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When it comes to protein to get your muscles growing, nothing really comes close to Whey Protein. This is well known among the bodybuilders and pretty much everyone who hits the gym hard uses some sort of Whey as their main source of protein. Today we present Combat 100% Isolate by MusclePharm, a 100% Whey Protein product, to see how well it compares to the competition in different aspects.


We all know what a beast Arnold Schwarzenegger was back in the days, but is the Arnold Series a good line of product? The line is created by Muscle Pharm which is marketing its products as extremely potent. We’ll see how true is that…. We’ll also see if it is rightfully bragging with this legend’s name, or is it just another manufacturer that is grabbing onto bodybuilding starts in order to find their way onto the market? Let’s take a closer look at Iron Cuts to see if this Arnold Series line of products is any good at all!