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Brazilian Tight

One of the products which promise to reduce the appearance of cellulite in our body is the Brazilian Tight by Musclegelz.  Muscle gel products, including Brazilian Tight, are all topical cosmetic products that are not intended to treat any health issues.  In this review, we will focus on the important details on Brazilian Tights’ ingredients, benefits, and even side effects.  We also consider the customer's feedback to give you more ideas about this product.

So, to start with our deeper understanding of Brazilian Tight muscle gel, let's have a quick peek to its ingredients.

Brazilian Tight Ingredients

In order to measure the effectiveness of a product lies in the combination of the right ingredients inside it.  Brazilian Tight muscle gel provides the following active ingredients.


In an undertaken study, it shows that glaucine is an extract from the yellow poppy, Glaucium flavum, plant.  The release of existing fats and inhibition of the growth of new fat cells are the pronounced effects of glaucine.

Bupleurum falcatum

An Asian plant that is a member of the parsley family, Bupleurum falcatum is known to activate lipolysis (the process of breaking down stored fat).


Aside from being a stimulant, caffeine is widely used now topically as an anti-cellulite agent.  Being an ingredient of most anti-cellulite creams, it is effective in reducing local fat by expelling the fat from the fat cell in that specific area.


The essential amino acid L-Carnitine is known to burn fat and is crucial in all the involved fat burning process.  It aids in the metabolism and oxidation of fat.

Now that we are aware of the key components of Brazilian Tight, it's time to explore its benefits.

Benefits of Brazilian Tight

Being formulated with those active ingredients, Brazilian Tight muscle gel provides the following benefits.  It increases skin firmness by diminishing fat deposits and decreasing water retention.  Reduction of the skin surface roughness is also one of its benefits.  And since it is formulated in the form of a gel, it is said to be fast-absorbing to the skin.

Brazilian Tight Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects of Brazilian Tight as of to date.  However, like any other topical products, it is advisable for individuals with sensitive skin to perform a patch test prior to use.  Most importantly, if redness or irritation occurs, immediately consult your physician or discontinue use.

Brazilian Tight Reviews

Like its side effects, Brazilian Tight has no gathered user reviews as of now.  Both on Amazon and over the online store websites, there is no recorded data of its customers' reviews.

Looking back at its benefits, Brazilian Tight muscle gel is a good product for reduction of cellulite.  But, its effectiveness has not yet established since there is a lack of customer reviews over the web.

Buy Brazilian Tight Online

Brazilian Tight is available online.  Just check out Powersupps UK if you want to buy Brazilian Tight for yourself.  You might also find other products there that might interest you.

Muscle Builders

Andro Hard

Tired of being mediocre and constantly failing to achieve your goals? Well, today we might have the answer to your prayers! We got our hands on a new Muscle Gelz creation and so far it looks very promising. This muscle enhancing formula called Andro Hard is gaining a lot of popularity lately for a reason. Not only is it good for setting a new tone for your muscles, but also comes with a few performance enhancing properties that will reward your hard work the way you deserve.

In this review, we will be taking a look at some of the key features of this formula and see what it brings to the table. Andro Hard is a gel, which means it is a topical supplement designed for direct skin application for fast and efficient delivery of its ingredients to the muscle tissue. It isn't the most popular way of consuming supplements but definitely has some advantages compared to more traditional ways of consumption.

Andro Hard ingredients

Although there is a dozen of compounds on the label, two are actually considered to be active and are doing most of the hard work. However, don't let that fact fool you because those two are capable of rewarding your hard work like only few can.

Super R-Andro

Also known as androsterone or R-DHEA. Lately, it has gained a huge popularity due to similar impact on a human body as testosterone. It can enhance strength, promote muscle growth, and improve sex drive. Its transformation to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) cannot convert later to estrogen, which is helpful for lower amounts of fat and water retention. It can also improve explosive power, making it a perfect choice for any sort of athlete.

Super Epi-Andro

A metabolite of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone hormone) which converts to stanolone and also does not transform to estrogen. What makes it great is its ability to improve overall strength and endurance, while at the same time promoting muscle density and definition. One of its key features is its impact on the mood, perfect for working out and staying motivated throughout the training session.

Andro Hard Side Effects

Due to its prohormone profile, there is some potential side effect that could catch you. Luckily if you follow the instruction there shouldn't be any major problems, and the ones you face should be minor to mild affecting you only temporary. Although there haven't been many side effect reports related with Andro Hard, ingredients found within can in some cases cause oily skin, acne, and even hair loss.

“Great supplement that had a big impact on the way I look and the way I feel in general. Unfortunately I had some acne troubles along the way, but its been a while and since it didn't last too long I can only recommend it to anyone who wants to experience great change.”

Andro Hard Reviews

Andro Hard by Muscle Gelz may seem like an ordinary formula on a first look, but it is everything instead. It is a topical design, meaning it is applied directly to the skin. It isn't done this way just for marketing purposes, this type of supplement consumption has been developed by worlds sharpest minds in order of achieving faster absorption to the muscle tissue. This way it starts working almost as soon as you apply it to the skin.

