Both bodybuilders and athletes often find themselves in need of some extra strength and energy during intense workout sessions. There are multiple ways preworkout formulas do this and today we are presenting a fairly uncommon preworkout product called Cordygen5.

Cordygen5 is a preworkout formula by Millenium Sports, based on cordyceps which improve Oxygen utilization, add to the cellular energy and ATP production and greatly improve stamina and endurance. The product’s manufacturers make some pretty big claims and we are here to give our honest opinion on the product and keep them honest. Let’s have a look.

Cordygen5 Ingredients

Cordygen5 capsules contain a proprietary blend made up of various performance increasing ingredients which are meant to improve various aspects of workout performance. These ingredients, which include 100% organic and healthy cordyceps, are a great replacement for Creatine for those who don’t want to take the commonly used supplement.

Here is the complete label of the ingredients which are meant to achieve this:

Cordygen5 Supplement Facts

Cordygen5 Benefits

Cordyceps5 uses a blend of 5 different species of cordyceps which are blended together to provide the maximum potency possible. Cordyceps are compounds well known for their potency in improving endurance and energy and allowing the body to better use the Oxygen as well as increasing ATP levels.

All of these effects in combination provide for a fairly potent preworkout formula that can possibly replace Creatine all together and serve as a powerful workout enhancer.

Of course, the ingredients in the formula can all seem good, but the product can still underperform, which is why customer testimonials and testing are the best way to determine if something actually works. In the case of Cordygen5, the product has received mostly stellar reviews for its performance as a preworkout. This combination of good testimonials and the proven ingredients in it is more than sufficient to state that Cordygen5 is indeed a working formula.

Cordygen5 Reviews

Here are a few of the testimonials on which we base our statement that Cordygen5 is the real deal:

“Intensive cardio and max reps are available with Cordygen5, Millenium Sports is the only company to provide 5 strains of Cordyceps and the energy is unbelievable!”

“This works, period. Especially if you are going to be training or competing at altitude and are coming from lower elevations. You will adjust quicker. One of the best endurance supplements ever! Trust me, I swim more than you walk.”

“I enjoy long distance running, I started taking these and found an increase in stamina. I really don't believe it's a placebo effect. Because I'll randomly forget to take the pills before a run and not remember until I get home. I'll have a noticeable decrease in my times without the pills.”

Cordygen5 Dosage

Since we recommend giving Cordygen5 a shot, let’s discuss how you should use it. The product comes packed in 90 capsule containers and three capsules are the recommended serving. Take the capsules some half an hour to an hour and a half before a workout and get the best of Cordygen5 at the exact right time, during the workout itself.

Cordygen5 Conclusion

Cordyceps based formula are a bit less common in the preworkouts market and most people use more standard supplements like Creatine for energy boosts. Cordygen5 however, is a very potent preworkout formula itself and we highly recommend giving it a shot if you are on the lookout for a completely natural yet potent endurance and energy booster which can improve your performance whether you lift weights, run tracks or play sports.

You can order the product right now for just $22.95, an almost 50% discount on a 90 capsule container, which should last you quite a while. Let us know in the comments section how Cordygen5 worked for you!

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Professional athletes tend to undergo huge physical and mental stress during their trainings and especially during the competitions they take part in. But even just a simple workout at the gym will leave you dehydrated, sodium depleted and generally tired and with low energy.

This is why all professional athletes and many of us who just generally like to keep fit use pre pre-workout products to help our body combat the enormous stresses of the athletic endeavors we take part in.

Millennium Sport’s Athlytes-ATP is exactly one such product, designed to help your body not get as dehydrated during a training session as it normally would, and helping it to re-hydrate post workout. Unlike many other pre-workout products which are basically big cups of caffeine and other stimulants, Athlytes-ATP is an ATP promoting electrolyte compound.

Athlytes-ATP Benefits

During a training session or a gym workout, our body sweats a lot and in the process we lose electrolytes and sodium. The estimate is that our body can lose between 1500 and 3500 mg of sodium and electrolytes per hour depending on our body size and workout intensity.

The Athlytes-ATP capsules are stacked with Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins B2 and B6 as well as Krebs Cycle Intermediates that support the ATP regeneration. These compounds in combination will replenish much of what is lost during a workout and will keep your body functioning closer to optimal levels.

Unlike your average bodybuilding pre-workout which will usually be stim based, Athlytes-ATP is designed mainly for professional athletes, such as distance runners or sprinters. These kinds of activities require your body to function at an optimal level and it is the belief or Millennium Sport that using stimulants like caffeine will dehydrate the body, reduce performance and actually do more harm than good.

