When talking about pre-workouts, we are often inclined to instantly think of stims. And while there is nothing wrong with stim based pre-workouts that enhance our mental focus and willpower to workout, other types of pre- workouts can do miracles in other areas. Today I will be looking at Waximaize by New Whey Nutrition, a carbohydrate based pre-workout formula.

Many of you might just look at this and this, what do you mean Carbohydrate based, I don’t want carbs, I want protein. But the fact is that carbs, like any other part of nutrition play their part in our body physique and are just as crucial as protein. Now naturally eating tons of random carbs will ruin your physique, but Waximaize is a complex Carbohydrate formula that acts in very special ways to give you incredible pumps and greatly increase your vascularity. I will explain in more detail of course, but first let’s have a look at what Waximaize contains.