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There are a lot of antioxidant supplements available in the market today. However, not all of them are capable of providing the fullest extent of benefits the same way Nanoxyn Alpha does. Nanoxyn alpha is produced using nanotechnology making it the most advanced antioxidant that can keep free radicals at bay.

To get a clear picture about the advantages of including Nanoxyn Alpha in your health regimen, let us discuss first and learn about free radicals and antioxidants. We also have to understand how antioxidant supplements like Nanoxyn Alpha contribute in keeping our health at optimum levels.

The most important question to be asked here is: Is Nanoxyn Alpha really beneficial to our health as the manufacturer claims?

Free radicals are molecules with unpaired number of electrons that combine with oxygen then interacts with other chemicals. These molecules are highly unstable which means it will cause a reaction to anything that they may come in contact with. Unfortunately, it can also interact with our bodies’ healthy cells which then lead to various detrimental effects.

According to a report by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, free radicals are voracious electron thieves and they can alter the normal structure and function of healthy cells. Free radicals can even change their victims’ DNA. People of all ages, especially those in the early, middle and late adult stages are highly exposed to various forms of physical and psychological stress.

These highly stressful physical and psychological situations can increase the quantity of free radicals in our body. The changes can be drastic and overwhelming for our immune systems; particularly the natural capacity to eliminate such unwanted substances. Our bodies could not adjust in time.

There are a lot of factors in our environment that can affect our health and well-being. When the stress and poisonous effects that are brought upon by these factors are too much for our body to handle, it may increase the number of free radicals — one of the major factors that may lead early aging, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, and most degenerative diseases.

What is Nanoxyn Alpha?

Nanoxyn Alpha is the most advanced antioxidant available in the market today. It uses a revolutionary formula that utilizes the full benefits of carbon to attain the ultimate antioxidant effect. This formula is concocted using nanotechnology for better and efficient effects.

Nanoxyn Alpha uses activated Charcoal Carbon, a porous foam-like structure that helps attract, bond, and neutralize huge quantities of Free Radicals of Oxygen (FRO) in our body.

This Charcoal Carbon also helps in the delivery of huge amounts of oxygen to the cells as well as highly increasing the absorption of nutrients and antioxidant molecules for our cells to use. It has a 6000/tablet ORAC score.

*ORAC is a test that measures the total antioxidant capacity.

Our vital organs, when optimally oxygenated will function at its highest capacity which then leads to enhanced health functions and individual sense of well-being.

  • Heart – Can perform at longer and higher capacities especially when performing strenuous activities.
  • Brain – Faster and more efficient in performing various mental processes that include memory, computation, and analytical thinking.
  • Liver – Enhances absorption of nutrients and faster cellular regeneration.
  • Skin – Helps counter the effects of aging and also rejuvenates its layers.