This is the reason Athlytes-ATP does not contain any stimulants whatsoever.

Athlytes-ATP Ingredients

Athlytes-ATP contains a number of chemical compounds designed to increase your athletic performance and reduce fatigue caused by physical actitivty. These include Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Vitamins B2 and B6 and other compounds. There is the complete label with all the ingredients and amounts per serving:

Athlytes-ATP Supplement Facts
Athlytes-ATP Supplement Facts

The amount of Athlytes-ATP you should use varies greatly depending on your body size and the activity you will be taking part in. Smaller athletes should take one capsule per one hour of activity, while larger athletes can take anywhere between 2 and 4 capsules per hour. You will determine your level on your own, but let this be a guideline and try not to overdo the amount needed for your particular body size.

While people do not usually pay too much attention to electrolytes as such, most professional athletes realize that it is crucial to keep a healthy electrolyte level during a workout and that proper hydration is key to success on any kind of an athletic field.

Numerous professional athletes have testified that Athlytes-ATP is a product that does a great job replenishing the lost electrolytes, making it a great pre-workout product for them and one to take before training or competitions on a regular basis.

Athlytes-ATP does not contain any of the forbidden substances in the USA and can safely be used by any athlete.

Athlytes-ATP Reviews

I mentioned that many people swear by Anhlytes-ATP, so here are a few of their testimonials:

“Electrolytes are highly underrated IMO, especially in people like me who put their body under such high stress almost every day! Keeping your muscles hydrated is a key component in having great workouts and they can help you maintain a pump longer and help keep your muscles looking fuller. At least, that's what I found while taking this stuff.”

“2 caps 20-30 mins before training should do great and then another 2 caps in the middle of training or after w/o……I generally consume about 1-2 liters with Athlytes while training and I'm around 220.”

As well as a short video describing how it works:

Athlytes-ATP Conclusion

Athlytes-ATP is possibly one of the finest pre-workout products designed for professional athletes out there. Athlytes will replenish your electrolyte levels and your pH, which have both been shown to dramatically reduce athletic performance when even slightly below normal levels. Using Athlytes-ATP will be of great use to all professional athletes but also casual sportsmen among you.

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Muscle Builders


Millennium Sport is presenting us with their newest product called Somnidren GH. By looking at its name, it is pretty clear that we are talking about a product that will make you sleep like a baby while supporting the release of HG hormones in your body. With that in mind, let's see what is this product all about!

Somnidren GH Benefits

It is marketed as an ultra potent sleep and growth hormone potentiator formulated to support recuperative REM sleep and HGH production. Not only this, it is also able to promote relaxation and a favorable anabolic environment while you're sleeping, which is crucial for your recovery and overall sense of wellbeing.

Somnidren GH Ingredients

If you are planning to buy this product you might want to take a look at its label to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients:

Somnidren-GH Supplement Facts

Pantothenic acid (also known historically as vitamin B5) is probably the most important of the B vitamins for the basic processes of life. Without pantothenic acid your body would  not be able to use fats, carbohydrates, or even proteins as valid energy sources. You would also be unable to make hormones and your immune system would collapse in just a couple of days.

Theanine is derived from tea leaves. It help relieve stress by causing a relaxing effect without any drowsiness. Theanine also affects your cardiovascular system and plays a  vital preventative role in cancer treatment.

L-cysteine is a proteinogenic amino acid which contributes to building protein in your body. It also supports the synthesis of Glutathione and can also be stored in this chemical form. In other words, it plays an important part in detoxification and the resulting protection of your organs.

Somnidren GH Side Effects

There are not many side effects to this product other than mild nausea that may occur when you take this product on a full stomach. In other words, you should definitely stray from using this on a full stomach because not only will it be ineffective, but it will also cause you some serious nausea.

Somnidren GH Dosage

As with most of these sleep/GH products, you should take them on an empty stomach or as close to empty as possible, about 2-3 hours after dinner, in order to maximize their effects.

Somnidren GH Reviews

If you are wondering about other people's opinions, take a look at these testimonials that prove just how good this product really is!

“I got a sample of this in the mail yesterday and decided to take it last night. After 5 minutes of taking it, my arms started tingling and I got an instant relaxed feeling. After about 30 minutes I started getting tired and passed out. The sleep on this stuff is AMAZING. I slept so hard and good and woke up refreshed. I didn't get the hung over feeling like some people are describing. The taste was pretty good. I would definitely recommend trying this and I think I might have to purchase it.”

“At first the smell made me think it was going to taste bad. But, I took the first sip and it was surprisingly good. Finished it just before going to bed. Once I got to sleep I stayed asleep it was great!”

