Many people equate nootropics with smart drugs thus leaving them an impression it is illegal. Smart drugs are usually prescription drugs and are only illegal if you use them without a doctor’s prescription. Nootropics, on the other hand, are dietary supplements that act to enhance the brain’s functions and can be safely taken as long as you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Qualia is a nootropic supplement created by Neurohacker Collective that does amazing work in the body. Let’s go figure in this Qualia review how it’s made, what the ingredients are and what are the possible side effects this nootropic may induce.

What is Qualia?

Qualia is an energy boosting supplement designed to ensure that the user has the much-needed energy after a short while of taking it. Also, the supplement is also a nootropic designed to promote and enhance brain functionality as well provide energy boosts when the need arise.

This nootropic supplement guarantees that you receive all the essential elements including the needed nutritional value to ensure that the brain develops and work as it is required.

However, the product does not offer a trial period or free samples that potential users can use before making a full purchase. They are depriving the users the chance to deduce and see the essentiality and effectiveness of the supplement.