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What is Actalin?

Dietary supplements have became a part of our everyday lives. Various supplements include those for metabolism, thyroid health, endurance and stamina boosting and so on.

Today we are taking a look at a product that promises to have you covered in all of those segments. Let us see if Actalin, a supplement that claims to greatly improve thyroid health, is actually a functional formula or one that should be looked past in favor of better alternatives.

Actalin Ingredients

Iodine – An essential part of everyone's diet, iodine can only serve as an example on what is really needed for the organism. It is mainly needed for the body to develop thyroid hormones.

Selenium – The human body naturally intakes selenium from certain foods and water. It is mostly known for its antioxidant properties.

Copper – Also, a very important part of the human diet, copper helps iron create red blood cells.

Manganese – A very powerful mineral that is absolutely needed for the human organism to function, and this was actually proven pretty „recent“, by a medical study conducted in the 1930s.

Potassium – Another very powerful mineral mostly used in prevention of heart related illnesses and diseases.

Riboflavin – A really large source of the Vitamin B2.

Actalin Side Effects

Headaches – some users report having headaches as a side effect of using the supplement. Could be caused due to increased circulation and the top of the body getting more blood than usual.

Nausea & Vomiting and Nausea – Could be the case with individuals with a history of stomach illnesses or just with a weaker gut in general.

Diarrhea – Could be caused by the minerals included in the product, as it could sometimes cause increased bowel movements with some individuals.

Actalin Reviews

Let us see what other people have to say about Actalin!

I feel super energized and so calm so happy back to a normal person full of energy. I absolutely love Actalin. The formula is perfect for me. – Stephen

Didn’t get any real results from Actalin. Nothing that I noticed at all. – Claudia

Not sure yet. It’s only been about a week. No Actalin side effects at least. –  Anny

Actalin Conclusion

Actalin seems to be a reasonable formula with quite a few solid ingredients that may help improve your overall health. However, we have found more than a few customer reviews saying that they hardly felt any changes even after taking it for a while, which is never a good sign. Furthermore, there is hardly any science to prove that Actalin actually works, so what we recommend is looking at other alternatives, namely Bloodshr3d: War Edition, which is a supplement with a long history of helping improve your thyroid functions.

Actalin comes with a long list of healthy ingredients which will not really harm you, even though some users did report occasional side- effects. The problem is that the product has not proven itself as a thyroid function booster just yet, which is why we certainly can't just recommend you take it, knowing that there are many better alternatives out there, which are certain to work.

Bloodshr3d: War Edition by Olympus Labs represents a much better alternative, with a list of more specific ingredients aimed at improving thyroid function and helping you remain both healthy and lean at the same time.

Check out Bloodshr3d: War Edition by Olympus Labs for a better alternative!

Weight Loss


Everyone having troubles with a few extra pounds at least for once in their lifetime considered using a supplement to get rid of this problem. Many tried almost everything, from hardcore training to strict diets, but it just didn’t work. Well either you haven’t tried hard enough, or you haven’t used the right diet plan. Today we are going to take a look at those searching for a dietary supplement that will help them achieve their goals and set them on the right track.

We are taking a look at a product called Redotex created by pharmaceutical company Medix from Mexico. It promises a lot, so we will be taking a look at its efficiency and its safety to determine its quality. If a product stands well in these two categories it is considered to be well designed and formulated, but despite it sounds not so hard to fulfill these categories, most of the supplements currently on the market fail to ensure even one of the two.

Let’s take a better look inside to see how much effort people from Medix invested in creating Redotex and what sorts of effects and results you can expect!

Redotex Ingredients

For all of you hoping Redotex is easy to find, we have some bad news! It is not! This one is created and sold exclusively in Mexico. If you want it legally, Mexico is the only way to get it. FDA banned it in the USA and one of the main reasons for such a treatment is its capability to harm your body.

Despite this fact, many people still decide on trying it out, and the feedback is very “colorful”. Some say it's great and some say it isn’t worth anything. If you ask us, we are definitely not impressed and it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a better and safer alternative to this one.

  • Tri-iodothyronine – better known as T3 is a hormone which plays a role in almost every physiological process in the body. It is implemented into the formula to increase metabolism, but it also carries quite a list of negative side effects. T3 is capable of causing headaches, sweating; heart palpitations, chest pain, anxiety and even a counter effect- weight gain.
  • Norpseudoephedrine – a drug often used in pharmaceutical industry as an addition to dietary pills. It has to suppress appetite ability and uses it as one of its main mechanism for losing weight. Extended intake of Norpseudoephedrine could result with many unwanted symptoms such as anxiety, muscle weakness, heart palpitation, thirst nausea and much more. In some cases, it can even cause agitation and some psychotic reactions.
  • Atropine Sulfate is yet another compound which is sold as a medication on its own. With its usage come many positive changes and benefits, but it also has its dark side. Atropine can possibly cause pupils, urinary retention, and fast heart rate.
  • Aloin– some of you may know it as barbaloin. Most often it is used as a laxative and could have a positive impact on your weight. In 2002. FDA labeled it as unsafe with this being one of the main reasons Redotex is banned in the USA to this day.
  • Diazepam – this one is most often used to calm nerves and brain. It could form habits and it is important to consult with your doctor before deciding to purchase it.

Although there are some potent compounds on the list, you can surely get a much better deal for the similar price. Every ingredient carries a risk for some negative side effects and it is something you should definitely keep in mind.

Redotex Reviews

People are having all sorts of different reactions on this supplement. Some say it is amazing and helped them achieve their goals, and on the other hand, some say it has brought them nothing but side effects.

“…and to be the worst part was that I would start to feel really depressed and I didn’t know why.. I would just cry cry cry just because my head was telling me I was unhappy.. I didn’t like my kids seeing me crying.. I had emotional outbursts and would get mad over nothing.“

 “I started taking redotex one week ago & I have lost 8 lbs in one week im so happy, I stopped drinking reg soda & replaced it with diet I dont eat red meat only eating pork, chicken & fish . The pills do make my mouth dry so I drink lots of water.“

Even though I stop this TX 10 days prior to a drug test I was positive, how long does it stay in your system? And how do I di-tox from it?“

Redotex is one of the hardest dietary pills to find. It is a prescription medicine you can legally find only in Mexico. For all of you thinking it is a shame you can’t get it elsewhere, there is a pretty good reason for that, a big list of possible side effects.

Just like we already mentioned FDA labeled it as possibly harmful and not safe for usage back in 2002. Although you could find a legal version of the pill in the USA we think it is just not worth buying, as it is a lesser quality version of already bad and unsafe product.

Redotex Conclusion

Redotex by Medix is extremely interesting at first sight, but as you dig deeper you start revealing its dark secrets. Still, a surprising amount of people tried it out, and a lot of people actually liked it.

Other group didn’t enjoy it even the least, as in some cases it did a real damage to customers mind and body. When I say mind I am referring to habit forming effects of few ingredients on the list. Although the list of compounds is pretty small you could end up in some big troubles after using it.

Buy Redotex Online

Despite all this negative fuss around it people are still deciding to buy it, and for all of our readers we recommend staying away from it and taking a look at some better and safer alternatives such as Bloodshr3d War edition by Olympus Labs.