“The sleep is nice, but the recovery is better. There is a strange feeling through your arms and chest as it sets in – almost like a subtle neuropathy. It's relaxing, though. The taste isn't great – but it's a powder you hold sublingually, so anything short of a pixie stick is going to taste a little off. I usually don't put much faith in GH products, but for recovery (and sleep) – I'm liking this one a lot!”

“This seems like a great product. I've only used for three days but the sleep is great. It makes me feel hung over for a few hours in the morning after though. That heavy, cloudy head feeling not sick to my stomach. Right now that kinda sucks…but at least I know it's doing something.”

Somnidren GH Conclusion

Millennium Sport has been in the bodybuilding supplements market for quite some time, and it has quite a good reputation due to the fact that they always produce top quality products. There is nothing different with their newest one called Somnidren GH. It aims to relax your body and prepare it to sleep during which it will promote HGH release. Not only will this make you feel well rested in the morning, but will also improve both your recovery and mood.

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Millenium Sport is not so well known supplement manufacturer, but one thing is for sure – they have made a couple of really good products that can battle some of the top tiers one. Nothing is different with their newest pre workout supplement either. It is called Ultra Cordygen VO2 and it really packs a punch when it comes to that extra bit of energy and strength. With that in mind, let us see what is this product all about!

What is Ultra Cordygen VO2?

When you start taking this product, you should expect to see drastic increases in your endurance and performance. Expect these increases to take effect after about just 2 weeks of taking it. Your anaerobic and aerobic endurance and threshold should increase as well. Your ATP regeneration time should be shortened, which leads to a dramatic increase in strength with longer durations until failure. You will also notice that you can perform at a higher level with lower overall heart rate. Pretty good, ha?

Ultra Cordygen VO2 Ingredients

If you are like me, you always do a thorough research on every supplement before buying it. If that's so, then you should take a look at this product's label to see what exactly is it made of:

Cordygen Supplement Facts

Rhodiola is a plant and its root is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength and mental capacity. It can be considered as a so-called “adaptogen” which can help the body adapt to and resist various issues such as physical, chemical, and environmental stress. It is also used for improving athletic performance, shortening recovery time after long workouts and improving your performance in the bedroom.

Jiaogulan is a plant that grows wild in China. It is widely used for dealing with issues such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. It is also used for strengthening your immune system, increasing your stamina and endurance, and preventing hair loss ( which is something a lot of middle aged men are craving for ).

Cordycepin is a chemical compound which is widely used in traditional medicine. It is known to have anti-inflammatory effects and other healing benefits. which is why it is among the ingredients of Ultra Cordygen VO2.

Ultra Cordygen VO2 Side Effects

Luckily, this product does not have significant side effects that could prove potentially dangerous to your body. There are a couple of slight ones, but they are very rare and not even worth mentioning.

Ultra Cordygen VO2 Reviews

If you are wondering about other people's opinions on Ultra Cordygen VO2, take a look at these reviews:

“Wont go to the gym with out it. taking a pre- if i have not taken cordygen or one of milleniums other cordyceps products will NOT hit me at all. take this and for what ever reason the Pre- can actually be felt. highly recommended product especially if you find that pre workouts do nothing for you.”

“I've been using this product for over a year now and can say that it has worked very well for me. I notice the difference in recovery time and endurance. I can push harder and recover quicker while weight training. I take 2 capsules 30-45 min before a workout with a little pre workout and small snack of protein and carbs. Only downside is it makes me burp on an empty stomach, so I'll usually have a small snack with them.”

“Might be a coincidence. Might be a great product. I ran 2.5 miles one week before taking this product. Averaged 8:40 per mile. Took this product today. Haven't ran since last week. Did the same 2.5 mile route averaging 8:00 a mile. Oh… and then a ran another mile because I wasn't tired. I'm usually beat after my 2,5 mile run. This works.”

“Very good product. I did feel a difference while taking this it helped my endurance in the gym and while doing cardio. I recommend this to anyone who is looking for a top notch pre workout supplement!”

If you are still not convinced that we are talking about an amazing product here, take a look at this short video review that might just convince you:

Ultra Cordygen VO2 Conclusion

If you are looking for a class A pre workout supplement, then you should really look into Millenium Sport's newest product called Ultra Cordygen VO2. It promotes the oxygen utilization inside your body, increases both your strength and endurance, while boosting your energy without any nasty crashes. As you can see above, there are many people that are praising this product because of its amazing effects. Don't believe them? Well, you're left with one option – TRY IT OUT YOURSELF!

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