are looking to enhance your cognitive functions, memory, speed of thought process and other elements of your mental capacity, keep reading and find out what ingredients can be found in Brainstack, what kind of side effects you might have to deal with when using it and whether Brainstack is a formula worth giving a shot in our opinion and according to multiple user experiences.

Let’s find out how Brainstack by Maven Labs actually performs.

Brain Stack Ingredients

So, without any further adue, let us get right into the ingredients of Brainstack and let’s find out whether the formula in it is made up of legit substances, or if the product is a hoax.

BrainStack Nootropic’s formula includes:

  • Alpha GPC: Acetylcholine well know to increase the focus and concentration, found in a reasonable dosage within BrainStack.
  • Huperzine A: An inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase, this substance reduces the rate at which cholin breaks down in our bodies.
  • Bacopa: A herbal product well known to improve our cognition and memory and used in numerous other successful nootropic formulas.
  • L-Tyrosine: One of the essential amino acids that helps our body with the production of dopamine, the happiness hormone.
  • AC-11: A herb whose properties include the restoration of damaged DNA.
  • Mucuna Pruriens: Has been known to provide significant energy and focus boosts and improve the quality of sleep and dreams.
  • GABA: Increases the production of Alpha Brain Waves, and reduces the amount of Beta Brain Waves. This way, the ingredient is supposed to help your thoughts remain more focused and less scattered.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous: A well known stimulant, used to increase focus and concentration and improve cognitive presence.
  • L-Theatine: Used in BrainStack to remove any jitters that may be caused by the consumption of caffeine found in the product's formula.

Here is the complete label of Maven Labs’ Brainstack:

Overall speaking, the product uses a formula made up of ingredients with documented success in the area of enhancing the cognitive functions, memory and concentration and looking at the label alone, we would have to make a positive claim for the Maven Labs’ favorite Nootropic.

Brain Stack Side Effects

BrainStack seems to consist primarily of natural ingredients which have been used in many other products that had a great success on the market and seem to cause very few or no side effects at all.

The one potential side effect you may experience whenever using any type of Nootropic or cognitive booster is over stimulation caused by overuse. If such side effects do occur, they should not be hard to mitigate by reducing or stopping consumption and limiting yourself to a reasonable dosage for your brain.

The addition of Caffeine Anhydrous may cause side effects commonly associated with this ingredient, which include jitters, anxiousness and similar effects. To avoid these, try to avoid other products with caffeine in them such as coffee or tea while using BrainStack or reduce your consumption of the product if the effects become hard to handle.

BrainStack seems to be one of the few Nootropics on the market which come with hardly any side effects to speak of. Of course, those users who are taking medication for health problems or are in a state of pregnancy and other similar altered states of physical and mental readiness should consult their physicians before using BrainStack.

Brain Stack Reviews

We know that the actual ingredients in the product are very important, but what we believe is even more important is what the users are saying about the product. After all, the best way to find out if something works is by looking at actual user experiences.

Here are a few of the testimonials and reviews that we were able to find about BrainStack:

“I’ve tried a few supplements that are supposed to boost mental function. BrainStack is the best by far.”

“I’m a writer and when I was recently struggling to overcome a severe case of writer's block I gave BrainStack a try. It worked. The words were flowing again in no time at all and I even began to get ideas for future projects — so many ideas, so little time”

“Personally, after using BrainStack for several weeks, I can tell you that I have been better at completing my daily tasks and generally much more focused on the task at hand, allowing fewer distractions and being more productive around the clock. “

Looking at the vast majority of user reviews we could find out there, most of them agree that BrainStack by Maven Labs is a product that absolutely shines when compared to the other Nootropics out there both in terms of results and the lack noticable of side effects

If you are ready to purchase BrainStack after reading this BrainStack review, you can do so at your local Walmart or online at

The cost of a single bottle of BrainStack is currently $34.99 and this supply should last you a month.

Brain Stack Conclusion

BrainStack by Maven Labs is one heck of a product, according to a great number of users and even our own in house research.

BrainStack help you keep your focus and concentration at high levels, think more clearly and even sleep better, dreaming nice lucid dreams and being able to get in those rest hours.

If you were looking for a product that will get you pumped to go to gym, lift, or do well at work, BrainStack is your stuff. What’s more, the product comes at a reasonable price and with minimal side effects and there is really little reason not to go for it.

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