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Human growth hormone or HGH is believed to enhance the growth of an individual during childhood stage. It is also necessary for maintaining the tissues and organs. But, even healthy adults can benefit from this type of hormone by increasing the muscle mass and reducing the body fat.

Generally, human growth hormone is injected under the skin. And there are some that offer HGH in a form of a pill. As modernization arise, transdermal application of HGH is made into reality.

NewULife created the Somaderm gel, the only source of homeopathic human growth hormone through a transdermal application. In this review, we will provide in-depth details on what Somaderm gel is all about. We will focus on giving its ingredients, benefits, side effects, and even its customers feedback.

The Somaderm gel is packed in pumped up bottles containing a variety of active and inactive ingredients. Now, to have an idea on how does this transdermal HGH works, let’s start by having a glimpse of its ingredients.