The tube you are getting it in may seem small, but it can provide 2 months of gel, which is more than enough for noticeable results. What it is best at is increasing strength, enhancing endurance, improving vascularity, and promoting lean muscle mass. We recommend it to healthy individuals that take bodybuilding seriously and want to achieve envious results.

Buy Andro Hard Online

Andro Hard is one of those products you won't be able to pick up at a local supplement store. If purchase your dietary products via some specific web stores, you will most likely have trouble finding it there either. Although it is rising in popularity, it is still available only in few places, and the ones you can find it for a good deal are extremely rare.

Purchase Andro Hard here

Weight Loss

Andro Shred

People have often turned away from supplementation due to bad taste, or a big pill size. For those experiencing these types of products scientist came up with another way of implementing all the ingredients supplement has to offer to your system. By applying a gel mixture directly to a part of your body you can still experience all the potential benefits. Muscle Gelz isn't the first to come up with this, but they are definitely doing a great job with few of their creations becoming a popular choice for many athletes.

Andro Shred is a topical muscle enhancement gel designed to have an instant impact by directly being absorbed into your body through the bloodstream. It can be extremely effective in increasing metabolism, fat loss, balancing cortisol levels, providing energy, while maintaining lean muscle mass at the same time. It hasn't been on a market for a long time but still managed to get some positive feedback and attention by top reviewers.

What is Andro Shred?

Andro Shred is packed with a lot of stuff, but only a few compounds have a major impact on your overall condition. The formula looks into decent, and the rest of the ingredients despite not having a major impact are carefully added to round it up as much as possible.


SD-Alcohol 40B

Healianthus Annuus Oil

Dimethyl Isosorbide


Propylene Glycol


Probably the main part of the formula that manages to do a lot of the heavy work. It is a great choice for people trying to lose weight. It works as a potential thermogenic without having a negative impact on cardiovascular and central nervous systems. Besides that, it has a decent upside in energy production which can help you go with ease through your daily obligations.

Phosphatidyl Serine

An ingredient that makes this formula complete and ready to compete with the best in the category. Although you may not see it as potent as some others we mentioned, it definitely has a big role to play. Phosphatidyl Serine has good performance enhancing properties, and its real value comes to the surface when its cortisol lowering effects start to work and aid your physical condition in various ways.

Camellia Sinensis Extract

Although you may not recognize it by this name, it is actually green tea extract, one of the worlds leading supplementation ingredients. It is yet another efficient fat to energy transformer which is also known for being high in antioxidants, improving exercise performance, reducing recovery time, lowering blood sugar, and much more.






Although it may not be for everyone, we see a lot of people liking this formula and what it has to offer. It seems to have all the parts in the right ratios, making the most out of each compound found within.

Andro Shred Side Effects

Just like any other complicated formula it carries its own health risks. It is important to check out the ingredient list before purchasing it, to make sure there is going to be no side effect to stand on your way to success. If used like instructed it comes with minimal health risk and that is definitely something to appreciate. Compounds found within can in some cases result in some side effects such as insomnia or fatigue. Acne is something that could also happen, and one of the customers surely didn't enjoy it:

“Acne were a deal breaker for me. Me and couple of my friends decided to give it a try and I was the only black sheep to experience such a side effect. I didn't experience any other side effects, but despite the good results had to find another alternative.”

Andro Shred Reviews

It is relatively new to the market and it is no wonder there aren't many available reviews online. However, the ones we manage to dig out were positive nature and had only words of praise to share.

“Although topical supplements aren't my thing, especially when it comes to fat loss I have to say it was a pleasant surprise testing this. I had that weird feeling I never had before, but it wasn't a bad thing. It was like I went from normal to some extra focused mode in a matter of minutes.”

“Tastes and mixes great!! Just kidding.. It is very expensive compared to some other products, but I got it for free and now am definitely considering to purchase it despite the fact it is slightly out of my monthly budget. ”

Andro Shred Conclusion

Andro Shred is a topical muscle enhancement gel with a lot to offer for anyone willing to give it a try. It is obvious it won't reach too many customers but definitely is worth taking a look for some of you out there. It is a different and innovative approach to supplement consumption and might be the best and most comfortable way in doing do so. Muscle Gelz formula engineers made sure you experience almost instant impact as it wastes no time to get into your system. The price may seem a bit off, but for those that don't have a problem with it, we definitely recommend doing you a favor and testing this one out. It may not be the best and most potent supplement out there, but above-mentioned attributes are hard to pass and for sure deserve a bit more recognition.

Buy Andro Shred Online

Since it is from a new Muscle Gelz line, it still didn't reach expected popularity and isn't that easy to find for a decent price. We recommend checking it out here for almost half the retail price and with included free shipping.